5 of the Very Best Winter Foundations Your Makeup Collection Needs

With bitter cold temperatures and snow upon us, let’s turn to beauty with a discussion on the very best winter foundations. (Your makeup collection needs these, pronto!)

5 Best Winter Foundations - Dream in Lace

Hello my fellow lovely, dreamers! I hope you’re all bundled up somewhere warm and safe. Talk about a whirlwind week, right? With everything happening in the news it’s been like ‘Woah, woah, woah’ at every turn. 

Today, I want to break away from all of that to discuss something that truly applies to all of us: beauty. More specifically? The very best winter foundations.

Foundation, with Added Oomph

Don’t know about you, but winter has been pretty much all over the place this year. But, make no mistake, I’ve discovered some real gems in the winter foundation world! *woo*

Oh, foundation. It’s one of those makeup products that I quite like to mix up through the seasons. In the summer, I gravitate towards more dewy finishes with lighter coverage. In the winter? I’m reaching for a more natural matte look that gives amplified coverage, to cover the amplified redness and dark circles my skin seems to take on during the winter months.

Beyond that? I like my winter foundations have to have super powers and the ones I’m sharing with you today…truly do!! Move over Wonder Woman, Thor and Iron Man…these foundation gems really have what it takes to keep my skin looking beautiful in the harsh winter weather…and that is TRULY heroic!

5 Best Winter Foundations - Dream in Lace

My Top Picks for the Best Winter Foundations

While winter temperatures have been FRIGID those far, with accompanying snow and ice – I think we need to buckle up for the long weeks ahead.

And so, today I’ve rounded up for you five of my very favorite winter foundations. These are the foundations I reach for literally every single day to help cover up the deepened dark circles and pesky redness that seem to find their way to my complexion in the colder months. Since I like to have a little bit of fun and rotate products, my arsenal of winter favorites includes five winter foundations I swear you’re going to just LOVE.

Some of these you may have heard of before – some perhaps might be new. Grab a pen, because you might wanna jot these down! xo

5 Best Winter Foundations - Dream in Lace

5 Best Winter Foundations - Dream in Lace

Clinique Superbalance Foundation

If you have combination or oily skin, I wager you will absolutely LOVE Clinique’s Superbalanced foundation. The formula puts up a strong defense, virtually combating oil build up all day long. The finish is a demi-matte and the coverage medium, but very buildable. I apply this in the morning and can make it through the workday without any need of touch-ups. It also doesn’t settle into any dry spots or pores. That seems to become a bit of a problem in the winter months, but not with this guy! You can read my full review on this foundation, here

Dolce and Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation

If I could give a foundation a standing ovation, DG’s Perfect Matte foundation would absolutely get me on my feet. There are many many things I adore about this foundation, but probably my favorite feature is how I virtually have no idea that I have it on. It is so extremely lightweight and feels virtually nonexistent on the skin. It also gives your skin what I would call a “radiant matte” finish. As in, it’s matte – but your skin has a lit-from-within effect to it. So, no need to worry about looking like a flat pancake. Last month, I shared a full review on this foundation and I suggest you give it a read, here

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Foundation

Talk about a gem! Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist is absolutely among the very best winter foundations out there. For starters, it’s infused with Estee Lauder’s famous Advanced Night Repair serum – making this foundation not just makeup, but skincare as well. Don’t know about you, but my skin gets pretty dry in the winter time and I really adore how much this keeps my skin feeling replenished all day long. When I first tried this a while back, I thought having a skincare/serum aspect would make it oily and not very long-lasting, but somehow the Gods at Estee Lauder have managed to deliver a product that absolutely does withstand wear and tear throughout the day. Read more about it, here.

5 Best Winter Foundations - Dream in Lace

Dior Star Foundation

Ah, Dior. Who doesn’t love Dior? I declare this to be one of the best winter foundations out there. If you like looking ‘positively glowing’, you’ll enjoy this foundation. If you dream of having perfect skin? You’ll love this foundation. It’s so smooth and flattering on the skin, that you’ll catch yourself checking your own face out in the mirror. I love this foundation so much, it’s the one I turn to the most at this time of year for events. (I also happen to a more in-depth review about it, here.)

Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation

If you’re looking for a foundation that will last you a solid 24 hours, I’d like to formally introduce you to Marc Jacobs truly remarkable ‘Remarcable’ foundation. This product truly puts the pedal to the metal, bringing a beautiful satin matte finish to your complexion that is virtually flawless and lasts all day. Know, if you have one of those super long days that seemingly never ends – at the very least, your skin will be on point. Who doesn’t want that? An added bonus is how LONG one bottle of this will last you. As the foundation is higher in coverage, you will do need just the slightest amount on your skin meaning you can stretch this baby out for months. Winning! Read my full review, here.  

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