Pucker Up with The Blonds x MAC Lipstick

Pucker up because The Blonds Mac lipstick in ‘DavidBlond’ is hot on my radar!

The Blonds Mac Lipstick in 'DavidBlond' I DreaminLace.com #Lipstick #Mac #Makeup

I feel like it’s been a minute since I took the time to talk about one lipstick in particular – and given my love of both The Blonds and Mac lipsticks in general…it’s rather perfect to start there.

If you’ve been around here on Dream in Lace before, you may have seen this post, or this post or this post or where I rave on and on about The Blonds’ latest collection on the runways of New York Fashion Week. The theatrics and glamour David and Phillipe Blond inject into their designs are among the best things happening in fashion today and I look forward to seeing where they go next every season. 

With MAC Cosmetics routinely handling the runway makeup looks for their shows, it makes absolute sense that the two brands would partner up for a collaboration. And despite my efforts to reign it in on acquiring more makeup…I couldn’t resist giving one of their beautiful lipsticks a try.

The Blonds MAC Lipstick in DavidBlond

The Blonds MAC collaboration included two lipsticks – a matte fiery red (PhillipeBlond) and dusty rose pink (DavidBlond) with a lustre finish. 

In 2018 I’ve really tried to break my norm of going after every single red lipstick on the market in favor of more everyday neutrals. So *shocker*, I broke tradition and went for the pink The Blonds MAC lipstick to shake things up a bit.

The Blonds Mac Lipstick in 'DavidBlond' I DreaminLace.com #Lipstick #Mac #Makeup

The Blonds Mac Lipstick in 'DavidBlond' I DreaminLace.com #Lipstick #Mac #Makeup

Isn’t It Pretty?

I feel like such a girl saying this, but I find the The Blonds MAC lipstick in “DavidBlond’ to be rather pretty.

The glossy wash of pink is flattering on every skin tone and goes with every color of the rainbow in your wardrobe. In fact, I find the lipstick so versatile – I’ve dubbed it my new “purse” lipstick…as in the one I carry with me at all time just in case I need to pull myself together in a flash. (I can’t be the only one who has moments like that, right?)

Glossy Comfort

While I’ve played with more than my share of MAC lipsticks through the years, I have to say this is my first time really wearing a Lustre finish on a day-in/day-out basis. In the end, I have to say I’m a major fan of the “Amplified” range and I think the Lustre finish is climbing into position as my second favorite finish of theirs. 

Sure it’s fun to have bold, fully pigmented lips but it’s also nice to have more comfortable options. 

The Blonds Mac Lipstick in 'DavidBlond' I DreaminLace.com #Lipstick #Mac #Makeup

The Blonds Mac Lipstick in 'DavidBlond' I DreaminLace.com #Lipstick #Mac #Makeup

The Blonds Mac Lipstick in 'DavidBlond' I DreaminLace.com #Lipstick #Mac #Makeup

All in all, you can say I’m a fan. With the makeup world welcoming so many new brands over the last few years, I feel like MAC Cosmetics has fallen a bit off the radar so it’s good to see them out and about releasing great new products and collaborations. 

Obviously The Blonds MAC collaboration has other beauty bits to explore – so I’ve rounded them up for you below. And, since we’re on the subject of makeup, I just want to mention that everything I’m wearing in the makeup look in this post is MAC.

(Here here for the Gold Standard Studio Fix Fluid foundation!) 

Thank you so much for reading and lemme know if you’ve given any new MAC products a try this year.

“DavidBlond” Lipstick Rundown:

  • Finish: Lustre finish with a glossy wash of color
  • Texture: Threaded with glitter, but I honestly don’t see that come through
  • Wear Time: About 4-5 hours. Less if you’re eating but that’s not a major surprise
  • Availability: Available on MAC’s brand website and Nordstrom
  • Price: $21 – $2 more than a standard MAC lipstick. You do get better packaging for the price, though.


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