Miracle in a Bottle? The Wet n Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish

Let’s put the Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish to the test. Are they truly a one-step wonder as the bottle suggests…

Or, do they chip like mad? We shall see!!

Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

At the risk of sounding completely shallow, let’s talk about nails for a minute. 

Essentially, I’m the absolute WORST when it comes to nail polish chipping off. Not sure what it is, but nail polish just loves to quickly slide off my finger nails at the blink of an eye. It’s a frustrating problem. 

Oh sure, I’ve gone the gel or shellac route…even acrylic back in the day. *cringe* While having my nails done did help make my polish last a lot longer, it left my finger nails in a sad shriveled up state. *sigh* Obviously that grew tired on me after a while, bringing me back to the standard route of good ole’ fashioned nail polish – that basically needs to be touched up every day of my life. 

On average, an Essie polish gets me about 3 days before my nails look a frightful mess. OPI? 4 or 5. I’ve even tried the wildly popular Essie gel couture nail polishes, but found they are inconsistent and don’t hold up  quite as well as the reviews might have suggested. (At least for me.)

More and more the reality starts to seep in that I’m just destined to have chipped nails. Sad!

Enter the Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish

One day I was watching a YouTube video of Tati’s (aka, Glam Life Guru – who I LOVE) and she raved on about how the Wet n Wild gel nail polish lasted for days and days. 

Initially, I was a bit ‘yea, right’ on the subject because I’ve tested out Wet n Wild nail polish before – only for it to be a major fail. (Dug deep and found THIS review in the Dream in Lace archives...) But, my girl Tati has never steered me wrong and my belief in her high opinion was enough to make me take the plunge and give the Wet n Wild gel nail polish a try. 

And boy am I glad I did because the polish lasts….and lasts….and lasts!!

Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

Colorful, Long-Lasting Polish at an Extremely Affordable Price

In a nutshell, I think the Wet n Wild gel nail polish might just be my FAVORITE drugstore find of the year. For reals.

2017 in general is the year I’ve rediscovered Wet n Wild, but having never been all that impressed with their nail polish before this is an unexpected treat! Without much fuss at all I can stretch this polish easily for a week, maybe more. Usually I end up swapping colors or repainting my nails, not so much because of ‘chips’, but because of the way my nails have grown out.

It’s a remarkable thing, truly. 

Let’s Have a Quick Rundown of the Basics, Shall We?!

How to Apply: Two Coats of Polish + One Top Coat!

While I can’t speak for this on a scientific level, I am of the belief that base coats actually make my nail polish chip or ‘peal away’ more easily. So, I skip a base coat and go RIGHT IN with the Wet n Wild gel nail polish. I apply two coats, giving about two minutes of ‘rest’ time in between. To top it off, I use the Essie gel top coat. (They have two versions. The one in the clear bottle is good, but I find the one in the white bottle lasts better…for a $1 more.) There’s no UV light involved. I promise!

(P.S. Note, while I LOVE the Essie gel top coat. I don’t think their at home gel couture polish is anything to get excited about.)

The Color Selection

The Wet n Wild ‘1-Step Wonder’ gel nail polish collection features 24 shades, ranging from pretty pastels to vibrant bolds…with even some sparkle here and there. Hopefully the collection only continues to grow! I’ve used the polish through the spring and summertime, so selected cheerful colors…but am already eyeing richer shades for fall/winter.

How Long Does the Polish Last?

I’m pretty much the worst when it comes to banging up my nails and am extremely impressed with how well the Wet n Wild gel nail polish holds up – without much effort at all. Sometimes I catch myself picking at a cuticle or drumming my nails on a table, thinking “woah, watch the nails!” But alas, they seem to be fine. Without a base coat, the polish has a nice grip on the nail and truly does set in place for a good week. Miraculous!

Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

But Seriously, Gel Polish without a UV Light?

Seriously. I was skeptic myself that the polish would have the look and feel of a ‘gel’ nail polish, but alas it does. The formula is extremely thick and creamy, building up nicely on your nails to give that ‘fresh manicure’ effect…even though you did your nails yourself whilst watching another rerun of Friends

Any Streaking?

I’ve tried four polishes so far and did find the pastel mint green to be somewhat streaky…requiring a third coat to smooth everything out. Beyond that, you’ll get bold color on your nails that’s quite smooth…and lasts.

Truly, the polish is even swimming pool approved!


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Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

Cost and Where to Buy?

At full-price, a Wet n Wild gel nail polish will run you $4.99. You can definitely find it for much cheaper, though, by shopping the sales at your local drugstores. 

To find the best deal…I recommend taking a quick look at CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid’s websites before you head out to the drugstore. That way you can confirm who has the best deal on Wet n Wild running this week. Of course, if you still read a Sunday newspaper (how vintage!) you can peruse the weekly ads. I first picked these up at CVS at 40% off, but you can frequently catch Wet n Wild on a ‘Buy One Get One Half Off’ deal. Happy day!

Perhaps the Best Part of All…Wet n Wild is Cruelty Free.

Wet n Wild is proudly a certified member of Peta’s ‘bunny free’ community and does not perform any animal testing. So you can enjoy painting your nails and applying their makeup at will without worrying about a cute bunny having to suffer for it. Thank you, Wet n Wild!


Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish I One-Step Wonder Gel Polish #CrueltyFree #Nails

All in All?

I’m sold and already planning my next trip to the drugstore to stock up on fall shades. There are some gorgeous plums and even a striking maroon that are loudly calling my name for the autumn season.

Wet n Wild has somehow done it again and created a top notch product at a miraculously low price. The packaging is even quite nice! (Which is the one area Wet n Wild admittedly is a bit lax on, but not with these beauties!.)

Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish Pros:

  • Extremely Affordable
  • No UV Light Need
  • With 24 shades, there’s a decent color selection in place…that will hopefully only grow
  • Long-lasting, creamy formula
  • No base coat required
  • Cruelty Free


  • The pastel shades do streak a bit and require an extra coat.


As always, thank you SO much for reading me gush about nail polish for a minute. It feels like it’s been a while since we last had a chat and it feels good to reconnect…and dish on one of my favorite drugstore finds of the year!

If you’ve tried these polishes out, do let me know what your favorite shade is!

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