The Perfect Travel Makeup Palette From NARS

Is the NARS Fever Dream “Wild Thing” palette the perfect addition to your travel makeup bag? With four classic eyeshadows, a cheerful blush and poppy highlight…it just might be!

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

Travel makeup. That’s a subject I work to fine tune more and more on every getaway I take. While I’m admittedly pretty rubbish at appropriately packing a suitcase, I’ve really made an effort to be more “efficient” in the makeup bag department. 

Easily one of my biggest “tips and tricks” for packing makeup is to rely on multi-use products. 

Take for example Urban Decay’s Naked Flush check palette. With a bronzer, highlight and blush included – that baby has joined me on just about every trip I can think of for the last few years. It’s just so NICE when you can get a lot of use out of one product rather than having to tote around a suitcase of makeup. 

So when I spotted the new NARS Fever Dream “Wild Thing” palette on Nordstrom’s website, I immediately knew I had to snatch it up for my upcoming trip out East. While I don’t think there’s any stopping me from over packing clothes, this palette looked to be the perfect thing for keeping my eyes and cheeks looking pretty on vacay. 

(Note: NARS did also release a second variation of the Fever Dream palette. When deciding between the two, I thought the “Lost in Lustre” palette was a bit softer than I was looking for but it’s also quite beautiful. Click here to check it out!) 

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

NARS Fever Dream Palette in “Wild Thing” (Shop Exclusively at Nordstrom)

NARS Fever Dream “Wild Thing” Palette

First off, I gotta say the NARS Fever Dream “Wild Thing” palette is exclusively available at Nordstrom.

In fact, it’s so exclusive to Nordstrom that when you locate the palette on NARS’s website you will be linked over to Nordstrom to make a purchase. This is all good news for me because I’m a big “Nordy” fan and love how easy they are to deal with both in the store and online. Don’t have a store near you? They do offer both free shipping and returns 100% of the time. 

But enough about Nordstrom…let’s talk about what you will find inside this gorgeous NARS Fever Dream “Wild Thing” palette:

  • Four Eyeshadows:
    • Alive (Matte Warm Tan)
    • Psyched (Matte Chestnut Brown)
    • Erratic (Neutral Shimmering Beige)
    • Lala (Shimmery Deep Bronze)
  • No Limit Highlighter (True Yellow Gold)
  • Goddess Complex Blush (Shimmering Peach with Gold Finish)

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

Gold Goddess

With spring on the immediate horizon, the NARS Fever Dream palette to is a good ally in helping me nail down a glowing complexion. (And lemme tell you, I need the help! #AlbinoGirlProblems)

As you *hopefully* could see in those up-close-and-personal shots, the palette has a gorgeous “golden” tint to it across the board. Even the blush is threaded with gold which is actually quite surprising and unique! NARS in general is pretty well-renowned for their blushes and the “Goddess Complex” you get in this palette lives up to the hype. 

Personally, I’m on board with a golden makeup look at any time of the year but it will be especially beautiful in the spring/summer months ahead.


NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

From Top to Bottom:
Blush, Highlight, Lala Shadow, Erratic Shadow, Psyched Shadow & Alive Shadow

When swatching the powders in the NARS Fever Dream palette, I was immediately impressed! The eyeshadows in particular have such a smoothness to them that made me want to drop everything and immediately start playing with them after taking these photos. 

Would the “Wild Thing” palette live up to my positive first impression? I hoped so and was eager to find out!

To really put it to the test before giving my official vote, I did commit to religiously using the palette for five days to really know how it performed before giving my official vote. I wore this to work. I wore this on weekend errands. I also even wore this to the gym. 

My Experience Using the NARS Fever Dream Palette

I love eyeshadow palettes in general and am always on board for putting my creativity to the test with a large variety of shades. BUT, sometimes? You really do prefer the straight-forward approach of a good eyeshadow quad to get you out the door faster. Eyeshadow quads are also perfect for beginners who might get overwhelmed and struggle to navigate the larger palettes out there. 

All that considered, I’m really happy with the eyeshadows in the “Wild Thing” palette. I love that they’re easy, every day classics. Some might say they’re boring – but given the compact approach the palette takes I think they’re perfect. The four shades work seamlessly together and will work for everyone – no matter the skintone or skillset.

As for the blush? I’m in love! 

Goddess Complexion is a new shade made exclusively for the palette and if you’re a fan of peach-toned shades you will be happy. It’s incredibly pigmented and has such “wow” color payoff I caution you to start with a lighter hand as you get to know the product. Threaded with gold, it also adds a nice “highlight” affect to the skin on its own. Truly a remarkable blush and one I vote NARS adds permanently to their collection. 

Last but not least, the highlight. On the spectrum of subtle to blinding glow (1-10), I’d put this somewhere around a 7. It’s not the most poppin’ highlighter out there…but it’s strong enough to make a pretty dramatic difference. 

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

NARS Fever Dream Palette in "Wild Thing" Review I #makeup #springmakeup

Overall, I am quite happy with the NARS Fever Dream “Wild Thing” palette! It’s definitely going in my travel makeup bag on my trip next week. I also see myself reaching for it again and again for everyday use. The palette effortlessly pulls together a glowing makeup look that’s so eye catching you might just find yourself checking yourself out in the mirror again and again. 

All in all, I’m so glad I picked this up and think it’ll be my new travel staple. I do desperately wish it had a bronzer in it, though. Then it would truly be a does-it-all palette. In the mean time, I’ll just have to settle for throwing Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess in my makeup bag with it when traveling. 

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve bought something from NARS and suddenly I’m back to being a fan. 

The Pros

  • Consistently strong pigmentation throughout the palette
  • Classic, easily wearable eyeshadow shades
  • Compact and perfect for travel
  • Great go-to product when you need to pull together a makeup look quickly
  • Shadows blend beautifully
  • Medium wear-time…longer with an eyeshadow primer. (I recommend LORAC’s!)
  • Great packaging
  • Priced at $49, it’s a great value. (I think NARS overestimates the value at $131, but at $49 it’s a steal regardless when you compare to the cost of NARS’ individual blushes, highlighters and eyeshadow duos.)

The Cons:

  • Doesn’t include a bronzer. That would make this palette absolutely perfect.
  • Only available at Nordstrom

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