The 17 BEST Milan Fashion Week Looks

As fashion month continues, I’m breaking down the BEST Milan Fashion Week looks of the Fall 2019 runways.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways #Fashionista #Runway #FashionWeek

The runway train of fashion week continues! Following London, our eyes were directed to the Italian runways of Milan Fashion Week where everyone from Gucci to Prada to Versace and Bottega Veneta was serving up some LOOKS for the fall 2019 season. Generally speaking, I have to say Milan Fashion Week is the one that most resonates with me of all the fashion month locations. There are such diverse stylings on the Italian runways that I always find myself drooling with envy and taking note of styling tips. 

And let’s be honest: understated is not really a thing in Milan.

That fact alone makes the bi-annual festivities so much fun to observe. To celebrate the greatest moments of the season, I’m once again sharing my top choices for the best Milan Fashion Week looks. 

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks

If you caught my New York and London posts, you may notice this collection of the Best Milan Fashion Week looks is a tad slower to go up. Truth is, that’s because I had SO much difficulty whittling down my favorites!

The Fall 2019 runways in Milan featured a mixed-bag of ultra glamorous gowns, sleek sportswear, vibrant colors, dreamy neutrals, crisp suiting and dozens upon dozens of overcoats I’d kill to have in my wardrobe.

Throughout the week, I saved any look that caught my eye to a folder – accumulating a collection of more than SEVENTY runway looks. It was such a head scratching task narrowing them all down that I had half a mind to throw them all up in a photo gallery as one giant sartorial feast for your eyes. In the end, though, I got committed and managed to cut the list down to the seventeen looks you’ll find below.

So think of this post as an abbreviated list of the best Milan Fashion Week looks because there are certainly many, many more!!

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Gucci Fall 2019 Runway #Gucci #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Gucci Fall 2019 Collection

I’m kicking off my picks for the best Milan Fashion Week looks with this fabulous Gucci look because….*drumroll*…it’s faux fur. Last year Gucci banned the use of fur in their designs with creative director Alessandro Michele declaring fur to be an outdated fashion in our modern world. So I was really excited to see where Gucci would go with their luxe faux furs and this red shrug is so Cruella Deville (without the cruelty).  

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 Runway #Gucci #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 Collection

From faux fur, let’s take a look at Bottega Veneta’s variation of the perfect work dress. Season after season, I can always rely on BV to deliver stylish pieces that make 9-to-5 dressing a whole lot more fun. This interesting variation on a wrap dress is one I wish I could wear tomorrow!

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Emilio Pucci Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Emilio Pucci Fall 2019 Collection

Without question, Emilio Pucci is no stranger to a loud print and definitely not a somewhat yelling color palette as well. Personally? I’m all in…especially when he ventures into cobalt blue territory. 

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Alberta Ferretti Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2019 Collection

If you ask me what designer I wish made more red carpet and/or high fashion magazine appearances, the answer will be simply: Alberta Ferretti. Usually I’m swept away by her eveningwear but today I want to focus on this rich monochrome cream look makes me feel like I could conquer Westworld.

Yes, I’m a sucker for color but for Fall 2019? I’m ALL about the ivory and this look gives new meaning to the term smooth

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Roberto Cavalli Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2019 Collection

There’s always a lot to see at a Roberto Cavalli runway show and this season was no exception. My love for this pleated, tiered skirt reigns supreme though because 1) the coloring is GORGEOUS and 2) the mixed detailing is next level.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Bluemarine Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Blumarine Fall 2019 Collection

Remember when I said I was on board with the ivory trend for fall? I meant it. Especially when it comes to flowing evening gowns with accompanying capes…because I’ll never get over a good cape. Ever!

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Fendi Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Fendi Fall 2019 Collection

With Karl Lagerfeld at the reins, Fendi frequently lands among the best Milan Fashion Week looks. As we mourn his recent passing, even more eyes than usual were on Fendi to Lagerfeld’s last collection for the house unveiled. From start to finish, it was a fantastic collection and I deliberated back and forth for quite some time when deciding on my favorite look. In the end, I went with this fresh take on a shirt dress because of how well it speaks to Fendi and Lagerfeld’s ability to reinvent the classics again…and again…and again.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2019 Collection

I LOVE POLKA DOTS. I LOVE A FULL SKIRT. And so, I was destined to love this D&G gown…even when Stefano Gabbana (and Domenico Dolce by association) have me feeling disgusted. 

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Moschino Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Moschino Fall 2019 Collection

Moschino is no stranger when it comes to the best Milan Fashion Week looks as creative director Jeremy Scott has a KNACK for drama! Every season unveils a new kitschy theme, going everywhere from flight attendants to McDonalds to Barbie, paper dolls and this season: The Price is Right. Scott is a genius when it comes to combining pop culture with luxe design and this gold evening gown is goals. 

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Gucci Fall 2019 Runway #Gucci #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Gucci Fall 2019 Collection

Let’s head back to Gucci gain for a minute. I tried to pick just one look from the collection but ultimately couldn’t say goodbye to this evening gown that Lady Mary would be DELIGHTED to wear while stirring up trouble at the abbey. 

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Sportsmax Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Sportsmax Fall 2019 Collection

And suddenly….I want a fanny pack.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Philosophy de Lorenzo Serafini Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Philosophy de Lorenzo Serafini Fall 2019 Collection

What can I say? I’m a sucker for red – especially when it’s smooth as silk and floats like a butterfly.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Emporio Armani Fall 2019 Runway #FashionWeek #HighFashion #MFW

Emporio Armani Fall 2019 Collection

Speaking of red, it’s a color Armani works wonders with and this head-to-toe look is in-your-face fabulous.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I For Restless Sleepers #MFW #FashionWeek #runway

For Restless Sleepers

The pajama game is still going strong and I can’t get over this fabulous print!

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Vivetta Fall 2019 Collection #MFW #FashionWeek #runway

Vivetta Fall 2019 Collection

Everything about this overcoat is goals. The variations in texture, the coloring…even the LINING design.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Ermanno Scervino Fall 2019 Collection #MFW #FashionWeek #runway

Ermanno Scervino Fall 2019 Collection

Love this feminine and relaxed approach to suiting.

Best Milan Fashion Week Looks I Versace Fall 2019 Collection #MFW #FashionWeek #runway

Versace Fall 2019 Collection

When it comes to party wear, Versace is one of the strongest players in the game. On the runway, this shift dress moved and caught the light like a walking disco ball. Donatella, well done!


* Photos care of Vogue Runway.


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