Working Out in Style this Summer

Let’s plan stylish summer workout outfits to have you feeling and looking your best – while breaking a sweat. 

Stylish Summer Workout Outfits I #WorkoutGear #Fitness #SummerWorkout #Stylish

Hello there, dreamers! Show of hands: who else has more fun breaking a sweat when dressed in stylish workout gear?

Because I just KNOW I’m not the only one.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with the classic standard t-shirt because for years upon years that’s just what I wore. I’d throw on some shorts, a tee and get to work on the yoga mat, pounding the pavement on long power walks or busting my bum to workout DVDs. Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred…anyone remember that? I was OBSESSED with those workouts and if I still had a DVD player confess I’d actually pick them back up because they were super fun…and super effective.

Anyway, walk down fitness memory lane aside – today’s post is all about building stylish summer workout outfits to help you have a little bit of fun while breaking a sweat. And honestly, is there any shame in buying cute exercise clothes to inspire you to hit the gym more? I think not. 

Stylish Summer Workout Outfits I #WorkoutGear #Fitness #SummerWorkout #Stylish

Stylish Summer Workout Outfits I #WorkoutGear #Fitness #SummerWorkout #Stylish

Summer Workout Outfits – No Rules!

When it comes to putting together my workout attire, I like to experiment with color, prints and designs in a way that I normally never would. Mesh evening wear? No thank you. Mesh sportswear? Yes, please! Activewear is especially fun because you can go all out with loud prints and colors without feeling like you’re a walking neon sign. Especially in the summer time, vivid shades are fun and feel appropriate…and are not over the top in the least. 

Yesterday while getting some cardio in at the gym, I started thinking about things I look for in pulling together my summer workout outfits and put together a list of my top tips! 

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Bra

Probably definitely the only time I’d advocate for letting your bra show – is while working out. These days, sports bras come in any number of stylish designs that are just begging to be shown off.

In putting together your summer workout outfits, don’t feel like you need to conceal your bra like you would at any other time. Go ahead and wear the slim tank that lets it pop through. Wear t-shirs that have interesting cutouts and back designs. Or heck, go ahead and wear your sports bra alone as your top. 

Experiment with Color and Prints

Loud prints and neon colors might have you feeling a bit flashy in your everyday attire or when dressing for a party, but for exercising? They are perfect!

I feel like it sounds weird even saying it, but I recently bought some highlighter bright sports tanks that I’m absolutely enamored with for summer workout outfits. Ask me if I would want to wear them to work and the answer would absolutely be no, but while weight training or bouncing along on the elliptical machine…they are FABULOUS!!

Same thing goes for prints – especially if you’re worried about feeling exposed in ultra tight workout leggings. Prints are fabulous for concealing any “flaws” you’re worried about hiding from the public eye. 

Stylish Summer Workout Outfits I #WorkoutGear #Fitness #SummerWorkout #Stylish

Embrace Polka Dots and Stripes

Going through my workout clothes, I find that I have a little bit of a thing for stripes and polka dots. Yup, guilty!

I can’t even say it’s something I stick to just with summer workout outfits because honestly, I’m here for a good pair of polka dot leggings or a striped top at any time of the year. Polka dots and stripes work in pretty much every occasion, but especially when hitting the gym. They’re sporty, fun and pull together a look in a snap.

Shop in Places You Never Even Thought Of

Not so long ago, when it came to activewear you were pretty much headed to a department store, Dicks or a store just like it. But these days, virtually everyone is getting on board with creating stylish workout pieces and athletic brands are teaming up with designers for special collections. Take Stella McCartney who recently partnered with Adidas or even New Balance who’s teamed up with J.Crew. As leading a more active lifestyle becomes increasingly more status quo, it’s prime time to purchase sportswear. 

In terms of department stores, I’ve recently discovered that JCPenny has an incredible selection of activewear. Don’t ask me why I never have considered shopping at JCPenny before, but it’s been a really fantastic discovery. Over Memorial Day Weekend, Land’s End had a fantastic sale on swimwear and I discovered they too have dozens of cute pieces of activewear. There’s virtually countless places you can turn to these days. 

Stylish Summer Workout Outfits I #WorkoutGear #Fitness #SummerWorkout #Stylish

Talking about so much workout attire has me feeling like I better getting going to the gym today. But seriously, I hope you have fun with activewear this summer and play around with colors, prints and materials you wouldn’t normally for everyday style. When it comes to workout gear, there really seems to be no rules and the louder the better. 

Here’s to both feeling and looking great while getting your cardio in! Also, if you’ve discovered any other fantastic places to pick up activewear – definitely let me know. I’m always on the lookout for more pieces and can always find a need for another sports bra, tank or pair of leggings. #NoShame


Build Summer Workout Outfits with These Style Picks!

Stay stylish and chase your dreams!