Cozy and Affordable Rustic Home Decor

Prepare for the autumn days ahead with these affordable rustic home decor pieces from Amazon that will give you all the warm and cozy vibes!

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon I #HomeDecor #Rustic #AffordableHomeDecor #BudgetDecor

Hello there, dreamers! Brace yourself for a bit of a different post from me. I know, I know – we all love makeup and fashion. But, I figure we also all love creating a cozy home space to relax in.

As we approach Labor Day weekend and the colorful days of fall ahead, I figure what better time to have a good ole browse around the internet for autumnal decor?

One name I always see spring up when admiring others’ home décor is Amazon. So, for the first time EVER…I decided to check out what the internet’s largest retailer has to offer as far as decorations for the home are concerned.

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon

Of course there are countless styles out there in the interior design world, but I’m mostly drawn to the rustic pieces with their ultra relaxed vibe. Whether you’re going full on shabby chic or are looking to sprinkle some rustic home décor bits in among more modern pieces, I think there’s something here that will catch your eye.

Probably the best thing about all the items I’ve chosen for you today is how affordable they are.

Sure, we’d all love to go wild at Pottery Barn but when you’re decorating on a budget…it’s nice to have more reasonable alternatives from Amazon to turn to.

So cozy up and have a little browse of all the rustic home décor finds I’m loving from Amazon. And, be sure to envision yourself under a blanket with a cup of tea or snuggled up under the covers on something like a Leesa king size mattress with a good book as the leaves fall outside your window this autumn.

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon I #HomeDecor #Rustic #AffordableHomeDecor #BudgetDecor

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon

1. Decorative Amish Wagon Planter ($19.99)
2. Rustic Barnyard Window Frames ($22.99)
3. Rustic 5×10 Plank Hanging Sign ($9.99)
4. Kate Aspen Distressed Metal Vintage Lantern ($4.59)
5. MyGift Country Rustic 3-Tier Floating Box Shelves ($36.99)
6. Vencer Country Rustic Turquoise Ceramic Planters ($22.99)

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon I #HomeDecor #Rustic #AffordableHomeDecor #BudgetDeco

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon

1. Mkono Wooden Decorative Stool ($35.99)
2. Furinno 5-Tier Corner Shelf ($29.55)
3. MyGift Country Rustic 3-Tier Floating Box Shelves ($36.99)
4. Dll Rustic Farmhouse Fringed Throw Blanket ($16.99)
5. 3 Slot Rustic Torched Wood Remote Control Caddy ($19.99)
6. Large Cotton Rope Woven Storage and Laundry Basket ($22.39)

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon I #HomeDecor #Rustic #AffordableHomeDecor #BudgetDeco

Rustic Home Decor Picks from Amazon

1. Rustic River Mirror with Distressed White Finish ($34.99)
2. Barnyard Designs Vintage Sign ($11.95)
3. Sullivans Set of 3 Decorative Jugs ($27.65)
4. Rustic Mason Jar Door Decorations ($22.99)
5. Silver Metal Marquee Letter H ($11.87)


Looking Forward to Fall

I have to say, I’m already starting to get excited for fall and these home decor items have me wanting to get cozy! Then again, it’s been scorching hot well into November around here anymore so I think the cooler days are still a long way off. 

Do let me know if you enjoyed these little change of pace around here!

While I love talking about makeup and style, it’s been fun to go in a different direction and have a chat about decor items for a minute. Personally, I LOVE reading other blogs about decorating and browsing all sorts of photos on Pinterest. I quite like having a little “decor” moment for myself here on Dream in Lace.

As always, thank you so much for reading and be sure to let me know which items you most fancy above.

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