The 21 Best Looks of Paris Fashion Week

As fashion month comes to an end, I’m breaking down the BEST Paris Fashion Week looks off the Fall 2019 runways.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Collection Runways

Sad as it may be to see fashion month come to a close, I can only think about just how EXHAUSTED all the models must be. They’ve been pounding the runway virtually nonstop since early February and have got to be limping along at this point. I’m merely a spectator of their busy schedule and that alone has me feeling ready for a week long nap. 

This fashion month, I did things quite different than I have in the past. Rather than focusing on individual collections for mouth-watering reviews, I decided to look at each week as a whole to round up the very best looks for your pleasure. In doing so, I can’t help but think back on the trajectory fashion month as taken us (New York, London, Milan and then Paris) and I think there’s little doubt that the intensity of the collections only grew as we went along. 

After seeing what Milan and Paris had to offer this season, New York seems totally forgotten on my radar. That’s particularly interesting to me because I decided this season to skip out on NYFW in favor of a family vacation and now I see that was the right call. Obviously, NY did feature stand out looks and collections….but the momentum of the week as a whole falls flat when measured up to what we saw from the runways in Europe. (In case you missed it, prior to fashion month’s start I shared this post discussing the current state of New York Fashion Week. Would love to hear your thoughts!)

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks

Before I can officially put fashion month in my rearview mirror, though, I absolutely have to dish about the best Paris Fashion Week looks we saw on the runway! 

With Karl Lagerfeld’s recent passing, the Chanel runway was one just about everyone was looking to for his final collection’s showing. True to form, Karl went out with a bang with a grand ski lodge set and a large collection of winter-esque looks…each styled to perfection. It was also incredibly touching to see one of his favorite muse’s Cara Delevingne make a return to the Chanel runway to both open the show and lead a heartfelt closing tribute. 

Lanvin was also an interesting turn of events. Newly appointed creative director Bruno Sialelli unveiled his debut collection and after several struggling seasons, it was great to see Lanvin reemerge as one-to-watch. Obviously with their 130-year history, they’re not going anywhere—but to see them come back in such a great way made me happy.

Other Paris Fashion Week looks that won me over came from AkrisLoeweChloe and in a surprising twist: Balmain. Usually Olivier Rousteing designs aren’t my cup of tea but maybe we’re entering a new chapter? 

Anywho – enough rambling. I have 21 of the best Paris Fashion Week looks to share below and that’s way more exciting. Let’s go!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Christian Dior Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Christian Dior Fall 2019 Collection

I’m kicking off my Best Paris Fashion Week Looks with this dream coat at Christian Dior. Dior showed very early on in the week giving a lot of room for more great coats to come along and outshine it…but it’s just so fun and dramatic that nothing could quite beat it in my book. In general, the FW19 Dior collection received mixed reviews but I’m on board with it. (If only because I love red and black paired together.)

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Maison Margiela Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Maison Margiela Fall 2019 Collection

Every season, John Galliano manages to serve a look on the Maison Margiela runway that makes me think maybe I could be a “cool” person. I mean, I’m totally not…but I like to think I could appear to be in this fresh take of a shift dress. (Oh. Also note the cobalt blue things. Cobalt blue is emerging to be a major trend for fall!)

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Balmain Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Balmain Fall 2019 Collection

All things considered, I’m really not a fan of denim…and so it’s kind of bizarre for me to consider a denim shirt one of the best Paris Fashion Week looks of the season. Nonetheless, this romantic take on an otherwise masculine look is pretty fabulous.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Thom Browne Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Thom Browne Fall 2019 Collection

Leave it to Thom Browne to put a whole new spin on androgynous fashion by turning suiting into my dream work dress. Also leave it to Thom Browne to make grown adult me want to carry around a doggie as my handbag all day long. Winning!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Akris Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Akris Fall 2019 Collection

Carrying along our review of best Paris Fashion Week looks for the office, meet this modern creation. Thanks to Akris, you can now add a technicolor dream suit to your wardrobe.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Givenchy Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Givenchy Fall 2019 Collection

This is the first of two Givenchy looks I included on this list, because I just couldn’t possibly pick between them. With Riccardo Tisci now designing away at Burberry, Clare Waight Keller is taking the reins and steering Givenchy in a gorgeous new direction. The mixed elements and styling of this look are a modern “working girl” dream come true.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Givenchy Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Givenchy Fall 2019 Collection

A walking masterpiece. All hail Clare!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Givenchy Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Chloe Fall 2019 Collection

The Chloe girl always has a relaxed, effortless cool vibe that I somehow can’t get enough of and I love the variation of this look. A preppy sweater worn over a festival-ready skirt with black military boots might seem strange on paper but somehow it all works together perfectly!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks -Andrew Gn Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Andrew Gn Fall 2019 Collection

It’s always exciting to me to see where Andrew Gn goes next and his Fall 2019 collection featured a series of cool-girl looks that are perfect for leveling up your everyday attire. Case in point: this mixed-print poncho that virtually floated down the runway. Yes, please!

Lanvin Fall 2019 Collection

The revival of Lanvin has definitely been one of my favorite things on the fashion month circuit of late. So it comes as no surprise that they land on my list of Best Paris Fashion Week looks. It’s really worth your time to take in the entire A/W collection, but this chartreuse overcoat stole my heart most of all!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks -Stella McCartney Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Stella McCartney Fall 2019 Collection

More and more, I fall in love with Stella McCartney. Her commitment to developing more sustainable, cruelty-free fashions continues to raise the bar and this faux-leather overcoat is so luxe you’d never even know!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks -Rochas Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Rochas Fall 2019 Collection

Textured to perfection.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Loewe Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Loewe Fall 2019 Collection

This is such a mixed bag of fun I couldn’t possibly leave it off my picks for the best Paris Fashion Week looks. Swishy sass!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Lacoste Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Lacoste Fall 2019 Collection

Lacoste is among those bigger names who have left New York Fashion Week behind in favor of Paris…and I’m glad they did! They definitely bring some sporty spice to the ultra glamorous schedule. When I said cobalt blue is emerging as a major trend for fall, I meant it and I’m LOVING the looks of it.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Elie Saab Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Elie Saab Fall 2019 Collection

From cobalt blue sportswear at Lacoste to evening wear at Elie Saab. Talk about a statement gown!

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Collection

Honestly, I’d be happy to see the combat boots go but the watercolor print is so striking I couldn’t leave out this look.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Altuzarra Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Altuzarra Fall 2019 Collection

Here’s another party dress I couldn’t leave off – despite the questionable footwear.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Off-White Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Off-White Fall 2019 Collection

Leave it to Virgil Abloh to have me thinking perhaps yellow is a color for me after all. 

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks -Anne Demuelemeester Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Anne Demeuelemeester Fall 2019 Collection

Where militant and romantic meet.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks -Valentino Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Valentino Fall 2019 Collection

Per usual, Valentino is among the best Paris Fashion Week looks. I know, you’re shocked. Predictability factor aside, Pier Paolo Piccioli has become a master of ready-to-wear and this is perfectly demure.

Best Paris Fashion Week Looks - Chanel Fall 2019 Runway Collection #PFW #FashionWeek

Chanel Fall 2019 Collection

Last, but absolutely not least: Karl Lagerfeld’s final collection with Chanel. It was an emotional show that closed with a touching tribute led by Karl’s model, muse and close friend Cara Delevingne. True to form, Karl’s vision was big and the set was made to resemble a luxe ski resort in the Alps. On the runway, houndstooth made a major appearance in the collection but it was the Chanel Après Ski print that most won me over – especially this nylon ski-suit modified as a flowing dress.


And that’s officially a wrap on fashion month! I so hope you enjoyed this collection of the best Paris Fashion Week looks. If you missed them before, feel free to hop over and look at my favorites from New York, London and Milan

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