10 Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate Women’s Day

To celebrate great women everywhere, I’m sharing 10 inspiring Women’s Day quotes to motivate you to greatness as you pursue your dreams.

10 Inspiring Women's Day Quotes from Inspirational Women #WomensDay #Inspiration #Quotes

Hello there, dreamers! Obviously celebrating women is an everyday occurrence in my world, but I wanted to put together something special for you in honor of International Women’s Day. A post that would hopefully spread some positive vibes and words of wisdom to carry you through your everyday life while passionately pursuing your dreams.

It’s crazy to me that today us ladies are still fighting an uphill battle. But, in the end – we’re a tenacious, smart and capable bunch and I think only bigger and better things will come our way. Together, we’re also shaping brighter futures for the young girls that are growing up today. Forging a path that will be more accepting of their strengths and provide them with equal opportunities we may not have been given. Creating a landscape that celebrates women’s talents and views them as individuals of worth, not just objects to be whistled or grabbed at. 

Personally, I feel so fortunate to have many great, strong women in my life. Women who have overcome huge challenges. Women with big hearts of gold. Women who never bow down to a challenge. Women who live every day with a spirit of kindness and acceptance that’s infectious. Women who simply never give up. 

10 Inspiring Women’s Day Quotes

In celebration, I wanted to pull together 10 Women’s Day quotes to inspire and motivate you. Let me tell you, stopping at just 10 was difficult. Truth is, there are SO MANY wonderfully, inspiring women out there. (Thank goodness for that!!)

In cultivating this list of Women’s Day quotes, my mind first went to Oprah. Does anyone else feel like you’d love Netflix to pick up reruns of her show? I feel growing up I missed out on so much wisdom she has to share and would absolutely love to watch old episodes in my downtime. She’s obviously a great inspiration to women across the world, with great reason. 

I also wanted to be sure to include a Women’s Day quote from Queen Cher. She’s brilliant. Her energy and drive to constantly march to the beat of her own drum, not bowing down to anyone’s criticism, is remarkable. I frickin’ love Cher and am not ashamed to admit it. 

Also on this list are quotes from Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis (legend), the great Carolina Herrera, my forever First Lady Michelle Obama, the iconic Princess Diana, American hero in the making Kamala Harris, the brilliant (and hilarious) Amy Poehler and the visionary Miuccia Prada

I hope you take to heart their wise words and share them with the ladies in your life! Here’s to celebrating the great women who walk among us – past, present and future. 

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Oprah Winfrey #WomensDay #Oprah #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Cher #WomensDay #Cher #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Viola Davis #WomensDay #ViolaDavis #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Amy Poehler #WomensDay #AmyPoehler #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Cate Blanchett #WomensDay #CateBlanchett #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Michelle Obama #WomensDay #MichelleObama #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Prada #WomensDay #Prada #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Kamala Harris #WomensDay #KamalaHarris #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Princess Diana #WomensDay #PrincessDiana #Quotes

Inspiring Women's Day Quote by Carolina Herrera #WomensDay #CarolinaHerrera #Quotes


What Women Most Inspire You?

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