A Purple Parade at Pamella Roland

New York Fashion Week continues with a parade of purple at the Pamella Roland Fall 2017 runway show. Oh, and get excited because there was an America’s Next Top Model reunion in the front row!!!

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017: A Lesson in Color

One of my favorite memories of 2016 was the Pamella Roland Spring runway show at New York Fashion Week – and this season, she’s back again and upping the ante with the color purple.

Try as I might to maintain my cool, when in the presence of purple: I’m virtually spazzing out with excitement on the inside. What can I say? Purple makes me giddy – and Friday’s show at New York Fashion Week had me practically bursting. For not only is the collection beautifully purple, it’s also beautifully dramatic! Out with the soft shades of spring and in with bold shades of garnet and plum. The collection features statement look after statement look and I think it’s here in the statement look that Pamella best finds her foothold.

One gown of the Pamella Roland fall collection is so striking, I dare say it is the best gown she has ever sent down a runway. Oh sure, I know I’m picking and choosing favorites on the runway on a near-constant basis – but trust me, this collection features some serious heavyweights that I’ll be remembering WELL into the future. Prepare to pin some of these, because you’ll want to see them again! *wink*

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 is Inspired by Art

When it came time to draw inspiration for the Pamella Roland Fall 2017 collection, Pamella turned to abstract expressionalism – more specifically, artist Mark Rothko’s use of color. In crafting her signature evening silhouettes, Pamella sought to capture Rothko’s fusion of texture and color to create beautiful masterpieces. Well, I say, job very well done. 

To tell a rich story of color, the Pamella Roland fall 2017 palette’s infused with shades of tobacco, amethyst, onyx and aubergine. In bringing her gowns to life, Pamella utilized color in various ways. Singularly colored looks make plays with texture to inject movement and reflection of color. Other gowns play with artistic ombre blends. The MOST eye-catching creations feature an infectious ombre gradient, with garnet-tones giving way to rich plums.

As we know, Pamella is never one to shy away from a dramatic evening gown and cultivate a rich selection of textures to do so. For the Fall 2017 collection, we see texture fluctuate to develop shape and movement. The collection features stretched crepe, mesh organza, velvet, leather, cashmere, beading and feathers – all working together to seamlessly create beautiful drama for the fall season.

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

My oh my! This gown is STUNNING and my favorite Pamella Roland creation, to date. Wow!

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Props to Hair and Makeup

Since it’s not too often that I fall head over heals for a beauty look at fashion week, I have to give credit where credit’s due to the beauty team at the Pamella Roland Fall 2017 show.

As models floated down the runway, so did their soft textured waves and berry-toned lips. So often we see matte lips on the runway for the fall season, but Pamella Roland shows a softer more wearable look – a nice gloss finish. I’m more than certain that I have a few lipsticks in my collection that can create a similar look and by golly, I’m gonna be sure to use them more often!

Pamella Roland Fall 2017 Runway - NYFW

Throwback to America’s Next Top Model

Like many millennials, I have a history of watching America’s Next Top Model and cheering on Nigel Barker, Mister Jay and Jay Alexander. Last September, Nigel was at the show sitting opposite me and I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I didn’t exactly realize how much of a Top Model fan I was until that precise moment, but just being in his presence was excited.

This week, the Pamella Roland show was virtually an ANTM reunion, as both the Jays joined Nigel front row for the show. I simply had to share this winning photo of the trio with you guys. I mean, too good not to mention…right? These guys were some of the first official voices of fashion we millennials heard! It’s exciting to see them together:

ANTM's Jay Alexander, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker at Pamella Roland Fall 2017

Jay Alexander, Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker

Thank you to Pamella Roland and Purple PR for providing these gorgeous runway images. Photos are credited to photographer Dan Lecca.

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