FASHION: Sweater Weather with Talbots

Celebrating the start of sweater weather with Talbots!

Sweater Weather with Talbots - Falling Leaves Sweater Outfit

At last, sweater weather is upon us! After weeks of an Indian summer, the weather turned virtually overnight. My days of gallivanting around festivals and cookouts in sandals and sundresses are behind me, replaced with apple picking in denim and boots. I’ve been sipping on routine glasses of apple cider and starting my mornings with pumpkin butter on my toast. Yes, fall is here!

Of course, a new season brings a change of wardrobe. While watching a marathon of charming (and admittedly predictable) harvest films on Hallmark, I stashed away my summer favorites over the weekend – replacing them with heaps of sweaters. Among them? This darling new Falling Leaves sweater from Talbots.

Talbots is a brand I have not explored much myself, but my mother and sister are huge fans! Over Labor Day Weekend, I was perusing all my standard favorite retailers on a last minute hunt for New York Fashion Week outfits and coming up dry. Then, on a whim I visited Talbots and met the most darling navy and white jumpsuit. I instantly purchased and stowed it away for my NYC travels, intrigued by Talbots and what more they might have to offer.

Then, as if fate would have it, they reached out to me and kindly sent me a couple items, including this darling falling leaves sweater. I wore this for the first time this week and have pin-pointed it to be the the perfect addition to my OOTD at this year’s annual Thanksgiving feast. The colors are perfect for the season and the sequined purple acorns give an added flare that deliver dozens of compliments.

Sweater Weather with Talbots - Falling Leaves Sweater Outfit

Sweater Weather with Talbots - Falling Leaves Sweater Outfit

I’m so glad that sweater weather has finally arrived and look forward to bundling up and getting cozy with Talbots. The wonderful thing about Talbots is the wide-range of options they deliver, with great pieces that are perfect for work and in your downtime. They even have athleticwear! Who knew?

Stay tuned, because my celebration of sweater weather with Talbots will continue on Wednesday. I’ll be styling a super chic sweater poncho a number of ways – and you won’t want to miss it. Hello, fall!

If you’re interested in more Talbots goodies and a finding great deals, their mid-season sale will be running through October 23rd. Get 30-40% off select fall styles!

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Talbots Women’s Falling Leaves Intarsia Sweater

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!