SKINCARE: Chuda ‘Healing Hydrating’ Face Cream

Enter Chuda and the Healing Hydrating cream that brings a new philosophy to skincare!

Skincare: Chuda 'Healing Hydrating' Face Cream Review

Skincare: Chuda 'Healing Hydrating' Face Cream Review

A while back, a friendly email found its way into my inbox – inquiring if I had an interest in trying out a newer skincare brand: Chuda. Always on the hunt for that new ‘it’ product to protect my skin,  I obliged and have been thoroughly enjoying testing the Healing Hydrating Cream since it found its way into my hands.

The skincare line was launched by Dr. Elena Ocher, who has quite an interesting background. She’s originally from Russia, where she studied medicine and even practiced for the Russian Navy. Now, Elena’s in New York – where she’s practiced medicine and discovered a desire to share the ‘Remedea Compound’ with the world.

Remedea Compound? What the heck is that?

Good question. Sounds like something I should be taking notes on in fact. The Remedea Compound is a practice designed to heal the skin. It’s a method that dates back a thousand years, creating beauty elixirs of natural flowers and herbs with healing properties to renew the skin and soothe away any damage.

Living in the age of iPhones and Hybrid cards, a beauty method that dates back 1,000 years had me intrigued…and so I was excited to really give this product a chance. The winter really jarred my skin this year and my dormant eczema has sprung back up in places. Basically, I was in need of something powerful to help revive my skin for the warmer months ahead.

Skincare: Chuda 'Healing Hydrating' Face Cream Review

Skincare: Chuda 'Healing Hydrating' Face Cream Review

After a couple months using Chuda’s Healing Hydrating Cream – I feel like Dr. Elena Ocher has made me a believer. The moisturizer is so rich and provides a lot of comfort to any damaged skin.

My new nighttime routine is to cleanse and exfoliate my skin with a Clarisonic, apply a toner (Clinique or Aveda) and follow up with a healthy dose of the Chuda moisturizer. It’s very thick in texture and to ‘activate it’, I apply a bit to my hand and warm it slightly with my fingers. It’s very smooth and buttery when applied to your skin and has an instant calming effect.

Skincare Benefits

There are a lot of exciting benefits to the Chuda moisturizer, beyond just feeling good though. It also has added anti-aging properties. The moisturizer penetrates your skin, stimulating the growth of collagen and through allantoin – promotes healing of any wounds by stimulating growth of new and healthy tissue. This I definitely saw at work on my eczema and on these dry patches the winter left behind on my elbow. Within just a few days, I already saw benefits.

Of course, vitamins are also a great thing and the Healing Hydrating cream includes vitamins B, C and D to provide antioxidant protection and repair and renew your skin.

Two Thumbs Up

After nearly two months, I can definitely say that I’m a believer in Dr. Elena and her Remedea Compound. It feels not only great on my skin, it also feels great to be using natural and strong ingredients to really provide for my skin in the best way I can.

Because the moisturizer is so thick, I’ve been using it in the evening. My skin wasn’t in condition to warrant using twice a day, but if you are overcoming a lot of damage to your skin…I think using this twice a day would really help turn things around quickly.

In general, I’m just really happy to have made a new skincare discovery. I think I’ve gotten in the rut of just turning to the products and the brands that I already know of so well. Learning of another option that has a lot of serious benefits is an all around win and I’m hoping that Chuda expands their skincare collection over time to include a full range of products.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning about a newer skincare product that you may not be familiar with. Definitely take a hope over to the Chuda website here, to learn more about the philosophy behind this great product and Dr. Elena Ocher’s background.

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