What better way to ring in the New Year than by celebrating the Best Makeup of 2014? If you’ve been reading Dream in Lace throughout the year, many of these will seem like repeats to you as they’ve all appeared in either reviews, monthly favorites or both! What can I say, when it’s good – it’s good!

I was so excited to put this post together and I’m REALLY happy with all of the products I’ve selected. Seriously, they come with my full seal of approval! Of course everyone has different opinions and preferences, but if you’re in the market for any makeup – I suggest you take a serious look at these makeup products!

Here we go! *pops open Champagne!*, my Makeup Favorites of 2014!

Best Makeup of 2014


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maybelline new york color elixir, color elixir review
maybelline, color elixir lip color, color elixir review
maybelline, color elixir lip color, color elixir review
I know I’ve been singing Spring 2014 couture a lot this week, but I’ve also been falling madly in love with the new Color Elixir Lip Colors from Maybelline. Recently I took a trip to the drugstore and had a little bit of a haul (see here) and these immediately caught my eye. My only regret? Not buying more. And I’m definitely going back!
Not since the Rimmel Apocalips came State-side has a drugstore lip product excited me this much. And that’s not even a great example because those came not too long ago. Point is, yes I buy products in the drugstore but rarely do they truly strike my fancy. They become ‘good enough’ products, but rarely favorites or holy grails. These babies totally get me going though!
First: I love the packaging. Maybelline finally ditched the chunky plastic design of their lipsticks (gross!) for something kind of chic and of substance. I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that…but come on! Revlon and L’Oreal have no problem producing great packaging at a drugstore price. Wake up Maybelline! (Alright, fine…you did with these. Keep it up!)
Second: These come in a massive variety of colors. I count twenty available shades in the collection, which is quite impressive. They’re really beautiful colors too. It’s a bright, cheery and fun color selection to make your long winter days a little more appealing. The degree of strength also varies, as in – you may find a soft, wearable pink if that’s your thing. Or, you can find a bold hot pink if you’re feeling a bit more frisky.
Third: Formula-wise these are spot on. Definitely the best gloss type product I’ve found in the drugstore. They actually quite remind me of the Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains, both in product and application. It’s a very smooth gloss, with a lot of color payoff. If you opt for one of the bolder shades from the range, you can absolutely create a rather striking amount of pigmentation when you build this up. (See Elizabeth Moss)
Elisabeth Moss in Maybelline Elixir ‘Signature Scarlet’ at 2014 SAG Awards
It’s exciting when you find something in the drugstore as great as these. In some respects, it feels like hitting a jackpot. Coming in at $8.99 a piece, the color elixir lip colors are significantly more affordable than the comparable YSL glosses or any high end alternative. When you shop smart, using coupons and looking for buy one -get one 50% off deals, these can be quite the bargain!
And…that will definitely come in handy when you’re buying the whole line as I’m sure to do next time I enter a CVS! (View the full collection)
Have you tried the new Color Elixirs? Which color is your fav?