2018 Summer Bucket List

Embracing the heat, I’m preparing my summer bucket list for the long, sunny days ahead. 

2018 Summer Bucket List

Don’t know about you – but I spent just about every day of winter longing for summer. Walking in the whipping cold wind while freezing my tush off, I’d think of long summer days the blend together, colorful flowers, drives with the windows down and ice cold glasses of Crystal Light.

Well, at LONG last, summer has arrived – and by golly am I determined to enjoy it! Yes, even those hot and humid days where you feel like you’re being suffocated by the atmosphere. (Fun fact, Cincinnati is in the Ohio River Valley – aka, home to some of the worst humidity imaginable.)

After a winter that felt like an actual eternity (snow in April, anyone?), I’m ready to fully embrace the season. On Sunday, while laying on a float and gazing at the blue sunny skies above, I mentally started drafting my summer bucket list.

Here’s to making summer memories!

2018 Summer Bucket List

From splashing in the pool to baking up a storm, I put together a summer bucket list to make sure I enjoy every ounce of summer that I can. 

More Time at the Pool

Don’t ask me why, but the last couple of summers I have spent very little time by the pool. And, I miss it. So at the very top of my summer bucket list is my new, hard rule to rectify the situation and spend more time soaking in the sun and splashing around. I’m thinking long afternoons poolside, whilst sipping on refreshing drinks, noshing on pasta salad and losing myself to the sounds of Florence + the Machine’s latest album. 

This spring, I also took up a new water aerobics class that has taught me countless strengthening exercises I can do in the pool as well. Here’s to maximizing my time and getting sun and cooling off – while getting a workout in. Game on!

Read Three Books

Of course I’d like to say I’ll be reading way more than three – but I’m trying to be realistic here.

Currently I’m making my way through Marisha Pessl’s latest Neverworld Wake. But, I’ve also got my eyes set on reading Mary Higgins Clark’s I’ve Got My Eyes Set on You and the popular thriller The Flight Attendant. The Devil Wear’s Prada follow up When Life Gives you Lululemons also sounds like a quality summer read as well as Genevieve Sly Crane’s dishy novel Sorority

Lately I feel like I have ADHD when it comes to reading, bopping around from book to book without ever finishing anything. Here’s to putting that to a rest and actually finish a book I started!

Embracing Festival Season

Back in the day, I was attending a summer festival practically every weekend. But while life somehow steered me in a different direction, I’m determined to make it back.

Sundresses, sandals, cheesy carnival games, luke warm draft beer and listening to a local band sing 80s classics for the millionth time once again sounds like music to my ears. Of course, I might be singing a different tune when my feet start to hurt while fighting the crowds – but right now? At this moment? A summer festival sounds like heaven. 

Do a Sparkler Dance

Be it at a Fourth of July picnic or for no reason at all, this summer I’m going to ignore the fact that I’m no longer 10 and do a little sparkler dance as though I have no care in the world. Life is short and making a fool out of yourself while twirling sparklers in the air is always a good idea. 

Visiting the North Country

Number 1 on my summer bucket list? Taking a trip to Northern Michigan to my grandma’s cottage. For so long, I used to think of the cottage as a second home – spending my full summers there. Then adulthood struck and other commitments got in the way of retreating to my personal paradise.

No more!

I’m determined to make a trip happen this summer and enjoy sunsets on the deck, long walks on the beach and enjoying all the charm of the area. If you’ve never been to Northern Michigan before, it’s truly a summer paradise.

Make a Vegan Blueberry Pie

So blueberry pie used to be my specialty. Then, I ditched dairy altogether and put my pie making on the back burner. Not entirely why – because adapting a pie recipe to be vegan is literally…easy as pie (pun intended). All you have to do is swap out the real butter for Earth Balance butter and you’re set.

Well, this summer I’m definitely going to be getting back into pie making. If you’re looking for a recipe, my blueberry pie one (here) is a definite winner! (Be warned, you might pass out upon first bite it’s that good.)  

Visit Smale Park

The cold hard truth is I just don’t take advantage of the sights around my hometown of Cincinnati nearly as much as I probably should. Not too long ago, the Queen City completely overhauled the banks of the Ohio River – including a renovation of the riverside bike.

Smale Riverfront Park sounds and looks completely fabulous (hi, it has a carousel)…and yet, I’ve somehow never made my way there. This summer I’m determined to finally see what it’s all about! 

What’s On Your Summer Bucket List?

Stay stylish and chase your dreams!