Cannes 2017: Deepika Padukone L’Oreal Makeup Look

To celebrate the glitz and glamour of the world’s best red carpet, I recreate the stunning Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 makeup look!

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Hello dreamers, let me just say – my excitement over the intense GLAMOUR at the Cannes Film Festival this year is next level. We’re only a few days in and already this year’s red carpet is LIGHT YEARS better than what we saw last year. Honestly, every single day there’s smash look after smash look and with one more full week to go…there are certainly countless more killer looks to come our way.

Heading into the Cannes, I knew would want to recreate a Loreal makeup look to celebrate the festival’s 70th year. If you don’t know, Loreal is one of the major annual sponsors. Throughout the festival, all of their beautiful faces parade down the red carpet wearing decadent couture gowns and glowing Loreal makeup looks. I initially envisioned myself recreating a look with a more dramatic lip, but when Deepika Padukone appeared in this dramatic teal eye makeup I immediately RUSHED to my nearest Ulta and stocked up on Loreal gems to recreate it for myself.

I mean, just look at her:

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone in Brandon Maxwell at the Loveless Premiere – 2017 Cannes Film Festival

On Thursday’s red carpet, Deepika Padukone wore this STUNNING Brandon Maxwell gown that is literally a showstopper. Of course, her makeup matches it perfectly and as one of the beautiful faces of Loreal…I simply had to get to work and recreate it for you guys here on Dream in Lace. I mean, even Lady Gaga gave this look a thumbs up!

Just my luck, Ulta had all of the Loreal makeup on sale for buy one, get one 50% off. I literally stood in the makeup aisle matching Deepika’s photo on my iPhone up to their vast selection of products and walked away with some real winners! 

One thing that SHOCKS me about this Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 makeup look is the lack of eyeliner. You very rarely see that on the red carpet, which makes this eye makeup stand apart as truly remarkable. The eyeshadow is undoubtedly the star of the show, followed by dewy and radiant skin.

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Makeup Look

Step 1: Let’s Begin with Foundation

Obviously, I kick things off with foundation and since Deepika’s look is so very radiant…I reached for the Loreal True Match Lumi foundation. This is truly one of my very favorite foundations from the drugstore and it gives your skin a beautiful lit-from-within glow. One of the BEST things about Loreal foundations in general is the extensive color selection, in both cool and warm shades. My perfect match is “C3”. I blended this out all over my face and then built up more in the center, where redness can start to peak through. I really wanted to avoid having to use lots of powder and concealer, so just built up the foundation in areas where I need it most. It’s fantastic at layering, btw.

Step 2: Load on the Highlighting Concealer

Next, I reached for one of my FAVORITE Loreal products…the Magic Lumi highlighter concealer. I’ve legit gone through probably six of these guys and swear it’s a dupe for the famous YSL Touche Eclat. I draw this down my nose, at the center of my forehead, in triangular shapes beneath my eyes, on my cupid’s bow and below my ‘contour’ line. Basically, go to town and highlight any area you want the light to hit with this gem.

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Step 3: Bronze and Blush

Since Deepika has such a beautifully deep skintone, her makeup look is not very heavy on bronzer. For albino me though, that’s not the case. Warming up the face, I apply bronzer down the sides of my nose and below my cheek bones. I also touched up the edges of my jawline and forehead with bronzer, just to create a full warmer look. For blush, Deepika’s wearing a very classic pink and I snatched up the gorgeous blusher ‘Rosy Outlook’ from Loreal’s True Match collection. It’s a stunning matte blush that I quickly fell in love with and think I’ll be wearing A LOT of in the weeks to come.

Step 4: Highlight, Highlight, Highlight!

On the red carpet, the Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 makeup look features A LOT of highlight. She’s virtually glowing and Loreal’s True Match Lumi Illuminator is the perfect cream highlighter to get you there. You can apply this both as a primer and as a highlighter, but since I was already wearing such a luminous foundation opted to just use it as a highlight. I dabbed this all over my cheek bones and wasn’t shy when it came to applying down my nose and even at the top of my eyebrow. For this makeup look, you definitely can’t have ENOUGH highlighter

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Step 5: Build Up the Eyeshadow

For this eye makeup look, Deepika keeps things very simple by GOING TO TOWN with the teal eyeshadow. Hunting through the Loreal counter at Ulta, I landed upon this incredible Teal Couture shadow from the Loreal Color Riche mono eyeshadow collection. Not surprisingly, it was the very last one. Taking a MAC 239 brush, I set out to pack the shadow all over my lid and up onto my brow bone. Another great eyeshadow tool? Your finger. Since we’re only using one shadow, your finger is perfect for piling on the shadow and blending out the edges. Don’t forget to rim your lower lashline as well.

Step 6: Mascara Time!

While I usually don’t gravitate towards waterproof mascaras, I was thinking about how well a waterproof mascara holds a long-term curl in your lashes when I picked up the Loreal Voluminous Mascara in carbon black. Lemme tell you, I think I’m IN LOVE with this mascara. I’ve only warn it once now, but it applies so evenly and perfectly. There’s no worry about clumping and it definitely doesn’t smudge or move around. It honestly might be a game changer in my mascara collection.

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Step 7: Pucker Up for Lipstick

The one product I had trouble matching at Ulta was the lipstick. Deepika’s lipstick is a matte mauve, but unfortunately so many of those tubes at my Ulta had been opened and used…which was super annoying. Ultimately, I decided on this stunning ‘Fairest Nude’ shade from the Loreal Colour Riche lipstick collection. In the tube, it looks a lot more nude but on the lips it actually has more of a hint of pink to it. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely gorgeous! It’s not an exact match to Deepika’s but is quite beautiful…and very moisturizing!

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

I really love how glistening this makeup look is overall!

It’s not very often I fully embrace the dewy, glow look but I’m starting to think maybe I should more often! Matte is usually the name of the game for me but I feel so fresh in this makeup look and it’s truly remarkable how well the foundation, highlight and illuminator work together over time without getting super greasy.

Here, I’m sat hours later typing up this post and my face feels just as beautiful as it did when I finished the look. That’s pretty darn amazing if you ask me! Dewy makeup that lasts? That doesn’t come around every day. Thank you, Loreal!

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 Loreal Makeup Tutorial I

Perhaps the BEST part of this Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 makeup tutorial is how truly SIMPLE it is. With the eyes focusing heavily on a single eyeshadow, no eyeliner or fancy contouring work…it’s something we can all easily recreate on our own.

Now that I’ve had so much fun putting this together, I want to revisit the Loreal eyeshadow shades for more pops of color. Typically, I’m a “palette” girl and use anywhere from 3-5 eyeshadows at a time. Putting one shadow at center stage and building your entire makeup look around it is a new, fun approach…and affordable. These eyeshadow singles from Loreal are only $5.99 pop.

If YOU recreate this look, be sure to send me a photo of it on Twitter or Instagram. I’d absolutely love to see you putting your makeup talents to use. (And generally, you should just give me a follow because I’ll be literally squealing on Twitter and Insta nonstop about Cannes for the next week. Can you blame me?)

As always, thank you so much for reading and wish you a great week ahead! I’m off to watch more of Riverdale on Netflix (SO GOOD) with leftovers of buffalo cauliflower (also, SO GOOD). It’s a stormy evening, perfect for lots of Netflix and candles. Talk to you again soon!


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