Beauty: June Makeup + Life Favorites!

I know we’re all thinking it, so I’ll just go ahead and say it: How the f*ck are we through the month of June already?

Time going by at warped speed aside though, June was a great month for me beauty wise. Which is good, as everything else in the month of June seemed like a major flop! Yes, it wasn’t exactly the most cheerful of months for me, but luckily I did have fun putting my makeup on everyday – and driving in my car to some new tunes. Let’s roll on with with my June favorites!


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Beauty: My First Empties, Featuring Skincare and Makeup 

True Story: Empties videos are among my very favorite in the YouTube beauty community. Why? They ask the ultimate question: would you buy this again? And sometimes, it’s gets pretty cut throat! So, I was very excited to dig through my garbage in my very first empties video – featuring loads of skincare and makeup favorites, as well as a couple duds!

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Life: The Power of Positive Thinking

We’re all in agreement that negativity brews more negativity, but I see a definite lack of positive thinking these days – and it’s got to stop. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there walking through life as giant party-poopers, sucking the excitement and enthusiasm out of everyone around them. Let’s ban together, rise above and celebrate the perks of thinking positive, always!

the power of positive thinking

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Fashion: Return of the One-Piece Swimsuit 

I remember my first bikini, well. I was a freshmen in high school, spring breaking in Florida, when I made the big transition from a one-piece swimsuit to a bikini. It’s one of those fashion memories that just sticks. A two-piece? I had ARRIVED!


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