February 2015 Beauty and Life Favorites

I am honestly stunned we’re already into the month of March. It’s like life is running on fast-forward these days. Even amid the SUPER cold and gray weather outside, February passed at warped speed…so much so that it’s actually kind of freaky. Friday, a friend was telling me how terrifying it is to blow through time this quickly and I have to agree. I toyed with the idea of not sharing my February Favorites - as I know we all get bombarded by them at the start of a new month – but as time is going so quickly, I decided I ought to acknowledge the things I was loving (and I mean LOVING) this month.

Outside of hot tea and soup, these makeup favorites had me feeling happy. I made my return to work mid-month, after two months of back surgery recovery, and with my return came a new rediscovered foundation routine. Then, OF COURSE, I found a new music and television obsession, (as I always do). So yea, February happened…and here’s the things that made it better!

February 2015 Makeup Favorites

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MFW: Dolce and Gabbana Celebrates Mamma for Fall 2015

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2015 Runway - Milan

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2015 Runway - Milan

It’s become tradition at Dream in Lace to take a moment or two for celebrating Dolce and Gabbana‘s latest showing at Milan Fashion Week. And so, while I find them to be in a bit of a rut…I concede that is a very pretty rut and worth mentioning!

Also worth mentioning…I got my WISH! After their headpieces for Spring 2015 (here), I was hoping Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana would go hi-tech and release some seriously decadent headphones for fall/winter…and they did!! #Winning

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Trend Alert: Metallic on the Fall 2015 Runways

The Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear runways have shown a significant amount of 70’s boho chic, but it’s another a trend that REALLY caught my eye: metallic. After all, who doesn’t love a little sparkle and shine in their life? Metallic made its first appearance at Misha NoNoo, when the usually minimal aesthetic was injected with metallic blazers and turtlenecks at New York Fashion Week. Then metallic found its way to London for Temperley London and more lately, Blumarine‘s disco ready runway at Milan Fashion Week.

We’re just about two-thirds of our way through Fashion Month and metallic shows NO sign of slowing down. And with Paris Fashion Week yet to come, it’s exciting to think of possibilities from houses like Saint Laurent or Alexander McQueen. Heck, perhaps Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel will add some metallic to the pot! (Come on Karl, do it!) Suffice to say, I’m kind of excited by the prospects for my coming fall wardrobe.

Fall 2015 Runway Trend - Metallic

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In the Kitchen: Italian Orzo Vegetable Soup

Guess what? It’s snowing, again! Meaning, it’s time we hit the kitchen for a piping hot bowl of fresh soup. *yum* I discovered this Italian Orzo Spinach Soup recipe on Pinterest…before adapting it to my own tastes one very cold and snowy afternoon. Paired with fresh bread from the bakery, it was truly HEAVEN in a bowl…I only wish you could’ve been there. Seriously, we could wear fuzzy socks and binge watch reruns of Gossip Girl to our heart’s content by the fire soup and wine. Finest of comforts! How glorious would that be?

Italian Orzo Vegetable Soup

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Makeup Favorite: An Ode to the Cheek Palette

Let’s hit pause on the Fall/Winter 2015 runways to talk about a revolutionary product that makes my mornings SO much simpler: the face palette trio! One emerging trend in 2014 were these great little gems that make doing your face LITERALLY as easy as one, two three! And let’s face it, when hovering over a strong cup of coffee in the morning just trying to hold it together…I appreciate the foolproof approach to getting my face done with little to no thought at all. When it comes down to it, it really is the little things in life that make all the difference.

Let’s take hands and kumbaya about our love for the three-step palette!

Tarte, Nars and Urban Decay Cheek Palette trios

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Best Dressed List of the 2015 Oscars

It happened! The 2015 Academy Awards! You know, that rare night in Hollywood when actors give each other gold statues, wear couture gowns and drink a lot of champagne…while the rest of us sit at home judging them in our PJs. It’s an annual tradition we look forward to, and while sadly no one showed up dressed like a swan this year…we can celebrate that nearly everyone’s fashion game was on point!

Now that it’s all over, it’s time to get JUDGE-Y!

Best Dressed List of the 2015 Oscars - Academy Awards

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Worst Dressed List of the 2015 Oscars

Last night Hollywood hosted the 2015 Academy Awards, and it was a long night filled with fashion. As a whole, I’d say the 2015 award season red carpets were a bit of a downturn from last year’s greatness, but all in all…not…bad… (totally having a Bridget Jones launch party moment. HELLO! The microphone’s not working!) But last night was the Oscars and of course I was ferociously devouring the red carpet fashion and having loads of fun sipping on my champagne while live-tweeting the madness with you guys. Wouldn’t you agree, social media has made awards shows a thousand times better? It brings everyone together. *sappy moment*

Worst Dressed List of 2015 Academy Awards - Oscars

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NYFW: Rodarte Plays Mix-Master for Fall 2015 Collection

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte are the fashion equivalent to the mix CDs I used to push out in the late 90’s. You never know where they’ll take you next, and with broad tastes that often mishmash together in the same look, it’s that constant keep-you-guessing mentality that has me falling more in love with them each season. Rodarte’s Fall 2015 collection debuted at New York Fashion Week Tuesday and was deliciously eccentric. Let’s say, if Liza Minnelli were a cocktail dress…that dress would be in this collection. Funny, flirty a bit kooky…and yet undeniably lovable.

Let’s assess:


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Peter Copping Debuts Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2015

When you talk about high pressure jobs, Peter Copping no doubt has more weight on his shoulders than most. While the fashion world still mourns the loss of the legendary Oscar de la Renta at his namesake house, Copping stepped into the limelight Tuesday to unveil his first collection as Creative Director. Sure, the stakes are always high for a new creative director, but I dare say they can’t get much higher than Peter Copping following a man and a legacy as great as Oscar’s.

To the delight of the watchful eyes around the globe, Peter Copping rose to the occasion. He shared in an opening note before the collection on his intent to honor the great work of de la Renta himself, while opening the door to a new chapter. Mission accomplished!

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2015 Collection - NYFW

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NYFW: Alice + Olivia Goes Bold for Fall 2015

A continued highlight of New York Fashion Week is the eccentric and ultra-glam concoctions of Miss Stacey Bendet and her Fall 2015 collection for Alice + Olivia proved she’s still on a serious winning streak! This season, Stacey drew inspiration from the cult classic Biba days of London and the rock n’roll era of the Rolling Stones in the late 60’s and early 70’s. And in true Bendet fashion, it was a night of opulence as sweeping rich fabrics, lace and floral jacquards showcased texture as this season’s MVP.

NO ONE does drama quite like Miss Bendet, so kick back and digest the deliciously fantastic Fall 2015 collection!

Alice + Olivia Fall 2015 Collection presentation at NYFW

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