Challenge : 31 Days of Lipstick

31 Days of Drugstore Lipstick Challenge
31 Days of Drugstore Lipstick Challenge

Pucker-up dreamers! I have a fun announcement that I think we should ALL take part in: 31 Days of Drugstore Lipstick! If you’re like me, you have a surplus of drugstore lipsticks that you kind of ignore. There are the routine favorites you reach for all the time, while the others fall by the waist-side, completely forgotten.

After September being a fashion month FILLED with high end fashion, I thought we could all take a break from that and focus on dressing up or lips. So, each day I’m going to wear a different drugstore lipstick, with NO duplicates. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, where I’ll be posting daily a picture of what lippie I’m wearing that day. I’ll also do a weekly roundup of what I wore, share which ones I loved, which ones I didn’t love, etc.

Basically, this is going to be FUN! And I think the more the merrier. So I dare you, yes you! to complete this challenge as well. The goal is to use lipsticks you already have, so you’re not having to dote out any extra pennies.

Of course, if you decide to join in, please share with me your Instagrams/Twitters so I can follow you along on this epic journey. I’m going to use the hashtag #31DaysofLipstick and you should too! Just remember to follow me too on Instagram, Twitter or both!

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PFW : Day 7 Recap with 5 Best Spring 2015 Looks of Stella, Giambattista and co.

Day 7 of Paris Fashion Week recap

Paris Fashion Week is winding down, but also staying on point with the fierce Spring 2015 Collections all over the runways. Day 7 brought new collections from fashion powerhouses like Saint LaurentGiambattista ValliStella McCartney, and more. To be honest, I’m lucky to have my eye open at this point. I stayed up WAY too late last night Anna and the French Kiss, (review coming soon) and I basically spent the day fighting to keep my eyes open. (Which is totally appropriate given that it’s National Coffee Day. Not to mention, Monday.)

I really liked yesterday’s post of 5 best looks, and I thought to be kind to my tired soul I’d repeat it today. And probably tomorrow. And maybe forever. It’s one-stop shopping for you guys, giving you more collections in half the time. #WINNING

So, before I dive into a coma…let’s review the 5 Best Spring 2015 Looks of Day 7!

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Must-Have Nail Polish for Fall

Must-Have Nail Polish for Fall

Fall nails. They’re darker, sexier and sassier than the pastels of spring and summer. One of the many reasons to be glad the temperatures are growing colder is that we can now dress our finger nails in deep purples, burgundies and greens. Last year, navy had its moments on our nails – and this season we welcome dark greens and teals. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 must-have shades that we all need on our nails this season!

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PFW : 5 Best Spring 2015 Looks Recap

5 Best Spring 2015 Looks Recap of Paris Fashion Week

Oh Paris Fashion Week, what a whirlwind of styles to keep up with. The Spring 2015 Collections have been filling the runways with so many incredible looks, I couldn’t possibly fit separate reviews in for each show. But, I don’t want this collections to go swept under the rug and forgotten (because they are FAB!) so I thought a recap post was in order. Please, let me know how you like this style of post. I’m constantly trying to configure the best way to present runway collections to my Dream in Lace readers. Because I do work full-time, and try to have a bit of a life, the struggle to keep a balance is real! Do you prefer more full reviews, or are overview/recaps better for your schedule too?

Also, if you’re not already, definitely Follow my Pinterest board with the Spring/Summer 2015 Collections. I’m in the habit of pinning while the collections religiously, so you can always find looks there!

I’m really LOVING the variety of looks for Spring 2015 on the Paris runways. There’s literally something for every single day, every single mood, every single event, etc. And being somewhat of a fashion chameleon myself, I love being able to mix things up from day-to-day.

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PFW : Undercover Spring 2015

Undercover Spring 2015 Runway at Paris Fashion Week

After lounging around most of the day marathoning old episodes of Sons of Anarchy, I was due for a laugh. Not to say the Jax Teller story isn’t entertaining, it’s just perhaps not as light-hearted as Undercover and the Spring 2015 Collection that is a bit coo-coo. After all, I LIVE for coo-coo fashion, it’s what makes the fashion world spin round. The glue that holds it all together. And, while this collection is gorgeous in its own right, there are some looks that I guaranteed will have you a:) confused B:) chuckle!

The collection has a few running themes, the largest being a black swan. There is a large selection of all-black ensembles paired with (quite) beautiful black angel wings. They remind me of season 2 American Horror Story Asylum with the angel of death. Albeit, they’re definitely made much cheerier than you would imagine by pairing them with 60’s house dresses made of Spring-y pastels.

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PFW : Lanvin Gets Moody for Spring 2015 Collection

Lanvin Spring 2015 Runway at Paris Fashion Week

If clothes could be a moody, sarcastic teenager – they’d be Lanvin‘s Spring 2015 Collection. True to form, Lanvin’s runway was back-lit and eery, setting the tone for a dark grungy collection perfectly. Leather, lace, tulle and pearl. A recipe for elegance, right? Not quite so. Yes, there’s lace, but it’s ratty instead of delicate. Yes, there are pearls, but they’re worn with metal for edge. Each element of this collection comes loaded with attitude and eye-rolling, sure to fit the inner grunge Goddess in all of us! I can hear the Nirvana playing from here!

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PFW : Nina Ricci Spring 2015 Collection

Nina Ricci Spring 2015 Collection Runway at Paris Fashion Week

When it comes to designer collections that strike my fancy, Nina Ricci is near the very top of my list. There’s something so simple about the way she designs clothes, and yet with a fine attention to detail. For the Spring 2015 Collection, shown at Paris Fashion Week, that established lady-like poise returned, this time with a landscape of color. The silhouettes were loose and makeup was romantic. Biggest statement of all was the jewelry – with oversized gemstones eclectically paired together for the ultimate statement pieces. It’s perhaps, the loudest Nina Ricci has been in quite some time.

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PFW : BREAKING NEWS at Rochas Spring 2015

Rochas Spring 2015 RTW at Paris Fashion Week

Breaking News: I interrupt your daily routine to bring you some groundbreaking news from Paris Fashion Week, (and no it does not involve a Kardashian!). Rochas has debuted some new, revolutionary technology that is sure to change all of our lives: the boob seat belt. Ladies, fear no more that life will put your girls in harms way. Now they were stay securely strapped to your chest, no matter what storm they weather.

OBVIOUSLY this life-changing achievement is sure to garner a lot of critical acclaim, so…as your runway scout I felt it is my solemn duty to bring this joyous news to your attention. I mean, it’s not every day – season or even year, that something this huge comes along. It’s bringing safety measures to high fashion – an issue we do not see dealt with enough. I can only hope Rochas’ boob seat belt will pave the way for more fashion designers to incorporate safety tactics into clothing designs. Might I suggest some personal items for first aid? Gauze skirts and band aid bandeau tops? Dual side airbags sewn into the torso of a gown to prevent injury when falling? Really, the sky is the limit!

Click through to browse the seatbelts in action!

There is no word yet as to when these boob seat belts will be available to the general public. Nor has Rochas disclosed any information about testing and the effectiveness of the belts. But, it is still the dawn of a new day and these should hopefully be readily available come next spring.

Till then, we’ll just have to live in fear without the guaranteed safety of Rochas’ thoughtful design. Good luck!

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PFW : Balenciaga Spring 2015 Collection

Balenciaga Spring 2015 RTW Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Guys, I am SO excited about the current state of Balenciaga. Alexander Wang has come in and done some really great things with this brand! It’s that perfect blend of futuristic sophistication Wang does so well, with the more traditional chic-ness of Balenciaga. And it’s SO COOL. Literally, so cool! Balenciaga I feel is going to be sky-rocketing from here on out. So get your popcorn, and get ready – because the cool train is here to stay.

At Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga brought back the Matrix. Remember those movies? Is Keanu Reeves still acting? These are questions I must immediately answer on Google….and I’m back. The answer? Yes, he is..but not in anything that rings a bell whatsoever. But that’s honestly so beyond the point I don’t know why I’m even going there.

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