Holiday Everyday Luxe Candle Review

I love dashing into Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, on the hunt for comforting and fragrant seasonal candles that add meaning to a cozy night in. And it’s the art of ‘not knowing’ that makes these candle hunts so much more fun. Sure I could jet over to Bath & Body Works or Yankee to find an array of lovely candles, ripe for the taking. But the unknown treasures of Marshall’s are much more rewarding!

On a recent shopping trip, I discovered loads of delicious gems from a brand I’ve yet to discover: Everyday Luxe. And on quick assessment, I knew I was in for a special treat!

Everday Luxe Cookies for Santa Candle
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Easy Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Happy Holidays dreamers! Does anyone else get as excited by Christmas as I do? It’s ABSOLUTELY my very favorite time of the year. There’s magic and joy around the holidays that reflects in all of us, and radiates out of our Christmas trees. For me, December has been a bit interesting. I underwent my 4th back surgery at the beginning of the month and recovery from that has had ups and downs. Luckily, my love for the holiday season is so strong not even surgery can kill my Christmas spirit! Seriously, it’s been holiday central in my world. I’ve got the Hallmark channel on 24/7 and jumbo Santa mugs overflowing with hot chocolate on the regular. Definitely no case of the Scrooge happening here!

What has been fun this December is ditching the foundation and going for very easy makeup looks. But no, easy doesn’t have to mean boring! I’ve concocted a super easy holiday makeup look that will have you looking and feeling festive in no time at all – red lip included. This holiday makeup tutorial is perfect for any festive occasion, including noshing on Christmas cookies with Netflix ;)

Easy Holiday Makeup Look

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Valentino Shows White and Demure Couture in NYC

Turns out, Valentino too thinks New York City is the reigning fashion capital of the world. Last week the fashion house packed up stunning haute couture and traveled oversees to the Big Apple for their first couture showing in Manhattan, ever. It was a big night for a fashion, and a big night for Valentino – who showed a heavenly white and demure collection in remembrance of the classic 1968 White Collection. 46 white looks walked the white runway, each more breathtakingly demure than the last. From petticoats to cashmere capes, it was all very posh, ladylike and supremely Valentino!

Valentino Haute Couture in NYC

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Philosophy Cyber-Monday Skincare and Bath Haul

When it comes to a gift with purchase tote, NO ONE does it quite like Philosophy. Cyber Monday was no exception with a mother-load of skincare products in a shiny red tote awaiting me for a mere $75 purchase. I saw the available tote first thing in the morning before brushing off to work, and sadly assumed it would be swiftly sold out before the wee evening hours when I would return home. But, by a Christmas miracle it was still available come 8:30 pm and I immediately swooped up some standard favorites to assure a whole feast of goodies to come my way!

Now, I know this probably would’ve been much more useful to you BEFORE Cyber Monday – but I thought everything was too great not to share, in advance of next year’s Cyber Monday. Because it’s never too early to think of next year’s Christmas and when it comes to holiday go-tos, Philosophy really ought to be on your list.

Cyber Monday Philosophy Skincare and Bath Haul

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The Best Pre-Fall 2015 Looks, So Far

Alas, the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection season is in full swing, and this season: there is no limit to chic. Pre-Fall collections are always fun, with provocative and demure lookbooks as the pre-curso to February’s fall runways around the world. And if these collections are any indication, we’re in for an amazing Fall 2015 ahead. Killer collections are raining in from all the greats. From FendiJason Wu to that supremely memorable Chanel show in Austria a few weeks back, Pre-Fall 2015 is a circus of style, with so much chic-ness it’s impossible to showcase every single good look out there – because, well, we’d be here a while!

As the Pre-Fall Collections are still rolling in, I thought we’d take a minute to observe the best of the best, so far. For more Pre-Fall coverage, head over to my Pinterest board that features even more fashionable beauty to lust after. But for now,satisfy your appetite with the best looks of Pre-Fall 2015 so far…

Best Pre-Fall 2015 Looks Part 1

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Holiday Shopping + OOTD

Thanksgiving weekend is a BIG shopping weekend every year, but not usually for me. #UnpopularOpinion: I don’t get Black Friday. Am I the only one who gets a bit nauseated at the mere thought of it? The sales are never as good as other days, the traffic is a huge mess and people are full-on bonkers! I mean, literally! People have actually been shot over sale items. That’s way too crazy for me. Any shopping experience that comes with a risk of violence is seriously NOT in-tune with the holiday spirit and definitely not for me!


With back surgery just a few days away and a lot of sales continuing through the weekend this year, I felt encouraged to head out into the madness while I still could. And so, I combined a trip to the Aveda salon for a cut with a trip to the shops!  It was my last hurrah for in-person shopping before surgery, and I was excited to get the Christmas music on and get down to it!

Holiday Shopping and Outfit of the Day

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Holiday Movies to Watch on Netflix 2.0

Around this time last year I shared a list of holiday flicks to watch on Netflix, because who DOESN’T love a good holiday movie? And as it turns out, that post is still going strong with folks flocking to it day after day. Turns out, there’s a lot of us out there wanting to curl up with some hot chocolate and festive Netflix goodness around the holidays. And why not? Holiday movies are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and to make things even better, Netflix has added MORE holiday movies this year to devour through the season. So, I’m bringing to you Part 2 of the Netflix Holiday list, featuring Christmas classics that will have you singing Jingle Bells before you know it.

So get your hot chocolate and popcorn going, here is this year’s list of must-see Christmas movies on Netflix!

Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix

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5 Red-Carpet Stars to Watch this Awards Season

When it comes to red carpet style watch, guru Thomas J. Monks is my go-to pal! He’s got a sharp eye for fashion and is always up on all the red carpet happenings I need to know about. Seriously, he’s like the younger male version of the late Joan Rivers. So, with awards season on the horizon I immediately snagged Thomas to to share his expertise. He and I are regularly tweeting and texting up a storm about all the best (and worst) celeb looks on the red carpet but this time we’re opening up the conversation to Dream in Lace readers!

And so, with the Golden Globes just a few short weeks away, here are Thomas’s picks for must-watch stars on the red carpet this season! (And trust me, he knows what he’s talking about.)

5 Red Carpet Stars to Watch this Awards Season

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How to Be an Adult

As I’m sure you know by now, Kelly is currently out of action and so she let me (Sammy, from over at Little Fickle) guest post on her blog this week, which I am more than a little bit excited about.

If you ever read my blog, or follow me on twitter, or even if you’ve met me for any length of time beyond a “hello” – you will know I had -and indeed continue to have – a perpetual fear of growing up. We’re all thinking it, I’m just being brave enough to say it; Being an adult is nowhere near as easy as American films make it seem. So, I figured that I’d give you the top five tips that I’ve learned about being an adult in the (almost) three years I’ve allegedly been one.

How to Be an Adult

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November Beauty and Life Favorites

November Beauty and Life Favorites

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow we made our way to the final month of 2014, meaning another year has basically gone by in a flash. This also means we’re officially in the Christmas season, my favorite time of year – so may we all drink lots of cocoa, watch lots of Christmas movies, enjoy presents, cookies and caroling!

November was a cold cold month in my world, making it the perfect time to pile on red lipstick and smokey eyes. It was also the perfect time to make use of my Hulu Plus account for a change and doing some serious binge watching of television. What can I say? I’ve become a hermit. #NoRegrets But before I go full on ‘Deck the halls with bells of holly!’, let’s run through the everything I was loving this November – including a new obsession with Taylor Swift!

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