October Beauty and Makeup Favorites

October Beauty and Makeup Favorites

Happy Halloween dreamers! Do you have a really superb costume planned for tonight? No? Me either! I’m so, SO bad at ever planning ahead for Halloween that I hereby never wear costumes, even though it’s one of my favorites holidays, ever. (Which is really because I love to eat Candy and watch horror films. Obvs!) I wanted to jump in today with my October Beauty Favorites, because this month I felt really happy with the things I was obsessing over. I do these monthly favorites each month, but somehow I was more excited about this month than I have been in a while. Odd, really – as basically all of my favorites are oldies but goodies.

Womp womp!

If you’ve been following along with my #31DaysofLipstick challenge, you know that I have been wearing a different lippy everyday. Meaning, there’s actually no lipstick favorite – which is probably a first. As fun as that challenge has been, I’m really excited to getting my lip-life back tomorrow and wearing whatever I want to, however many times I want!

Anyway! Let’s jump right into my cozy and comforting October favorites!

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Life : How to Find Your Passion

How to Find Your Passion

I’m a firm believer that the relationship with yourself is of great importance. A big part of a loving relationship with yourself? Finding and enjoying your true passions. In a world of ‘What’s your name, what’s your major?’ there’s a lot of pressure to immediately identify yourself in terms of what you do. We quickly jump to the end result without much discussion over the journey of self-discovery. It’s daunting, and to be quite honest: a bit terrifying. At age 18, most of us trek off to college with very little idea of what we want to actually do with our lives. I know when I went off to school, answering my name and my major came with a sick, gutted feeling in my stomach and I felt like I was missing something big by having absolutely NO IDEA what I actually wanted to do. Let’s be real, at age 18: we’re all a blank slate. Life from that point is about trying new things to fill your plate with the things that matter to you most.

If you’re in college right now, let’s give you a moment to accept that it is absolutely OKAY to not know what you want to do with your life. *deep breath*

Good, now that we’re all feeling comforted by our lack of passions – let’s talk about how we can FIND the things we’re passionate about. I’m happy with my life and a lot of that comes from knowing my passions and personal strength. It wasn’t always this way though. For a long time, I felt completely lost and insecure with myself. It wasn’t until I got honest with myself and got started doing new things that I navigated my way to a fulfilled life. Here’s some tips for how to find YOUR passion!

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Makeup Favorite : Stila Eyeshadow Palettes

Stila Eyeshadow Palettes

Excuse me while I take a minute to gush about one of my true makeup favorites: Stila Eyeshadow Palettes. Sure, I try and test out new makeup products all the time, but one I continually head back to are these bad boys from Stila. Around Dream in Lace I seem to always be interested in featuring something new, that I’ve foolishly tricked myself into thinking the standard favorites aren’t of importance. Not true! Every week when I turn to my favorite eyeshadows, I think Hey: this is still great and relevant. Why not give props to it again?

After all, something that’s good enough to still be my favorite a year+ down the road deserves a medal of honor! And I still favor my shadows from Stila over all others, which include: Smashbox, Estee Lauder, tons of Urban Decay, Chanel, Clinique, Givenchy, YSL, MAC and more!

As far as palettes go, they’re definitely the way to go. I can’t be bothered to sort through a bunch of solo shadows every morning. Talk about a time sucking chore! Because of their convenience, I think we all know that a good eyeshadow palette is worth its weight in gold. In the LightIn the Moment and In the Garden are frequently my time savers when I’m feeling rushed. Definitely In the Light gets the most use – but they all come through in the end!

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Romy and Michele’s Life Lessons

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion Life Lessons

Being a girl who thrives on positive and creative energy, sometimes the negativity around me can be really draining! And that’s what life has been like the past month or so, making it difficult to keep the eye on the prize. Not that I need a prize…because honestly, a positive outlook is good enough for me. And where yoga, long autumn walks, Cabernet, candy corn, Spotify and Netflix have come to the rescue – so did one of my all time favorite films, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Romy and Michele are basically the ultimate champions of thinking positive. If you’ve not yet seen this film, I honestly don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. To me it’s even more relevant, real, and witty than Mean Girls, (Chew on that!) and in serious need of a sequel.

These girls have everything. From diet and exercise tips, to fashion, life goals and seriously good (bad) dance moves. But what makes Romy and Michele so irresistible is their ‘We don’t give a flying f*ck what you think’ attitude. There’s real courage in being an original. Blending into the crowd is oh so easy. Standing up and doing your own thing, even if it makes everyone around you think you’re insane? Not so easily done.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion Life Lessons

And so today, I thought it would be nice to just revel in the greatness of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion through GIFs. Because, why the heck not? I may not have invented post-its – but I do have a phone and the ability to feel good about myself, even in the face of adversity. Let’s go!

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Review : Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Urban Decay Naked Skin Review

It feels like forever since I talked about a foundation on Dream in Lace, and that’s probably because HOLY COW it has been! A month or so ago I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation on a whim. It was one of those long days that turned even longer with heavy traffic, so I made a pit-stop at Ulta and walked out with a new face. Oddly, I’ve never considered a foundation at Ulta before – and definitely not one from Urban Decay. But when I tickled down what I was looking for to a light, everyday foundation – I immediately thought: Naked!

I got color matched by a store clerk, and strolled around for a while before making a decision. Boy am I glad I did, as this bad boy seriously oxidized on me a shade darker. Similar to the L’Oreal Magic Nude foundation, Urban Decay’s Naked Foundation settles with a powder finish, and in that liquid-to-powder transition it darkened. Just something to keep in mind while color matching yourself.

I figure for a concise, full review – I’ll break this down into categories. Hitting on the key points for any foundation: coverage, texture, finish, color, longevity…oh, and I suppose price is important. Here we go!

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Reading : Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss Book Review

I know, I’m late to the party. As in, SUPER late. So late, that honestly I wouldn’t write a review of Anna and the French Kiss if what I had to say about it was the same thing that the gazillion of women and girls everywhere have already said. It’s become a cult favorite, widely discussed and GUSHED about all over the internet. And I finally read it.

What took me so long? Well, generally chick-lit books aren’t my cup of tea. And I know, it’s technically a ‘young adult contemporary romance!’ novel, to me: young adult contemporary romance = chick lit, only with younger characters. On rare occasion, say every 4-5 years, I get the bug to read something cute, and this time around it was Anna and the French Kiss that came calling.

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Work : Best Mobile Blogging Apps

Best Apps for Blogging and Work

If you’re like me, as much as you’d love to scour the internet, analytics, social media and all that jazz all day everyday – you just don’t have the time. Nope! Not at all.

Fortunately, us bloggers have technology on our side with tons (and I mean TONS) of options to have us scheduling posts, tweets, updates and scanning up-to-the-minute stats straight from your phone. And when you’re a go-getter running around all day, (or maybe tied to your desk at work) you can fit in some blogging work on the go. I mean, red lights are here for a purpose right: to schedule tweets. Heck, you can squeeze in seconds where you can all over the place – from in-line at Starbucks or the grocery, to sitting in a waiting room, hanging out in the car wash while your car skims through, on and on.

This makes me sound SUPER boring, but I don’t have any games on my phone anymore. I definitely don’t have time for Candy Crush but what I do have time for are some fast and easy apps to help me feel connected to Dream in Lace, even when I literally don’t have 5 minutes to spare. And yet, while I’m definitely not someone on the hunt for the latest and greatest app, I do feel pretty good about the go-to selections on my iPhone to keep me at least somewhat on top of my game. Hey, fake it till you make it right?

Let’s just buckle down and get to it. Here are my nine favorite apps for blogging on the go!

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My Laura Mercier Beauty Favorites

Laura Mercier Must-Have Products

Laura Mercier is one of those brands I LOVE, but really don’t talk (or even think) much about. When I get excited to try new products, they’re somehow an afterthought. Which is, INSANE considering I have more Laura Mercier products as daily fixtures in my makeup routine than any other brand. So, I just wanted to give them some love today. Okay, well actually I wanted to give them love weeks and weeks ago but somehow forgot about it. *Oopsies!* Better late than ever though!

Each of these products have been tried and tested time and time again. Get your pen and paper handy, because you’re going to need it! Here are my must-have Laura Mercier makeup and beauty favorites, that every girl should have in her stash!

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What to Watch on Netflix : Movie Edition

What to Watch on Netflix

It’s been a long relationship between Netflix and myself. We’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end we always come together for some really great times. And lately, I’ve been really loving my Netflix subscription and discovering all sorts of great indie, off-the-beaten path films that I thought I’d share with my lovely readers. I mean, I am seriously ALWAYS game for a good recommendation on Netflix. So please, if you have some – throw them at me! Build up my queue. Do it! I dare you ;)

No, I’m not a film expert or anything like that. My tastes are sort of all over the place too. If it’s well-done, I like it. And on occasion now I’ll be sharing my favorites on Dream in Lacebecause Netflix is ever-evolving and we need to just dish about it once in a while.

So get your queue ready! These are my current picks for What to Watch on Netflix!

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Fall : Boots Under $100

Boots Under $100

Fall is traditionally the season for boots; and for 2014: boots come with an i-e-s at the end, as in BOOTIES! Frankly, I think a good pair of boots is an investment, so splurging a bit on a good pair isn’t necessarily a bad idea. They’re likely to stay in style season after season, and only get better with wear. But, there are some really great options out there that ring in at under $100. While shopping around for myself, I thought oh hey! Perhaps my dreamers love a bargain pair of boots as I do! (Which obviously you do.) So here are the booties I was lusting for, all less than $100!


Boots Under $100

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