My August Makeup Favorites

August was a month full of ups and downs, rounding out Summer 2015 with a solid 3 out of 5 stars. Was it the summer of my dreams? (Especially in those very frigid and gray days of February..?) No. Did it have some high points worth remembering? Absolutely! Including, 5 very awesome beauty bits! Here are my August Makeup Favorites.


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2015 Video Music Awards: Best Dressed List

To soften the blow that we’re at the start of another work week, MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards showcased some seriously interesting fashion this year. With Miley Cyrus as the host, Jeremy Scott redesigning the moon man, and Justin Beiber delivering his first live performance in what feels like forever — things were going down! But more importantly, how did everyone look?


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Fashion: My Family Brunch OOTD

Truthfully, I’ve been overly work-oriented as of late, prioritizing my endless To-Do list over valuable time with family and friends. And so, a recent family wedding weekend was the perfect jolt to my system, reminding me how vital it is to step away from work and make time for the loved ones in your life. With the endless rush of our daily schedules, it’s so easy to lose sight of the things that matter.  But honestly, what’s more important? Your email or family? (The correct answer is family .)


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5 Things I Wish I Knew When Heading Off to College 

One thing I wish I had when I headed off to college, was a conversation with someone who had been through it before. Of course, at the time I felt like I *knew it all*, and who knows – perhaps I probably wouldn’t have listened, but I thought for the sake of possibly helping someone avoid the pitfalls I fell into, that I’d share 5 lessons I wish I knew BEFORE heading off to college.


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