#VIBSale: Sephora Beauty and Gift Guide

Hallelujah, it’s Sephora’s #VIBSale time again. As if you needed an excuse to pick up more luxe beauty items, Sephora now tempts us with that biannual 20% off. As every beauty maven out there knows, ‘higher’ end makeup…RARELY goes on sale. And so when it does, the herds come flocking in! Here is a roundup of holiday beauty and makeup must-haves to consider in your VIB sale haul this season!

Sephora #VIBSale Holiday Makeup and Beauty Guide - Dream in Lace

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#NSALE: Best Nordstrom Fall Fashion Picks

Nothing gives me life quite like a Nordstrom sale. Seriously. As soon as that email drops, I’m hunting down Nordstorm.com like a piranha. And with fall still at its peak, it seems like a gift from the fashion gods to have swanky fall/winter items (hello, boots anyone?) up for grabs at a fraction of the price. Thank you, Nordstrom…you perfect, beautiful store you!

Best Nordstrom Fall Fashion Picks #NSale

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