6 Recipes I Want to Try This Summer

Today I’m digging though my Pinterest boards and pulling out 6 vegan summer recipes I’m determined to give a go!

6 Vegan Summer Recipes to Try I DreaminLace.com #Vegan #SummerRecipes

Dreamers, I don’t know about you – but I definitely have a habit of pin, pin, pinning recipes on Pinterest – only to never make them.

Yes, my Pinterest food boards are often the place where recipes go to…die.

Breaking the Habit

Well today, I say enough of that.

When I caught myself pinning a recipe from The Washington Post and chuckling that the odds of me actually making it are only slightly higher than me winning the lottery – I realized just what a waste it is to pin so many beautiful recipes only to never try them. What a silly practice I’ve somehow adopted.

Even more silly when I think about how much I actually ENJOY cooking!

And yet, I’ve somehow fallen in the rut of doing one of two things when I hit the kitchen:

  1. Getting creative and concocting my own recipes based on instinct and what sounds good at the time.
  2. Relying on the same ole, same ole standby recipes I can always rely on.

Determined to break the habit, I had a nice dig through my Pinterest boards tonight and found buckets of recipes that seem straight up perfect for summer and by golly…I’m going to try them! After all, we’ve got a solid month and a half to go of summer yet – and I’m ready to hit the kitchen.

6 Vegan Summer Recipes to Try

As someone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy, these are all of course vegan summer recipes – but I dare say you might want to try these yourself even if you’re a carnivore.

All of these Pinterest recipes are colorful and filled with vibrant summer flavors. So much so, that I think they’ll be crowd pleasers for everyone.

Vegan Summer Recipes I Roasted Tomato Chickpea Curry #Vegan #Curry #SummerRecipe

Vegan Summer Recipe #1: Roasted Tomato and Chickpea Curry

Now, who knew I’d go falling in love with a recipe whilst catching up on The Washington Post. (Then again, given the news situation these days it’s a bit of a no brainer why I was drawn to a recipe, ha.)

While we’re in prime tomato season, I dare say this curry dish sounds well worth heating up the oven and turning on the stove in the high heat.

Since this recipe does take a bit more time, I’m thinking I’ll be making this over and upcoming weekend. To serve, I’ll also whip up some Jasmine rice and stock up on Trader Joe’s ultra delicious garlic naan. (Because curry without naan seems just plain wrong.)

For the recipe, click here!

Vegan Summer Recipes I Thai Farro Rainbow Salad #Vegan #Salad #SummerRecipe

Vegan Summer Recipe #2: Thai Rainbow Farro Salad

Two things I love: farro and rainbows. So what better way than to roll them into one recipe, right? Add to that my love of peanuts and this recipe sounds like a solid keeper to me.

Personally, I’m always game for experimenting with salads and with farro being a great source of protein – this one is a meal in itself. I’m definitely planning on whipping this one up on a Sunday afternoon to pack for lunches through the work week.

For the recipe on Sweetpeas and ABCs, click here.

Vegan Summer Recipes to Try I Roasted Cauliflower Burrito Bowl #Vegan #SummerRecipe

Vegan Summer Recipe #3: Roasted Cauliflower Burrito Bowl

Ever since the springtime, I’ve been seriously trying to limit the number of trips I take to Chipotle. Yes, obviously I love their burrito bowls (and guacamole)…but they’re loaded with salt and have me feeling like a puffer fish for days. Definitely not cute!

So, it’s by no mistake that a colorful alternative to Chipotle found its way onto my list of vegan summer recipes to try immediately.

When browsing Pinterest, this Pinch of Yum recipe for roasted cauliflower bowls instantly caught my eye. While yes, the recipe does include black beans – I can be sure to thoroughly rinse those to limit the amount of salt and can obviously skip salt altogether with everything else.

Roasted buffalo cauliflower of course is insanely delicious on its own. After reading this recipe, I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen it used in a burrito bowl before. Genius!

Visit Pinch of Yum for the full recipe, here.

Vegan Summer Recipes to Try I Summer Squash and Quinoa Salad #Vegan #Quinoa

Vegan Summer Recipe #4: Summer Squash + Quinoa Salad

While I absolutely love summer squash, I feel like I have rarely eaten it in a salad (if ever).

Thus, this Summer Squash Quinoa Salad grabbed my attention whilst scrolling away on Pinterest and absolutely lands on my list of vegan summer recipes to try, pronto. Beyond the squash, the addition of pine nuts definitely perks my ears up because of how much flavor they can add.

Looking over the seasoning on this recipe, I do think I’ll be kicking up the lemon flavoring quite a bit and maybe even add in some capers. (I’m obsessed.) All-in-all though, this beautiful salad looks perfect for summer and seems great for days by the pool.

For the full recipe on Simpy Quinoa, click here.

Vegan Summer Recipes to Try I Lentil Burger #Vegan #SummerRecipes

Vegan Summer Recipe #5: Lentil Burger

Hard to believe, but in being vegan for over two years now…I’ve actually only made burgers once. While the last recipe I used a mushroom base, this time I’m around I’m leaning towards lentils.

What can I say? I’m obsessed with lentils. So much so that I think I could write a book about all the fabulous things I can whip up with a lentil. For today though, we’re talking about burgers and this recipe from Contentedness Cooking sounds (and looks) absolutely delicious.

For the full vegan lentil burger recipe, click here!

Vegan Summer Recipes to Try I Portobello Mushroom Steaks #Vegan #SummerRecipes

Vegan Summer Recipe #6: Portobello Mushroom Steaks with Avocado Chimichurri

Okay, this last ones a bit of a cheat because I actually have tried this before…but completely forgot about. (Which is just silly because I absolutely loved it.)

Portobello mushrooms are among my favorite things ever and this recipe is incredibly easy. You whip up a quick marinade to soak loads of flavor into your mushrooms, roast quickly in the over and then top off with avocado. I personally plan to use my guacamole recipe instead (mostly to avoid having to dirty up a food processor) but the avocado chimichurri they share here is also mighty tasty!

For the full recipe, head over to Minimalist Baker, here!


Wish me luck in the kitchen!

Well, dreamers. Wish me luck!

I think I have it in me to try six new vegan summer recipes before Labor Day, but the clock is ticking. Here’s to hitting up Trader Joe’s and getting down to business. I’m thinking there will be some tasty, satisfying results in my future!


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