Peek Inside My October Sephora Play Beauty Box

Did you know Sephora now has a subscription service? Dive in and review my first Sephora Play Beauty Box!

October Sephora Play Beauty Box Review - Dream in Lace

Show of hands: who here has a supply of endless beauty samples and foil packets you’re likely never to use? Guilty as charged.

If you’re like me, you too fell victim to the intrigue of monthly beauty subscriptions like Birchbox and Ipsy. Their promise of surprise beauty goodies sucked you in, but only left you with a vast collection of trial-sized products collecting dust in your vanity.

You might even be so guilty as to have opened your monthly box, reviewed what was there…then tossed it aside and totally forgot about it until a burst of productivity struck, leading to a clear out of your closet and beauty storage weeks later. Goodbye endless foil packets of facial moisturizer and serum. Farewell miniature mascaras and tiny lipsticks. Nice not knowing you.

So perhaps you get the point: I’ve tried beauty subscriptions in the past and essentially…found them to be a waste of time and money. I swore them off, coming around to the idea that $10 is better spent on something I want than a random selection of products I probably don’t need.

And so, it surprised ME when my fingers signed up for a Sephora Play beauty box. I mean, another beauty box? I had been down this road before…for quite some time…and it just didn’t work out. But hold up – isn’t Sephora the mothership of beauty and home to just about every beauty brand I love and adore? Why yes, yes it is.

Alas, after one click of *submit* I was on the list and eagerly awaiting my first month’s box. Oh boy, just what had I gotten myself into?

October Sephora Play Beauty Box Review - Dream in Lace

After a few weeks, my October Sephora Play Beauty Box arrived and I approached the situation like any sane working girl would to: rabid, like a child on Christmas morning.

In a rush, I couldn’t find scissors and turned to cuticle clippers to awkwardly slice and dice the packaging tape to reveal the hidden beauty treasures that awaited inside. Sephora was going to be the answer to my beauty box dreams! Right?


October Sephora Play Beauty Box Review - Dream in Lace

What I found inside my Sephora Play Beauty Box was essentially an assortment of beauty products very reminiscent of the Birchbox and Ipsy bags of my past. Nothing eye-grabbing. No wow-za showpiece to be seen.

Instead I got a funky mascara that claims to “tube” your eyelashes, a half-filled lip gloss, a hair mask, something called an “aqua bomb” and of course useless perfume samples (the true signature of any subscription service).

Hmm. My wild expectations quickly deflated and I found myself back in reality: beauty boxes just aren’t the surprise goldmine of beauty products I dream for them to be. Are they?

October Sephora Play Beauty Box Review - Dream in Lace

October Sephora Play Beauty Box Review - Dream in Lace

As promised, I’m here to give you a peek inside my October Sephora Play box. Let’s review the enclosed makeup and skincare bits, together:

Blinc Mascara Amplified: (Full-Sized at $26) The instructions for this are in another language (see yellow tube) and I’m unclear exactly what’s going on with the packaging. But, the mascara claims to “tube” your lashes, rather than merely painting them. Sounds interesting, albeit a tad gimmicky. As someone who doesn’t understand the need to constantly “reinvent the wheel” I’m skeptic, but who knows. Perhaps tube lashes will be all the rage! *wink*

Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick: (Full-Sized at $24) I’m perplexed by just how dinky this sample is but I am committed to trying it. I am a fan of Smashbox, particularly their lip products, and the color is quite nice. Bonus: I’m a sucker for matte lip products.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Pear Seed Oil: (Full-sized at $71) Well, I first thought this to be a face mask and was somewhat disappointed when I discovered it’s for my auburn mane, not my freckled face. And yet, I’m actually most excited by this mask. In the colder months, I do up my hair-care game and I definitely see myself putting this to use.

Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb (Full-Sized at $38) As someone who studied English and makes a living by communicating, one question rages through my mind: “Is this pronounced Belief – but they’re trying to be a modern, edgy brand and think misspelling is cool?” Bad name aside, I’m always down for a moisturizer and this one has pretty strong reviews. I’ll likely give this a try on my next trip. Trial-sized and travel go perfectly hand-in-hand, after all.

SKIN Inc. Pure Revival Face Peel (Full-Sized at $58): Note, this product is not photographed because I did not receive it…despite it being listed as an enclosed item. BUT, Sephora made up for its absence with an extra perfume sample that I’ll go ahead and throw out. So, we’re even…right? (In all seriousness, I’m bummed this was left out because the reviews intrigue me and I am a sucker for a face peel.)


Verdict: While I was not initially wowed, I think the October Sephora Play beauty box is decent. I see myself trying 3 of the 4 products I received and that’s pretty remarkable given my beauty subscription past. Sephora Play pulled together a well-rounded selection of products for the month that are seasonally appropriate. After all, it IS prime time for matte lips and moisturizing hair masks/face creams. Yes, it is disappointing that the face peel was left out, but I see that as an oversight that could happen to anyone and don’t feel it’s fair to rate down the box for it. The intention was there to send it. (Of course, if missing items becomes a trend that’s another issue…)

I’m not a true blue fan yet, but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for the November box to see how that measures up. Bring it, Sephora!

Learn more and sign-up for your Sephora Play beauty box, here.

Note: Apologies for using flash in these photos! I’m struggling to adapt to the sun going away so soon now. Woopsies. I definitely prefer natural light so I’ll be sure to get a grip on that, promise. xo

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!