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Resort 2014 Collection: Lanvin

Lanvin plays a game of shadows and texture in their Resort 2014 Collection. It’s a rich collection, full of glitz and glamour that you’d have to be crazy not to completely covet. There’s something about the style of Lanvin, how they weave together drama and tradition for clothes that radiate luxury and supremacy. Hitting each majestic and delicate mark alone the way. 
I particularly love the photography of this lookbook. The way light is cast softly and bright lively colors creep out from the shadows. It’s a very artful, and at times, surprising collection. Rich textiles, with the appearance of articles worn by likes of the Tudors are offset by silk and even retro prints. And yet, it all falls under the stoic veil I’ve come to expect form a Lanvin collection. These are clothes that inspire and reflect nobility. 
In the game of design, Lanvin is on a serious winning streak. Batting strong collection after strong collection is Alber Elbaz. The man knows a thousand ways to dress a woman, none less exciting than the look before. 
What do you think of Lanvin? As fabulous as ever? 
All photos credited to Vogue

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Resort 2014: Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent took a new approach to Resort with their Resort 2014 Collection. Like resorts themselves, the resort collections are a reprieve from the harsher and colder fashions of winter. They change the silhouette to a more whimsical, dream like state…softening and brightening the color palettes. In many ways, you could say a Resort Collection is a precursor to the Spring collection to come. When Saint Laurent presented their collection, it raised a few eyebrows in a curious way. They’re creating a whole new personality to the resort wearing woman. She’s not delicate and floral. She’s strong and masculine.

A highlight of Resort season to me, is that not every collection is presented with a runway show. No, instead they’re often shot in beautiful, editorial lookbooks, putting the clothes in the precise environment that gave them life. Far from the warm beaches of the Caribbean, the resort of Saint Laurent is hosted in an urban landscape of skycrapers and on the wide open spaces of rooftops, not beaches.

It’s such a gripping presentation that when contemplating the start of Resort 2014 coverage here on Dream In Lace, I knew I couldn’t do anything without showcasing this strong collection first. Strong, not in the sense of a perfect collection…strong in the literal sense, where there is strength and virility in the clothes. This Saint Laurent woman is driven and independent. She is strong. She’s also a ying and yang woman, equal parts masculine and feminine. The collection walks a line being both, never veering too far in one direction. Crisp pant suits and tailored jackets offset romantic party dresses and gowns. All out to play in an urban jungle. There is no color in the collection or the presentation, but there is a whole lot of life.

Definitely one of my favorites of the Resort 2014 season, take in the sights of Saint Laurent and picture yourself not on the beach with a mojito, but having a martini after a long day at the office…

Photos credited to Vogue
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Runway Come to Life: Jessica Biel Wears Chanel Resort 2014

Hello pretties,

The Resort 2014 season is soon upon us, and I’ve been excited to bring many of the looks to this blog, as I found it to be one of the strongest seasons in a while. There were so many gorgeous collections, Chanel being at the very top of my list.

When browsing looks from the Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit earlier this week, I was gleefully surprised to see Jessica Biel sporting a hot look straight off the Chanel runway, right down to the eyeliner. The evening was honoring actress Tilda Swinton, and was hosted by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld…so it was an appropriate time to bring out your very best Chanel! Yes, it took me some time to warm up to Jessica Biel as a fashionista, but she seems to finally have found her foothold and makes some really smart choices. She looked positively radiant at the Film Benefit, with sleek hair, minimal yet aptly bronzed skin, and this gorgeous gladiator-esque dress.


Wisely she skipped accessories, aside from a pretty amazing clutch, in favor of showcasing the gorgeous neckline, dripping in gold. This dress is the perfect marriage of classic and modern, bringing texture to the party for just the right amount of fun.

This dress is a variation of the dress worn on the runway. It maintains the classic white ivory and cut, while introducing a twist on the shoulder decoration.

Jessica did change the look up a bit, opting against the crisp white flats and going for sleek, pointed pumps. One look she maintained was the eyeliner though. (And who can blame her as that eye was truly the star of the presentation.)
Of all the standout makeup looks from the Resort 2014 collections, the eye makeup of Chanel was the most memorable. To see it enacted in real life, granted slightly toned down, was exciting. I love when an actress plays homage to the styling from the runway.

Yes, the look is softened on Jessica. Yes, I do wish she actually just went there as it would be so exciting to see her go that far. But, I respect her decision to make it a more accessible look while still honoring that killer eye.

I have to hand it to her, I think Jessica Biel upstaged the woman of the night, Tilda Swinton. Swinton also wore Chanel, but in favor of a pant suit.

What do you think of Jessica’s attempt at bringing the runway to life? Pretty great, right?

Stay tuned for lots more Resort 2014 to come, because I have lot more coverage up my sleeve ๐Ÿ™‚


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Chanel Eyeshadow Quad ‘Harmonie du Soir’

New Series Alert!

In recent history, some products have shocked me. Which brought me to the idea of hosting a series on products that shocked the pants off my expectations. Perhaps I thought they would be great and they ended up ‘meh’. Or, perhaps I thought they would be ‘meh’ but ended up AMAZING! This will hopefully be a balanced series with equal parts disappointing and equal parts pleasant surprises!

First up: Chanel’s eyeshadow quad, ‘Harmonie du Soir‘ that comes from their holiday collection.

Recently I was browsing YouTube and found a new video by Tanya Burr, showcasing this palette in an everyday makeup tutorial for a great autumn/winter look. In her video I fell in love with this palette! It looked gorgeous on her and on camera. The colors are perfect for autumn/winter with gorgeous browns and a stunner of a cranberry shade. When I searched for this product online, it was SOLD OUT! Naturally, this only increased my desire for this little gem and I scowered eBay till I found a pretty amazing deal on it.

It’s not often I purchase something online and literally fret until it arrives. I wanted this so badly! It only took a couple days to get here and I still grew very impatient. I wanted my hands on this.

Finally, it arrived and I immediately photographed it and started applying it to my eyes.

And….I was majorly let down.

I wouldn’t post this review if I loved it honestly, because I’d feel bad raving about a product you could no longer purchase. But think of this as a ‘you dodged a bullet’ post, because if you didn’t waste your money on this quad you certainly did. Yes, the colors are absolutely gorgeous. The problem? Well, okay, there are several.

First disappointment is the lack of color payoff on these. If I was able to swatch this at a Chanel counter, it never would’ve made its way home with me. The shadows don’t get nearly as intense as you would hope from a Chanel product. In fact, they don’t get even remotely intense. It’s like a very subtle hint of color. Yes, they build…but it actually takes a lot of building for them to get close to what I was really wanting. As well, the idea of building them doesn’t excite me because of my next point.

These are far too powdery. I don’t want to say they’re ‘chalky’ because it’s not in a cheap way. Rather, these are very soft and flake out. As a big fan of Urban Decay shadows, this was quite a shock to me. UD shadows are super pigmented and need only a slight amount to get great color payoff. Those shadows last ages because you barely need any product. With this palette, I doubt I would last to winter if I used it on a regular basis. You just fly through this stuff!

Then, after finally getting a look I was happy with, I was more disappointed at how easily they wear off. I’ve worn this palette three times now. All with an eyebase. Twice with a cream shadow base, the other with an eyelid primer. There is no way these would ever last through a whole day. Sure, you can create a nice look for dinner but definitely don’t plan on this to last you through a full night out. Major bummer, right?


I’m so bummed by this palette. Maybe I went into it with too high expectations, but if you can’t expect decent color payoff and staying powder from Chanel…who can you expect it from? A positive is that these do blend very easily (because of their very soft quality). Other than that, there’s really not much to get excited about it. Honestly, you are better off purchasing an eyeshadow trio from Wet n’ Wild than a Chanel quad like this one.When Wet n’ Wild is kicking Chanel’s booty on a product, something’s backwards.

Has anyone tried any other shadows from Chanel? Are they all this disappointing or did I just have bad luck?

Also please share any products that have been surprising to you lately! (In a good or bad way.)

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Five Reasons to Be Glad It’s Cold Out!

Hello Everyone,

For a very long time, I longed to live in a warmer climate. I felt I was held captive by seasons and would be happy to live in 80 degree weather alongside a beach somewhere, year-round. In the last year or so an odd thing changed however, and where I used to cringe as the days of summer passed into cold mornings and frost…I now covet the cold weather and wished away the high heat and humidity of the Indian summer that ran into October. There’s something to be said for the seasons, change. With day lights savings behind us and the days becoming much shorter at rapid speed, here is are some things to be grateful for about this colder time of the year.

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Boots. I could really stop there, couldn’t I? Perhaps the biggest highlight of colder weather is the excuse to wear boots. Be it ankle or knee high, these are a favorite of autumn and winter. And, with good reason. Put on a pair of flats and you might feel dainty and sweet. Put on a pair of boots and you feel a kick of sass and attitude. You somehow feel like a stronger woman in a pair of boots. Perhaps this is where the anthem These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ stems. I don’t think the song would have quite the effect if it sang ‘These ballet flats were made for walkin!’ now, would it? No. No wardrobe is complete without a killer pair of boots in black and brown.

1   2   3   4   5

Soft warmth hugging you through the colder months? A necessity. It took me a little time before I appreciated the quality of cashmere. My mother and sister would rave about it as I crept through my teens not giving the luxury item a second thought. Then something changed and I developed an appreciation for all things warm and fluffy. Nothing says class like a good bit of cashmere, am I right? And I think that’s why it took me some time to appreciate it. Apparently, by my own admission, I wasn’t that classy in my teens. Now, I think a good cashmere scarf or sweater is a must have for winter. Good quality cashmere will last forever, and it’s a good thing as it’s a classic staple of any classy gal’s wardrobe. And let’s face it, no one wants to wear cashmere in 90 degree weather…so the cold is a perk!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love a good red lipstick.Not a red lip gloss. A. Good. Red. Lipstick. Obviously this is something you can pull of no matter what time of year…but it somehow goes hand it hand with the cooler months. In fact, all dramatic makeup seems to work better when it’s colder, such as a smokey eye or a deep plum lipstick. Also dark nail polishes and winged eyeliner. Summer is a time for you to feel fresh and light, but in the winter you can pack a whole lot more punch. Be it a deep red like M.A.C. Russian Red or a brighter, truer red like M.A.C. Red or Ruby Woo…you can find a red that flatters your skin tone and rock that red lip all fall and winter long. (Note: Warm skin tones look best in a warm undertone red such as a pink or orange. Cool tones are best complimented by a red with a blue undertone. Neutral skin tone? You can go either way.)

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Like a good boot, a good coat adds instant oomph to boost your everyday look. A good coat and make an outfit, transforming you to new heights of fashionable. Coats are often very figure flattering, making you feel that much better. Sure, there’s also the whole keeping you warm thing…but really they’re just a fun to wear as they are functional.

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In the long hot days of summer, the last thing you want to wear is a heavy suffocating fabric like leather that will weigh you down. So in the summer we opt for looser clothes that breathe and move, to make us free and refreshed in the heat. But when the weather turns, it’s a whole new ball game. Being 2013, there are also many great faux leathers that are animal friendly and ring in at a cheaper price tag (kind to animals and a bargain? Bonus!) From a leather jacket, to leggings, to the quilted leather skirts of this season. Leather is a traditional red hot look that never goes out of style. It’s funky and fun.

Any of these looks will make you happy that it’s cold as heck outside and make you feel extra confident. And when you feel good in what you’re wearing, everyone wins. Pair pleather leggings, with a great pair of boots, a cashmere sweater, an awesome peacoat and a red lip to maximize your cool weather perks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are your favorite beauty and fashion trends that make you grateful for cold weather?