Faux-Leather Designer Bags

From Emporio Armani to Givenchy and Stella McCartney, these faux-leather designer bags will put the perfect finishing touch on your outfit – minus the cruelty.   (Contains affiliate links.)

Faux-Leather Designer Bags

Hello, there! Today’s post is one that can be filed under the “good news” category because I recently discovered faux-leather designer bags are an actual THING!

Yes, you read that correctly. Fake leather handbags by high-end designers now exist! For so long I’ve loved and admired high fashion but came to accept that faux-leather just wasn’t on the agenda for these major fashion brands. Cut to me recently browsing Italist.com and discovering that names like Moshino, Emporio Armani and GIVENCHY are now joining the ranks of Stella McCartney in delivering cruelty-free handbag designs. 

Faux-Leather Designer Bags

Obviously once making this happy discovery, I had to immediately round up all the faux-leather designer bags Italist has on hand for the spring season. I mean, if this doesn’t qualify as good breaking fashion news I don’t know what does. 

I also have to tip my hat to Stella McCartney for being ahead of the curve on this one. While I’m beyond THRILLED to see Moschino and Givenchy explore faux-leather materials, Stella’s been preaching sustainable and cruelty-free fashion long before those buzzwords caught on. Stella launched her brand in 2001 and has been using alternatives to real leather, feather and fur from the start. That’s eighteen years of cruelty-free fashion and she’s only just getting started from the looks of it.

For me, the subject of leather is an especially difficult one given my love of fashion. I adopted a plant-based diet three years ago and have been very hesitant to buy any real leather ever since. And while beautiful handbags hit the market season after season, it breaks my heart to see labels like “calf skin” (BABY COWS) and sheep listed in the item descriptions.

On more than one occasion I’ve found myself wondering: why does a well made and beautiful bag have to come from the suffering of innocent animals?

Fortunately, more and more we’re receiving that answer that animal cruelty doesn’t have to be a factor. And seeing the likes of Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Moschino explore cruelty-free alternatives fills my heart with glee!!

SO! For your shopping pleasure below, I’ve rounded up a selection of faux-leather designer bags that will be the perfect luxe addition to your outfit – minus the cruelty. As an added bonus, I think you’ll be happy to discover that these faux alternatives also come in at a more affordable price point. (Sounds like a win-win to me!)

The fashion world still has a long ways to go before being fully cruelty-free, but I’m happy to celebrate a step in the right direction and hopefully inspire you to make more compassionate purchases with your handbag purchases. 

Faux-Leather Designer Bags

Faux-Leather Designer Bags

1. Emporio Armani Powder Holed Bag
2. Moschino Blue Shoulder Bag
3. Stella McCartney Tote Bag
4. Calvin Klein Frame Large Tote
5. Givenchy Quilted Tote Bag
6. Calvin Klein Step Up Tote
7. Love Moschino Gray Quilted Bag
8. Moschino Chain Shoulder Strap Clutch Bag
9. Love Moschino Quilted Pink Bag
10. Trussardi Berry Hobo Bag
11. Stella McCartney Stella Star Mini Bag
12. Alviero Martini Prima Classe Mexico City Bag



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