The 12 Best Looks from London Fashion Week

Meet my favorite London Fashion Week looks off the Fall 2019 runways. From the looks of it – this fall is going to be one STYLISH season!

Best London Fashion Week Looks I Fall 2019 Collections #LFW #FashionWeek #Runway #HighFashion

Hello there, dreamers! Today I’m back with another round up of favorite looks from fashion week. Following NYFW, fashion month took us across the pond to London where the likes of Halpern, David Koma, Roksanda and JW Anderson won a special place in my heart. It’s always kind of funny to me that London Fashion Week is dubbed a ‘week’ when it’s actually only a five-day event. Regardless, it was a jam packed schedule with lots to see! 

LFW in particular I always feel serves looks with a bit more spice than those we see in New York, Milan and Paris. The Brits definitely know how to kick things up a notch and are by NO means afraid of color or a loud print. In fact, it’s quite common to find them together! 

Best London Fashion Week Looks

When it came time to curate a list of my picks for the BEST London Fashion Week looks off the Fall 2019 runways, I knew it would end up being a pretty colorful list. Minimalism may have its place in fashion, but LFW by tradition usually features some of my favorite colorful looks from all of fashion month. On the Fall 2019 runways, we see everything from poppy fuchsia pink to yellow. Oh yes, even a sprinkling of orange in between. 

Where the fall 2019 runways of NYFW featured much leaner silhouettes, you’ll notice these London Fashion Week looks have quite a bit of shape to them. Dramatic silhouettes and inflated dresses were all the rage…making repeat appearances at just about every show of the season. 

Silhouette wise, there were LOADS upon LOADS of inflated, balloon-sleeved dresses to be seen…as well as fringe! (Which, obviously, is always a good thing in my book.) When it came to my favorite looks, though, I was most romanticized by sweeping evening gowns and crisp tailored looks from the likes of Victoria Beckham and Erdem. 

But enough rambling! Let’s get to my picks for the best London Fashion Week looks from the Fall 2019 runways:

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Richard Quinn #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Richard Quinn Fall 2019 Collection

Without question, my favorite London Fashion Week looks always seem to include at least one from Richard Quinn and the Fall 2019 runway was no exception. This Mad Men meets American Horror Story Murder House look is such an interesting mix of the demure and the erotic.

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I JW Anderson #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

JW Anderson Fall 2019 Collection

Some might argue that this much fringe is taking things overboard/bordering on a “muppet” look…but to me? It’s glorious! Sure, you might want to shy away if you’re on the hunt for a more understated look. Those looking to make an appearance, though? Come aboard!

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Shrimps #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Shrimps Fall 2019 Collection

I fell in love with the styling of this look on the runway of Shrimps’ Fall 2019 show. Converse sneakers, beaded handbag, lace skirt, silk scarf at the neck and a classic collared jacket with beaded trim? I’m all over it. Not to mention Shrimps is known as a faux fur brand so I’m a guaranteed fan over that alone.

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Mary Katrantzou #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2019 Collection

If you love fashion, Mary Katrantzou is one of those MUST-watch designers every season. Her A/W 2019 collection was no exception with jaw-dropping look after look coming down the runway. Generally, the collection was erupting with color but my favorite look of all is this chic approach to black-and-white styling. Perfection!

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Roksanda Evening Gown #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Roksanda Fall 2019 Collection

Heading into London Fashion Week, Roksanda was my most anticipated show on the schedule and Roksanda Ilinčić definitely rose to the occasion. The entire Fall 2019 collection is fantastic but my *favorite* look of the whole show is this fuchsia and marigold evening gown. Love the added cape as a dramatic finishing touch.

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I David Koma #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

David Koma Fall 2019 Collection

Given my love of butterflies, it’s no surprise this landed on my list of best London Fashion Week looks. But what can I say? It’s too sleek to ignore!

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Halpern Sparkling Purple Cocktail Dress #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Halpern Fall 2019 Collection

In choosing my favorite London Fashion Week looks from the Fall 2019 runways, there was one collection I couldn’t possibly choose just ONE look from…and that’s Halpern. So this is the first of two looks I’m absolutely obsessed with…and given that I’m drawn to all things purple I think you can imagine why. I can just picture myself slinking around a party in this sparkling purple cocktail dress – martini in hand. Love it so much!

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Halpern Halter Evening Gown #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Halpern Fall 2019 Collection

My second favorite look from the Halpern Fall 2019 collection is this striking halter evening gown. The dramatic bejeweled neckline alone makes this a landmark look of the season but the geometric color blocking and sultry shimmer of the gown are nice finishing touches. Imagine wearing this. Just imagine! (Gonna have to work on my upper body strength a bit more though, to be fair. Ha.)

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Erdem Printed Pantsuit #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Erdem Fall 2019 Collection

Erdem is certainly a London Fashion Week heavyweight and always one to watch. What most caught my eye about this printed pantsuit? How unlike it is from anything I’ve ever worn before. From colorful headpiece to pumps, it’s a perfectly coordinated look that ties together the exotic print beautifully. I’ve always thought I should wear more smart looking pantsuits but have also found them to be a bit boring…no more!

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Christopher Kane #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Christopher Kane Fall 2019 Collection

To be honest, I’m just excited for the return of the oversized sweater. The cropped midriff-bearing sweater era we’re emerging from has been ROUGH. Knitwear that drops down towards the knees? Sold.

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Peter Pilotto Gown #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Peter Pilotto Fall 2019 Collection

No doubt, Peter Pilotto knows his way around a colorful print better than most and this silky tie-dyed evening gown is quite dreamy!

Best London Fashion Week Looks Off the Fall 2019 Runways I Victoria Beckham suiting #FashionWeek #LFW #DesignerFashion

Victoria Beckham Fall 2019 Collection

Given that Becks chose this look to open her Autumn/Winter 2019 runway show, I think she knew just how eye-catching it is. Victoria Beckham is essentially the queen of designing work wear that every working girl would kill to have in her wardrobe…and this modern approach to suiting is next level. Victoria Beckham: making dressing for the office a whole lot more fun!

* All photos credited to Vogue Runway.



Well, there you have it. My colorful selection of the best London Fashion Week looks to come off the Fall 2019 runways. Please do let me know which is your absolute favorite look above…or if there’s another favorite of yours that I didn’t mention, I’d love to hear! 

ICYMI: I did also pull together a collection of the best looks from New York Fashion Week this season. To see my favorite Fall 2019 looks off the Big Apple runways, here

On that note, fashion month will next take us to Milan where we’re all in for a feast of sultry, seductive designs that just ooze luxury. MFW can always be counted on to deliver loads of drama and with Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Gucci and more scheduled to unveil their latest collections – it’s going to be a great time! Given how much fun I’m having rounding up the best looks of each fashion week, be sure to check back for my favorite looks from the Italian runways.

In the meantime, feel free to head over and follow me on Twitter, where I’m sharing my favorite runway looks throughout fashion month!

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