Cozy Winter Home Decor on Amazon

Cozy winter home decor picks on Amazon that are 1) affordable and 2) guaranteed to lift your spirits in the dreary days of winter ahead.

Cozy Winter Home Decor on Amazon to Lift Your Spirits I #HomeDecor #WinterDecor #CozyDecor #Cozy

Hello there, my fellow dreamers! Today’s post is a bit of a follow-up one to this August post on Cozy and Rustic Home Decor from Amazon. That was my very first time taking a dive into the realm of home decor here on Dream in Lace and I had so much fun with it, I figured why not continue. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen dozens of folks taking down all of their beautiful Christmas decorations on social media over the last week or so…and it makes me feel a little bit sad. Why is it that we have to box up and put away Christmas so quickly? We take it out of storage the day after Halloween but can’t leave it up a week into January? Strange, I’ll say! And sad, too, when you remember that once it’s down all that’s left for us in January are dreary gray skies. 

With that said, January doesn’t have to be a depressing time of year on the home decor front. Nay! In fact, there’s quite a bit of adorable winter home decor on Amazon that just might put a little twinkle in your eye. We all know that the winter months are best for hibernating and I wager, hibernation is even better when you have cozy decorations around you to make you feel even more at home. Obviously!

Cozy Winter Home Decor on Amazon

Whether you’re shopping with Amazon Prime or not, there’s definitely no shortage of great deals to be had on Amazon. And it’s really amazing when you consider that the website that was built for buying books now sells LED light trees and throw pillows. I mean, who knew that was in the cards for them?!

On the winter home decor front, I scoured dozens of pages on Amazon trying to find the very best pieces to help you survive the cold with a well-decorated space.

I DID, however, hold myself back when it came to Valentine’s Day decor because I feel like that’s a whole other ball game, don’t you? For today, we’re talking about cozy “snowed in” decor that is perfect for snuggling up to on a cold winter’s day. (And suddenly I have the Mamas and the Papas’ “California Dreamin” playing in my head….) 

Below you’ll find all the cozy winter home decor items that caught my eye on Amazon. Good news? The prices are all pretty reasonable – meaning you can easily decorate for winter on a budget. 

Cozy Winter Home Decor on Amazon to Lift Your Spirits I #HomeDecor #WinterDecor #CozyDecor #Cozy

Cozy Winter Home Decor Picks on Amazon

1. Rustic ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Wooden Sign ($15.00)
2. Winter Robin Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Throw Pillow ($32.99)
3. LED Flameless Pine Cone Candles with Remote ($29.98)
4. Snow Frosted Pine Cones ($20.88)
5. Rustic Wooden Snowflake Sign & Stand ($23.50)
6. Snow Evergreen Tree Decor ($14.99)
7. Rustic Snowman Door Decoration ($50.09-$195.23)

Cozy Winter Home Decor on Amazon to Lift Your Spirits I #HomeDecor #WinterDecor #CozyDecor #Cozy

Cozy Winter Home Decor Picks on Amazon

1. Cozy Winter Nights Insulated Tumblr ($21.95)
2. Geometric Decorative Lantern with Fairy Lights ($48.99)
3. Rustic Lantern Set with Winter Scenes ($17.99)
4. Primitives by Kathy Warm Winter Block Sign ($16.00)
5. Wintry Decorative Bird House ($24.43)
6. Hurricane Glass Cylinder Lanterns with Fairy Lights ($42.99)
7. 18-Ounce Warm & Cozy Mug ($14.99)
8. Snowflake Cut Tealight Candle Holders ($16.00)

Cozy Winter Home Decor on Amazon to Lift Your Spirits I #HomeDecor #WinterDecor #CozyDecor #Cozy

Cozy Winter Home Decor Picks on Amazon

1. “Let’s Get Cozy” 11-Ounce Soy Eucalyptus Candle ($15.50)
2. 18-Inch White Berry and Branches Wreath ($37.97)
3. Set of Cozy Fleece Throw Pillow Cases with Snowflakes ($15.99)
4. Framed “Let it Snow” Wall Art with LED Lights ($17.95)
5. Snowy Welcome Mat ($23.99)
6. Artificial Snowy Pine Tree with Lights ($16.99)
7. Simplicity Fleece Cable Knit Winter Throw Blanket in Cobalt Blue ($39.99)

Don’t these cozy winter home decor pieces have you feeling a bit better about hiding out from the cold for the next few months? They do for me, anyway. Sure Christmas has come and gone, but there’s absolutely no reason I can’t bundle up beside some fairy lights and surround myself with decorative snowflakes. Add to that a mug of hot chocolate overflowing with marshmallows or a hot toddy…and I’m all set! 

Thank you oh so much for reading and let me know what your favorite way to decorate in the winter months is. 


P.S. If you missed it the first time around, my post on Rustic Home Decor on Amazon is well-worth your time as the items are all still available and could be considered perfect for winter as well! Read it, here. xo

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