Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That Won’t Fail

These last minute Christmas gift ideas will ease your panic as we get closer and closer to the big day.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas - Holiday Shopping TipsOh goodness, can you believe that Christmas is now just six days away. SIX? As in, less than one week to go and just one blink away from Christmas Eve.

While I might not be able to wrap my head around just how quickly we’ve found ourselves at Christmas (already), I am happy to say I’ve learned a thing or two about gifting through the years. More specifically? Last minute Christmas gift ideas that won’t fail.

Yes, yes. I have fought hard against publishing a gift guide here on Dream in Lace because they’re absolutely a dime a dozen out there and we’ve all been chocking on them since Halloween. But, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed while scrolling past EONS AND EONS of Christmas gift guides – it’s that few of them actually get to the point.

I mean, we’re all in a time crunch here. The holidays are complicated enough without a million odds and ends being thrown at us. Who has time for endless browsing? (I don’t.) 

Fear not, though, because I’ve got a list of fool-proof last minute Christmas gift ideas that are guaranteed to have you finishing up your holiday shopping in a snap. 

10 “No Fail” Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s get straight to business: last minute Christmas gift ideas that will help you finish up your holiday shopping in no time and everyone rushing to write you a thank you note. 

Inspiration for this post came to me in a conversation with a friend who feels gift giving for a male is difficult. I happen to disagree. The way I see it, there are two easy, guaranteed hit gifts that you can give to any male in your life. They are: food and booze. Give a guy a bottle of bourbon or a Chipotle (or better, Outback) gift card and he’ll be pretty happy.

Now that we have food and booze out of the way as gifts one and two, here are 8 more last minute Christmas gift ideas that won’t fail you – I promise!

Exercise Gear

Come January 1, we’re all going to be regretting picking up that extra piece of pie and letting go of our workout routine. And in my mind, that’s okay. The holidays are the holidays and they should come with extra carbs and sugar.

YOU can get ahead of the game, though, by buying stylish sportswear as a gift for your loved one so he/she has something to wear when it dawns on them that they may need to ‘step it up’ a bit in the new year. Put down the cookies. Pick up your adorable new yoga pants!

A Service

Yes, I realize “a service” is a pretty broad genre, but hear me out. Rather than thinking of a service that the person on your gift list might use or should use…let’s think about the things they already do use.

Think about the salon they get their hair done at, the dog groomer – or heck, even Uber. All of the above sell gift certificates that will prove you really know that person and are there to help them out. Netflix? Birchbox? Those sell gift cards too. And really, who wouldn’t love a year of free Netflix?

Beauty Gifts: Makeup, Skincare, Gift Sets – Whatever!

Even the least girly women I know would never turn down a free mascara. 

With that in mind, shopping for your mother, mother-in-law, sister, friend, female boss, etc. just became a whole lot easier. A nice lipstick (hello, YSL) is always a good place to start. As is skincare. We all live in fear of aging and around the holidays, gift sets galore are available for big-time savings. 

Cosmetics lines also go big for the holidays, releasing their best collection of the year. Look to MAC, Laura Mercier, Tarte and so-on for festive makeup sets that also feature some gosh darn cute packaging. 

A Statement Piece – of Any Kind

Now, I wouldn’t say that you’re necessarily going to be buying a statement coat for the coworker you speak to a couple times a month. But, for the big ones on your list: a statement coat, bag, necklace, watch, shoe, etc. will win you major brownie points.

Have a sibling that also needs a gift idea? Double your value and go in together on something super awesome for mom. This will be a gift she hangs in her closet and thinks of you every time she wears it. This will be a gift that comes with attached sentimental value…and that’s always a winner.

An Experience

When it gets down to crunch time, one of the absolute best last minute Christmas gift ideas out there is to about something the person on your shopping list would LOVE to DO! 

Are they planning a trip somewhere exciting in the upcoming year? Get them a gift certificate to a popular restaurant in the area. Are they a huge football or baseball fan? Purchase nice tickets to an upcoming season game.

Reframe your thinking to consider an experience a person can enjoy in-person…rather than boxing yourself in and looking at items. The possibilities are virtually endless! (And yes, this gift is actually perfect for the person how has ‘everything’.)

Items for the Home

A fact of life: everyone enjoys nice surroundings. Gifts that improve a person’s surroundings are always sure to be loved – whether it’s a new set of bedding to slip into after a long day or a nice comfy throw for the sofa. Dishes and glassware are also a crowd-pleaser. Who doesn’t cherish having their morning breakfast on a great plate or an evening cocktail in a nice glass? Posh it up a bit!

Amazon or iTunes Gift Cards

I was going to say just Amazon but threw in iTunes just in case someone is a devout Apple fan.

Amazon is always a safe bet because you can now purchase virtually anything from Amazon. They’ve branched out well beyond books, music and movies to selling everything from clothing to the kitchen sink. (Yes, I checked. You can actually buy a kitchen sink on Amazon.) *Bonus points if you buy someone an Amazon Prime membership!*


If you’re living in the tropics, this one you can probably rule out. If you’re living in an area that gets hit by winter, though? You can bet some solid winterwear to help keep the cold at bay will be a winning last minute Christmas gift idea.

Honestly, it’s not that much fun to buy scarves, hats, gloves and the like. But when it’s below freezing and you’re scrapping ice off your windshield, they’re essential to your survival. Help someone out by taking the sting off the winter weather by gifting them some warm winterwear. 



Hopefully today’s post will help you feel less overwhelmed in coming up with last minute Christmas gift ideas for your shopping list. 

If nothing else, know that your your time is truly the most valuable gift in the world. The people in your life will appreciate any gift that you give them if it shows that you gave them your time, thought and care. Remember that…because it’s important!

We all stress so much in the holiday season to find the perfect gifts, budget for the perfect gifts, wrap the perfect gifts, arrange for all the perfect gifts to get to everyone on time…that we start to lose sight of what is more important about the holidays: enjoying time with each other. Plain and simple, that’s what matters the most. 

If you think this post is helpful, be sure to share with others so they can get some use out of it as well. Sharing is caring, after all. *wink*


Next up? Check out this post with 10 fail-proof Christmas gift ideas to finish off your holiday shopping!

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