The Best Makeup Releases of 2018

As we ring in a new year, I’m looking back to celebrate the BEST 2018 makeup releases.

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict

Hello there, dreamers! How are you doing? It’s New Year’s Eve in my world and I’m feeling excited. There’s something about New Year’s that I just love. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of a fresh clean slate?

Of course before I can celebrate the start of a new year, I always take a glimpse in the rear view mirror. This morning I spent a good chunk of time reflecting on my best moments of the year….and then I got to thinking about makeup. More specifically? The best 2018 makeup releases I discovered over the last twelve months!

Y’know what? While the fashion community struggled a bit in 2018 – the beauty world thrived!!

Some might even say we’re living in the prime of beauty. New brands and fantastic products are constantly emerging! The power of the internet and e-commerce has forced the status quo brands we’ve all known for years to make room for new favorites – and the bar is constantly being raised. With the increase in competition, brands are pushed to deliver products that will rise above the pack. And the consumer is left to reap the rewards.

Of course…with the increase in brands and products hitting the market, there’s absolutely NO WAY would be able to keep up with and try everything that dropped in 2019. (I mean, unless you somehow have ten faces or change your makeup a dozen times a day?) 

Best 2018 Makeup Releases

That brings us to the best 2018 makeup releases that I personally discovered this year. I say *personally* as a bit of a disclaimer, because there’s obviously a lot out there I didn’t get the chance to try. Then again, there’s also a lot more I DID try that somehow just didn’t measure up. (And I’m considering a follow-up post about those. Would you read it? I hate to be a wanker but some really did suck.)

Anywhooooo…I feel like I should shut up and just start talking about the makeup. Should I? I think so. Let’s go!!!

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation (Shop Here)

In February, I practically arm wrestled the girls at Sephora to let me get one of the new Marc Jacobs Beauty foundations before it hit the floor…and I won. A devout fan of his matte Remarcable foundation, I was more than eager to give the medium coverage more dewy-finished product a try. In the end, I fell in LOVE. The Shameless foundation just might be the longest lasting “glowy” foundation I’ve ever used. It gives your skin a plump, youthful look…that lasts HOURS. I found myself wearing this foundation so much in 2018 that I’m already on my second bottle…which is virtually unheard of given me existence as a girl with at least 10 foundations in rotation at any given point. Love it!!

Dior Lip Glow (Shop Here)

It’s really rare that I actually finish off a lipstick…but I’ve finished off TWO Dior Lip Glows. Holographic Pink is my die-hard favorite, but they’re all rather beautiful. I must say. The Lip Glow is an ultra moisturizing lip balm that gives you lips a beautiful wash of color (and sparkle) while boosting their well-being. Just yesterday I placed an order for more replacements to help me survive the winter months ahead, making them a shoe-in for my list of Best 2018 Makeup releases. Dior’s styling might be a big hit or miss these days under new creative direction, but their makeup is on point!

Give Them Lala Eyeliner (Shop Here)

I started off 2018 celebrating my love of Vanderpump Rules with a purchase of Lala Kent’s lip gloss. What I found was surprisingly awesome. That post flew to the top of 2018 as my MOST-read post of the year…and introduced me to the cruelty-free beauty gems Miss Lala has on the market. Later in the year, she added to her line of lippies by dropping this liquid eyeliner pen. As a die-hard fan of the LORAC Pro eyeliner, I hesitated for a while to give this a try because I’d tried (and been disappointed by) so many eyeliners before. 

In the end, I’m glad I caved and made a purchase because this eyeliner is FANTASTIC! The pen’s applicator has a nice bit of “grip” to it…give you solid control while crafting your everyday eyeliner look. While I’m not huge on a “winged” eyeliner, I personally DO wear liquid eyeliner every day and basically feel naked without it. It’s incredible to find one that holds up to how hard I (apparently) am on liquid eyeliner. It takes A LOT for one to actually stay put on my eyes all day for some reason…and Lala’s eyeliner does the trick. Even during water aerobics! 

ELF Cosmetics Mineral Infused Mascara (Shop Here)

As someone who’s dropped an embarrassing amount of money on YSL and Dior mascaras, it’s kind of earth-quaking that I fell so hard for a $3 mascara in 2018. But, I gotta give credit where credit is due and Elf Cosmetics’ Mineral Infused Mascara is BOMB. They snuck this into an order of mine this year as a freebie, and I was more than happy to discover just how effortlessly it lifts and separates my eyelashes. It’s so great, in fact, that I’ve taken to carrying a tube of it around in my purse 24/7. (Because obviously it’s great to have access to perfect fluttery lashes at every moment.)

This mascara happens to also layer like a dream to build up your makeup for a more dramatic look at night should you be interested. Quite frankly, I think it would be hard to find a better use for $3. 

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict

Laura Mercier “Glow” Translucent Setting Powder (Shop Here)

The Glow version of Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder is absolutely the follow-up product we didn’t know we needed. When I received this in the mail, I was excited because I love the original so much…but also a bit ‘meh’ thinking there was no way it could top it. What I found, though, is that the glow version is the PERFECT counterpart to the classic fan favorite. It has the same soft, finely finely milled texture that virtually disappears into your skin…while adding a radiant, subtle glow that is just gorgeous! You can wear this all over your face, or dab in areas you want to highlight. Either way, you’re bound to fall in love. It gives you a lot of glow…without entering the territory of shiny or ‘too much’ at all. Definitely one the very BEST 2018 makeup releases!!!

Wet n Wild ‘Halo Walkers’ Highlighting Powder (Shop Here)

Clocking in at $4.99, there’s no question that the Wet n Wild “Halo Walkers” highlighting powder is easy on the budget. As part of their dramatic Fire & Ice collection, this eye-catching blue highlighter was one I was a bit nervous to try. I mean, sure…it was gorgeous but I didn’t want to look like a Smurf!

In the end, I threw caution to the wind and discovered how full on gorgeous this highlighter is. Wet n Wild is WELL-known for delivering quality highlighters already…but somehow this takes things to a different level. It gives your complexion a perfect frosty looking glow that will have you feeling like a real life Elsa from Frozen. Let it go!

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict1

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette (Shop Here)

Eyeshadow palettes are my #1 guilty pleasure. Somehow, I just never seem to get enough of them!! As such, they’re a bit a dime a dozen and it takes a lot for one to really STAND OUT as a favorite. Urban Decay rose to the challenge though when they dropped their insanely perfect Born to Run palette. It’s without question one of the best 2018 makeup releases – but beyond that, one of the best palettes to ever exist.

The quality and lasting power of the shadows is remarkable and the color selection features a perfect range of neutrals and poppy shades to add a little *oomph* to your life. This palette is so good, in fact, that I started traveling with it. Which might not sound too groundbreaking until you consider that I haven’t traveled with anything but the Lorac Pro eyeshadow palette for the last few years. Get your hands on it!!

Wet n Wild MegaCusion Foundation (Shop Here)

Way back in 2017, I raved on and on about just how much I love Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus foundation and I continue to love it to this day. It changed the game for me on drugstore foundations. Till I tried that, I didn’t believe one couldn’t exist that didn’t make me want to scratch my face off after a few hours. 

In 2018, Wet n Wild followed up by dropping a new CUSHION foundation…and guess what? I love it every bit as much as the Photo Focus foundation. It’s uber lightweight and has a natural, matte finish that looks perfect for everyday wear. As a cushion foundation, you also have a lot of control about how much coverage you get. This can be worn more lightly or built up to add a lot of coverage. Whatever you prefer! One bonus about this foundation that Photo Focus doesn’t include? An SPF! Sure, it’s only an SPF 15 but that’s still added protection from the sun! 

Hourglass Arch Brow (Shop Here)

Until February 2018, Hourglass had never entered my mind when considering brow products. While their face products are incredible, I somehow never considered them when it came time to touch up the caterpillars above my eyes. Then I received their new Arch Brow product in the mail and the game was changed. 

Probably what I love MOST about the Hourglass Arch Brow is how simple it is to use. So simple, in fact, that you could brush this on without a mirror. Speaking as someone who refuses to leave the house without touching her brows, that comes in handy on those ultra lazy days where I have to run to the grocery but can’t be bothered to do anything to my face. This was definitely a surprise best 2018 makeup release and has me interested to see what products Hourglass unveils in the new year.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks (Shop Here)

Do you love YSL’s Rouge Volupte lip shines but cry at the price point of $35 a pop? You’re in luck because these newbies from L’Oreal are an exact DUPE! That’s right, these deliver that effortlessly creamy formula we’ve all come to love from YSL at a much (much) more reasonable price tag. These came out just in time for spring and L’Oreal continued to reward their popularity with the addition of more colors in the months that followed. 

I fell so hard for the L’Oreal Lip Shines that you can bet I have at least ONE of these on hand at any given moment in my handbag. They quickly become an essential part of my makeup collection and one I know I’ll continue to revisit long into the future. No question, one of the very BEST 2018 makeup releases and one you absolutely should try.

Best 2018 Makeup Releases I Beauty Blog #Bestof2018 #MakeupAddict

And that’s IT: the best 2018 makeup releases I discovered over the last twelve months. Obviously I could have included more items. But, if I’m being honest, I only wanted to feature products I consider to be DIE-HARD favorites of the year. These are all game-changing items that totally shook up my makeup routine and replaced standard favorites I’d relied on for ages. 

As we discussed, though, there were so many makeup products dropped in 2018 that I definitely didn’t have time to try them all.

So, if you discovered a fantastic new product this year…by all means let me know in the comments. Sharing is caring, after all! Let’s help keep spreading the good word about great product.

On that note, I’m going to head off and relax till the ball drops on 2018. My plans for the night? To wear the most comfiest of clothes, drink a hot toddy, watch movies by candlelight and enter the new year feeling as relaxed as possible. If you’re going out for the night, please be safe and remember to not drink and drive. I read an article this week about just how many alcohol related accidents happen on this night and I absolutely hate for anyone to get involved. Stay safe and I’ll see you NEXT YEAR! *throws confetti*


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own with no incentive other than sharing what actually works with you guys. Some of the links, though, are affiliate links. This means, if you decide to purchase an item through an ‘affiliate’ link I’ll receive a teeny commission at no extra cost to you. Think of it as a way of saying thank you for the recommendation. Thanks so much for reading!!

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Hourglass Arch Brow (Nordstrom  *  Sephora)

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder Glow (Nordstrom  *  Sephora)

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Shines (Ulta)

Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette (Nordstrom  *  Sephora)

Wet n Wild MegaCusion Foundation (Shop Here)

Wet n Wild “Halo Walkers” Highlighting Powder (Shop Here)

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