Inside My Fall Travel Makeup Bag

Go inside my fall travel makeup bag before I jet off on New York adventures.

Fall Travel Makeup Bag I #TravelMakeup #FallMakeup

Hello there, dreamers! Gosh am I excited to be in “packing mode” for a trip to Rhinebeck, New York this week. It’s been a long couple of months and I seriously can’t wait to hop on a plane and leave everything behind to explore a part of NY I haven’t yet seen. Before I enter full “vacation mode”, though, I wanted to give you a lil’ glimpse inside my fall travel makeup bag to see everything I’m bringing along to keep me looking (somewhat) put together. 

Generally speaking, I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to packing an appropriate amount of clothes for vacations.

As such, I like to start on a high note by packing my beauty bag as that’s the area I find easiest to fine tune. My approach is to ONLY pack products that are “tried, true and tested” – or, in other words, makeup that I trust 100%.

Inside My Fall Travel Makeup Bag

From the sounds of it, my girls getaway to Rhinebeck, New York has a jam-packed schedule. (Huge thanks to my sister and her girlfriends for taking the lead on our itinerary.)

With full days of fun ahead, the last thing I want to worry about is touching up my face. So, obviously, my travel makeup bag includes products that are both long-lasting and require minimal work on my part. 

Fall Travel Makeup Bag I #TravelMakeup #FallMakeup

Fall Travel Makeup Bag I #TravelMakeup #FallMakeup

Lorac Pro Liquid Eyeliner (Shop Here)

The very first thing I packed in my fall travel makeup bag? Lorac’s fail-proof liquid eyeliner pen. I honestly cannot live with this guy. After trying and striking out with several other eyeliners, Lorac’s eyeliner is the only one I can trust to last ALL day long and not smudge in the slightest. I can even make it through a water “bootcamp” class in this. Highly, highly recommend! 

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette (Shop Here)

This is a bit of a shocker, because after years of only traveling with the Lorac Pro palette I’ve decided to leave that one at home in favor of Urban Decay’s “Born to Run” palette. Over the summer I did a much more in-depth post about this palette here, but long story short: it’s phenomenal. Included are colors for virtually any eye-look you can imagine and I’ll also be using the matte dark brown to fill in my eyebrows. 2-in-1? Score!

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder (Shop Here)

Of course, makeup fanatics are no stranger to this guy. Laura Mercier’s setting powder is unmatched when it comes to consistency, texture, finish and wear-time – making it an essential part of my fall travel makeup bag. Hands down, the best setting powder out there.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look Foundation (Shop Here)

After using this non-stop all summer long, I have to say I’m not ready to back-burner this fabulous Marc Jacobs foundation just yet. I’m addicted to the radiant finish it gives my complexion and for a more “glow-y” foundation – it’s also surprisingly long-lasting. I believe this recently was included on Allure Magazine‘s makeup awards list and with good reason. Excellent foundation! 

Fall Travel Makeup Bag I #TravelMakeup #FallMakeup

ELF Heat Defensor Highlighting Duo (Shop Here)

My makeup collection has so many highlighters these days, but when it came time to pack my fall travel makeup bag it was a bit of a no-brainer to bring along this one from Elf. It’s such a pigmented and versatile product, with both a white and bronze highlight to add variation and dimension to your look. At $8, it’s also an absolute steal and I should probably pick up another one before it’s gone because it is limited edition. 

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (Shop Here)

How about an oldie but a goodie? This Body Shop bronzer has been hanging out in the back of my makeup drawer for far too long. When I applied this other day, I instantly fell back in love with it and it’s the perfect bronzer to bring along with me to New York. The powder is matte, beautifully pigmented and effortlessly blends to add some color fo my albino complexion. 

YSL Baby Doll Mascara (Shop Here)

Try as I might to find another product I love as much as YSL’s Baby Doll mascara, I just can’t seem to find one that elongates and separates my lashes as well as this beauty. It’s on another level from every other mascara in my collection (of which I have many), and earns a trust-worthy spot in my fall travel makeup bag. 

Maybelline BB Cream (Shop Here)

Lately I’ve been wearing this Maybelline BB Cream religiously on the weekends and it seems perfect for travel as well. The BB cream has light-weight coverage that is so natural on the skin and gives your complexion a nice boost when you’re not up to wearing a full foundation. While the jury is still out for me on Maybelline lipsticks and eyeshadows, they have face products covered!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Shop Here)

Speaking of Maybelline, their trusty ‘Fit Me’ concealer has also found its way into my fall travel makeup bag. I love the consistency of this concealer. It’s very light, but has remarkably powerful coverage. 

Fall Travel Makeup Bag I #TravelMakeup #FallMakeup

Estee Lauder Blush in ‘Alluring Rose’ (Shop Here)

I’ll be honest, blush is the last thing I think about as far as makeup goes. While it does play an important role, I somehow find it totally boring and so I really don’t have much to say about this “Alluring Rose” blush from Estee Lauder. For my fall travel makeup bag, though, I did want to go with a blush that would go with anything and this one gets the job done. 

MAC x The Blonds ‘DavidBlond’ Lipstick (Shop Here)

Oooooo I’ve fallen in love with MAC lipsticks again and am thrilled to be bringing this beauty along with me to New York. In fact, this might be the only lipstick I end up wearing…because it’s just fantastic. The DavidBlond shade is the perfect pink with subtle shimmer to it and goes with literally everything in your closet. Love!

MAC Russian Red Lipstick (Shop Here)

As the DavidBlond lipstick has me renewing my love affair with MAC, I thought I would include my all-time favorite red lipstick from them as well. “Russian Red” is a perfect deep red with blue-undertones and while this one is matte, feels very comfortable on the lips. It’s also INCREDIBLY long lasting. I can even eat an apple and it won’t budge. Magic!

Give Them Lala Beauty ‘Randy’ Lip Gloss (Shop Here)

Because lip products are where I tend to go overboard, I thought I’d throw in a gloss as well. Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent has a cruelty-free makeup line and her glosses are oh so delicious. (Seriously, they taste like vanilla cupcakes.) You can learn more about them in this post, here


Onto Clothes….

With my fall travel makeup bag ready to go, I better buckle down and start throwing together outfits for the trip. (While somehow staying in the confines of one suitcase!)

I’ll be heading out on Wednesday, but do plan to do lots of social sharing of what I get up to on Instagram. So if you’re curious to see beautiful Rhinebeck, New York be sure to give me a follow. We’ll be eating at fabulous restaurants, touring the Roosevelt estate and exploring all day long. Click here to follow me on Instagram!

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