The Very Best Makeup Brush Cleanser I’ve Ever Used

Letting you in on one of my favorite beauty secrets and sharing the very best makeup brush cleanser I’ve ever used! (Psst: it’s only $6.)

Best Makeup Brush Cleanser? Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo I #Makeup #CrueltyFree #BeautyTips

Hello there, dreamers! Today’s post is one I’ve been meaning to share with you for ages now – but somehow never got around to.

I guess you could say something as mundane as cleaning makeup brushes didn’t sound all that appealing to me. But, when I wrote about how to clean your brushes with Philosophy’s Purity cleanser in 2014, that post spread like wildfire on Pinterest and continues to get hits today. (Read that post, here.)

Well, I have news for you. I’ve found something much more effective than Purity to clean your dirty makeup brushes….and one that’s also a lot more affordable to boot.

The Best Makeup Brush Cleanser I’ve Tried

Enter Live Clean’s Coconut Milk shampoo. 

When I received this shampoo and its corresponding conditioner complimentary in the mail last year, I never expected to fall in love with it. As a die-hard fan of Aveda products, I had this uppity attitude that a $6 shampoo from the drugstore couldn’t possibly get the job done as well. But, as it turns out, I was wrong.

After just a few uses, I was so sold on how effectively it cleansed my hair that I adopted it as my new regular shampoo. Now, over a year later, I continue to use the stuff repeatedly and expect to purchase it again and again…and again.

Happily married to my new affordable shampoo, I set out to wash my makeup brushes with Purity one Sunday when struck with an idea. If the Live Clean Coconut Milk shampoo is so effective at deep cleaning my hair, perhaps it would work as well on my makeup brushes. Good news? I was right. 

At risk of sounding overly dramatic, I have to say: it’s the very best makeup brush cleanser I have ever used.

Don’t ask me the science of it (because I have no clue), but somehow the formula of the shampoo effortlessly cuts through layers up on layers of foundation in a flash. This is something that took multiple tries when using Philosophy’s Purity cleanser. I’d have to stand there at my bathroom sink doing round after round of washing my foundation brushes, thus wasting a lot of water and (not cheap) product in the meantime. 

With the trusty Live Clean Coconut Milk shampoo, though, I’m able to apply about a quarter-sized amount of product in my hand and cut through everything on my brush in one sweep.

Don’t believe me? See the before and after pictures, below!


Best Makeup Brush Cleanser? Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo I #Makeup #CrueltyFree #BeautyTips


Best Makeup Brush Cleanser? Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo I #Makeup #CrueltyFree #BeautyTips

See? You can’t argue with the results.

Live Clean’s Coconut Milk shampoo works miracles and tops my list as the best makeup brush cleanser out there. It’s affordable and readily available. The Coconut Milk is also moisturizing, meaning you’re not going to run the risk of stripping your makeup brushes of any softness.

This shampoo also saves me A LOT of time, making cleaning my makeup brushes feel like much less of a chore. (Thank goodness!)

Best Makeup Brush Cleanser? Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo I #Makeup #CrueltyFree #BeautyTips

Best Makeup Brush Cleanser? Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo I #Makeup #CrueltyFree #BeautyTips

Putting the Best Makeup Brush Cleanser to Use

When it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes, I aim to do so every week. 

Come Monday morning, it’s nice to start the week off right with freshly washed brushes – so I typically get to cleaning them on Sunday. After a cup of coffee (or two), I hit the bathroom to give them a good wash and allow them to dry through the rest of the day. All-in-all, the whole process takes me about 5 minutes and is pretty painless.

Here’s how I do it! 

How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Live Clean’s Shampoo

Step 1: Start running lukewarm tap water.

Step 2: Run a makeup brush under the running water to dampen the bristles.

Step 3: Add Live Clean’s Coconut Milk shampoo to the palm of your hand. I apply about a quarter-sized amount for larger/foundation brushes. Much less for smaller eyeshadow brushes.

Step 4: Circulate your dirty makeup brush in the shampoo, cutting through the makeup.

Step 5: Thoroughly rinse your makeup brush, squeezing out any excess water.

Step 6: Dry your makeup brushes using a rolled up towel. Be sure to angle your brushes downwards for water to drain out of the brush, not back into it. (This will help keep your brushes in good shape longer.)

Step 7: Generally speaking, the brushes take about 15 hours to dry thoroughly. Enjoy your freshly cleaned brushes in the morning! 



*Phew* it feels good to finally share with you one of my favorite beauty secrets…or “hacks” as Pinterest would call it. I know, I know. Chores like this aren’t the most glamorous to discuss but at the end of the day, cleaning our makeup brushes is something we all ought to be doing. Why not make it as easy and painless as possible?

If you have a favorite product to use while cleaning your makeup brushes, I’m interested to hear it! Everyone seems to have their own way of doing it and I’d love to hear about any other products out here that make the job easy. 

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to share this post with anyone you think could use an affordable easy way to get their brushes clean!


Note, this post is NOT sponsored…at all. I genuinely love this shampoo for washing both my hair and makeup brushes and think it’s a great affordable option for everyone out there to try. Of course, Live Clean should totally sponsor me. *wink wink* 

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