Overcoming Stress & Heading Back to Normal

A note to my fellow dreamers on how I’m overcoming stress and looking forward to getting BACK to normal. (Whatever that may be.)

Overcoming Stress and Heading Back to Normal #stress #lifestyle

Hello there, dreamers! Before I get back to publishing routine posts on Dream in Lace, I wanted to first apologize for my absence.

To say the last few weeks have been incredibly stressful would be an understatement. In fact, not to be a drama queen, I feel like they’ve been the most stressful of my life thus far. Between working my tail off at work and some undesirable medical things springing up – I’ve had little time (or mental capacity) to create content here and it’s been totally depressing me. 

So I just want to say how sorry I am for ghosting on you! 

Overcoming Stress

When you’re being pulled in a million different directions with next to no time for yourself, it’s a major bummer. But I’m happy to say I’m now at a place where I’m overcoming stress and getting back to NORMAL. 

Let me be real for a second. If it weren’t for the Calm app, a couple great bubble baths and a few good sessions at the gym – I’m pretty sure I’d be huddled over in a panic attack at this very moment. In overcoming stress, I was lucky to have those things going for me and I’m finally starting to feel like I have a little breathing room.

I wish I was better at being more open about the things that are dragging me down. There are so many bloggers that I follow who have such an open dialogue with their audience. They open up about things like anxiety, personal issues, family drama, etc.

For me, I keep things more private…which is great in some ways but also creates these unexcused absences which make me feel bad. I like to be consistent with content and when life happens and I’m unable to hit “publish” as much as I want to…it truly makes me feel like I’m failing. 

So basically, this is me trying to be more honest, apologize for my absence and let you know while there have been not-so-good things keeping me away I’m slipping back into a normal routine and it feels GREAT.

On That Note

Thank you for being here and I promise, I’m going to be a lot better at being more present in the weeks ahead.

Tonight the Primetime Emmys are happening and you better believe I’ll be dishing up my picks for Best and Worst dressed on the red carpet. Beyond that, over the weekend I photographed beaucoup makeup that I’m eager to share with you here. (Like the new foundation I’m wearing at the moment that’s FABULOUS and under $10.)

After a few crazy weeks, here’s to things getting back to normal! 

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