What I’m Loving Lately (TV, Makeup, Style, Food & More)

From tv to lipstick, these are all the summer favorites I’m LOVING in the month of August

2018 Summer Favorites I From style items to makeup and television, this is everything I'm loving lately! #August #Makeup #SummerFavorites

Hello there, dreamers! How is life treating you lately? For me, things have been a bit all over the place. I kind of feel like I’m crawling my way through the month of August. But, when I think back on all the fun days by the pool and the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Today’s post is a bit of a ‘miscellaneous’ one – in that I’m sharing all the style, makeup and lifestyle bits I’ve been loving this summer. Given how all over the place I feel I’ve been lately – it’s kind of fitting to share everything from favorite new tv shows to the drugstore foundation I can’t get enough of all at once.

Meet My Summer Favorites

Once again, I feel like summer has completely FLOWN by. While things sprung up that kept me from getting to take a true vacation this season, I have had a lot of fun lounging in the sunshine and taking it all in before the dreary days of winter come rushing in. 

From a new lipstick to sandals, my list of summer favorites is a mishmash of all the items I reach for the most and television shows I can’t get enough of. 

I wish I could say I have a favorite summer read as well, but if I’m being completely honest – I’ve started a lot of books but managed to only thoroughly finish one. #Woops

If you ARE on the hunt for a good read though, I did share posts on Neverworld Wake and The Woman in the Window that you might be interested in checking out. 

2018 Summer Favorites I From style items to makeup and television, this is everything I'm loving lately! #August #Makeup #SummerFavorites

Summer Beauty Favorites

Maybelline Lipstick in Baddest Beige (Shop Here)

Of course the last thing I needed at the start of August was another lipstick, but alas here I am swept away by another lippie. Good news, this beaut comes from the drugstore. The Maybelline Shine Eclat in ‘Baddest Beige’ first caught my eye when I spied Tati (aka ‘GlamLifeGuru’) sporting it in a recent makeup video. It’s not often I see something on YouTube I feel I immediately need to buy – but the level of shine and pigmentation on camera suckered me in. When I picked this up at Walgreens it was the very last one…meaning there are several other ladies out there falling in love with this lipstick. It’s the perfect everyday neutral lippie. The formula is incredibly creamy and feels like you’re sporting butter on your lips (minus the calories). 

CoverGirl Matte Made Foundation (Shop Here)

I have a more detailed review of this coming your way soon on Dream in Lace, but SPOILER ALERT: this foundation is the my new favorite from the drugstore. Until trying this, I’ve never really had a positive experience with CoverGirl foundations and concealers but the quality is totally changing the game and making me want to branch out and try other new products from CoverGirl. This is a solid matte finish – but instead of being cakey, it just looks like your natural skin is oil free. I would also say that this lasts a pretty hefty amount of time and stands up to heat and humidity like a pro. Oh and did I mention it has a pump? Yes. Seriously, how is this thing less than $10. (Bonus: it’s available in 40 shades.)

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette (Shop Here)

I featured the Urban Decay Born to Run palette in a much more in depth post here, but seriously – this is all I’ve been wearing on my eyes every day for more than the last month. There are so many color variations to choose from, that it’s the palette I reach for no matter WHAT I’m trying to do with my makeup that day. Smokey eye? Covered. Neutral? Covered. Bold? Covered. The packaging is also sturdy and fabulous with a full-sized mirror inside. Absolutely cannot get enough of this beaut!

Summer Style Favorites

Bella Vita Luc Sandal from Nordstrom (Shop Here)

I was in desperate need of a new pair of good brown sandals and when I spotted these at Nordstrom, immediately fell in love with the style and detailing. I picked up the Whiskey shade, but the sandal is also available in Black, White, Blush Suede, Champagne. And if you’re in need of a half size or a wide shoe, you’re in luck because these come in BOTH. (In fact they come in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wide availability of widths before in a sandal.)

Striped Fringed Dress from SheIn (Shop Here)

No doubt, I’ve been spending as much time in or by the pool as possible over the past few weeks. When we’re in the depths of winter, I don’t want to feel any regrets about not enjoying our warmer summer days. Poolside, I’ve been enjoying a ton of new suits I picked up from Land’s End and this DARLING lil’ cover-up from SheIn. The fit is fabulous and the price – unbeatable. It’s only $15!!!!!

2018 Summer Favorites I From style items to makeup and television, this is everything I'm loving lately! #August #Makeup #SummerFavorites

Summer Favorites in TV, Music and Food

Reign (Netflix)

When Reign first hit The CW I was in love with the show. Then, following it’s first season hiatus I guess I forgot about it altogether because and somehow wound up several seasons behind. The show about Mary Queen of Scot has now come to an end but I’ve been enjoying getting back into its juicy storylines on Netflix. What I love about Reign is it’s historical fiction that reminds of me counterparts like The Tudors (LOVED) – but takes a much more soapy approach to matters. And these days, who ISN’T in need of some soapy fun? It has also has incredible style and a cast of eye candy. Definitely check it out for mindless fun.

Chilled Melon

Okay, this one might be weird to include but I seriously can’t get enough cantaloupe these days. On more than one occasion I’ve been known to devour an entire melon in one day – which isn’t altogether bad considering how few calories it has. Amongst the August heat and humidity, digging into a bowl of chilled juicy melon has been such a refreshing treat. The only downside is I have to cut it up – but c’mon Kelly. Don’t be lazy.

Old School Music

Since nothing on the radio these days has managed to capture my attention this summer, I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the deep archives of my Amazon Music library. I’ve always preferred to buy music from Amazon over iTunes because of the streaming capability and we go WAY back. From Shania Twain to The Fray to bands I forgot about altogether like SafetySuit and Thiving Ivory, I’ve been basically playing old school music around the clock this summer. At the gym I’ve been turning to classics like Bush, Garbage, the Foo Fighters and even Nirvana (which I find hilariously ironic as Kurt Cobain was definitely not the type to hit the gym). It’s been a lot of fun rediscovering and taking advantage of the thousands of songs I already have at my fingertips. 

Castle Rock (Hulu) and Sharp Objects (HBO)

Lumping these two together because they’re both new, dark shows with stellar casting that I’ve been LOVING this summer.

Castle Rock I think I’ve literally been waiting for since I first heard about it way back when – and since its debut in July I’ve been looking forward to new episodes every week on Hulu. As a big Stephen King fan, it’s a lot of fun seeing the connections to his past stories and the cast is just top notch. (Side note, if you don’t have Hulu I highly recommend getting it. I cancelled my membership before because I never got much use out of it but their original programming is PHENOM right now.)

Sharp Objects is above and beyond my favorite of Gillian Flynn’s works and to see HBO adapt the story for a series instead of a movie is perfect. There’s simply too much depth the book touches on to be adequately covered in a movie. Amy Adams and Patricia Clark are both really digging their teeth into the layers of Camille and Adora and are already front-runners to take home major awards. The atmosphere of the book is what most resonated with me – as though you’re literally stuck in the thick of it – and the show captures it all perfectly. Kudos to all involved for delivering on the small screen.  

2018 Summer Favorites I From style items to makeup and television, this is everything I'm loving lately! #August #Makeup #SummerFavorites

What are some of your summer favorites?

No doubt I could ramble off a good 10 more things I’ve been loving this summer but in the interest of not keeping you here all day, I’ll stop right here.

With several more weeks to go, I suppose my list of summer favorites only has room to grow. Definitely let me know if there are any makeup gems, style bits or entertainment you think I need to have a look at. As always, I’m open to many many more suggestions! 

On that note, I’m going to escape into the monsoon of rain pouring outside my window and make my way over to the gym. Every Monday and Wednesday I’ve been going to a new ‘Aqua Fit’ class that’s both a lot of fun and a great workout this summer.

Thank you so much for reading and please share below what tops your summer favorites list!

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