My Most Worn Summer Lipsticks

From poppy red to sparkling pink, let’s review my FAVORITE of all favorite summer lipsticks.

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

Dreamers, today I’m doing something that makes me CRINGE at the thought – but I’m doing it to prove a point of just how much I truly LOVE all of the lippies featured in this post.

Ever since I started reading blogs, seeing pictures of used lipsticks has been like nails on a chalkboard to me. But honestly, when it comes to talking about my favorite summer lipsticks – it somehow just wouldn’t work to have new, polished and unworn lipsticks now would it?

And so, I’m showing you the UGLY truth of the lipsticks I wear SO often…that they’re next to being done and have the most unusual shapes ever. The state of these lippies is actually pretty embarrassing, but I think their state drives home the fact that they’re some well, WELL loved lipsticks.

(In fact, two of them I actually have backups of already because I’m so dedicated to the cause.)

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

My 5 Favorite Summer Lipsticks

When it comes to my favorite summer lipsticks, I don’t play favorites. From a TV reality star’s line, to the drugstore and designer makeup…I’m an equal opportunist and cover ALL the bases.

No doubt, pink is definitely the most-worn shade for me during the summer months.

But…I’m also head over heals in love with a poppy red lipstick from Essence (that only costs $3.99!!!!).  It just goes to show that in the world of makeup, you don’t have to drop a ton of money to bring home a product that will go the extra mile for you. 

So, dreamers, gear up and pucker up for a rundown of the five lipsticks I’m keeping on HEAVY rotation this summer.

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

Lala Beauty Liquid Lipstick in ‘Daddy’ (Shop Here)

It’s no secret that I’m WAY too invested in the lives of the Vanderpump Rules cast members. If you’re not familiar, I suggest you check it out because it’s by far the most entertaining show on Bravo and you are seriously missing out by not watching. My love for Pump Rules obviously rolled over to me shopping Lala Kent’s line of lip glosses. After falling in love with those, she expanded the line to include liquid lipsticks and lemme tell you…they are GORGEOUS.

The shade ‘Daddy’ is a beautiful vibrant pink and the pigmentation on the lips is just wowza. If you’re on the hunt for compliments, you’re going to love this lippie because it’s a compliment magnet. I’ve had so many complete strangers stop and ask me about my lipstick and it’s admittedly a lot of fun to break it to them that it’s by a Bravo TV reality star.

In fact, I love the liquid lipsticks so much that I should probably do a more in depth review. But, in the meantime I’ll say that they’re incredibly long lasting and *drum roll please* NOT drying. Seriously.    (Wanna see some lip glosses? I love on those too, here.)

Loreal Colour Riche Shine in 918 ‘Polished Tango’ (Shop Here)

If you’re looking for the perfect pink summer lipstick at a fabulous price, I direct you to 918 from L’Oreal’s shine collection.

This lipstick is so fabulously pink and shiny, that it just screams summer to me is likely to secure a spot on my favorites of 2018 as well. I’m not joking when I say that the formula is definitely my favorite from L’Oreal ever. I reach for this beauty ALL the time because not only does it look beautiful on the lips – it’s also incredibly easy to apply and hydrating. At a great price to boot? There’s really no losing out on this one.

Dior Lip Glow in Holo Pink (Shop Here)

It’s kind of funny that Holo Pink lands on my favorite summer lipsticks list because honestly, I think it was one of my favorites in the winter as well. But I can’t help it! The Dior Makeup team just hit it out with this collection. The Lip Glow balms deliver a lot of moisture to your whiles while also giving them a beautiful wash of color.

What makes Holo Pink even MORE fun than any of the other lip glows?

The sparkle. (Of course!) It’s a shiny, sparkling pink lipstick that I hope never goes away…because I’m going to be loving this one for a long, long time.

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

YSL Beauty Rouge Volupte Shine with Oil in 51 ‘Rose Saharienne’ (Shop Here)

Since I first discovered YSL’s lipsticks, their price continues to rise but the quality does not suffer. Not too long ago, YSL even upped the ante of their popular Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks by reformulating the product to include a moisturizing oil.

I know, I know. Summer is a rather humid time of year, but I find that my lips are at risk of feeling ‘chapped’ if they get too much sun. The added moisture of the volupte shines really does goes a long way. This shade ‘Rose Saharienne’ in particular looks very similar to L’Oreal’s Polished Tango…at (no getting around it) 3x the price. But somehow, I can’t fall out of love with YSL! What can I say? Their lipsticks have always done right by me and have a few treasured ones in my collection just seems right.

Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 05 Red-Y or Not (Shop Here)

I always wore nothing but MAC red lipsticks…until I met Essence’s ‘Matt Matt Matt’ collection. The entire collection is spot-on perfect but my favorite shade of all is this beauty poppy red. For starters, it’s flattering as all get out. Beyond that, it’s a matte finish that’s actually CREAMY and miraculously lasts forrrrever. Honestly, I’m not quite sure how the Essence team has managed to make a $3.99 lipstick that blows $35 lipsticks out of the water but they’ve done it.   (P.S. You can see my review of the collection here to see other shades! xo)

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

Let’s See Some Swatches

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

From Left to Right:
Lala Beauty ‘Daddy’ * YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 51 * Essence 05 * L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine 918 * Dior ‘Holo Pink’ Lip Glow

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

From Top to Bottom:
Dior ‘Holo Pink’ Lip Glow * L’Oreal Shine 918 * Essence 05 * YSL Shine 51 * Lala Beauty ‘Daddy’

Favorite Summer Lipsticks I #SummerMakeup #lipstick #drugstoremakeup #luxurymakeup

Well dreamers, there you have it. Five (heavily used) favorite summer lipsticks!

Of course there are definitely other lippies I’ve been using this summer, but these guys I keep within reach full-time. From the bolder poppy red to sparkling splashes of pink, they also make for the perfect selection of colorful and moisturizing summer shades. The glossy ones are also incredibly moisturizing, so much so that I have worn them to the gym as makeshift Chapstick.

(Spy a girl on the elliptical with sparkling pink lips? Chances are she might be just me! *wink*)

What Are Your Favorite Summer Lipsticks?


Lala Beauty Liquid Cream Lipstick in ‘Daddy’ ($16)
YSL Beauty Rouge Volupte Shine with Oil in 51 ‘Rose Saharienne’ ($37)
Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in Shade 05 ($3.99)
L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in 918 ‘ Polished Tango’ ($9.99)
Dior Lip Glow Balm in Holo Pink ($34)

Stay stylish and chase your dreams!