What to Wear to Work in the Summer Heat!

Let’s be honest, crafting summer work styles in the sweltering heat can be rough. After all, it’s hard to look cute when you appear drenched in a downpour of your own sweat. 

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Sure, it sounds dramatic – but sometimes I truly feel like I’m living in a tropical rain forest.

Global warming gives us scorching hot summers with humidity so high – at times I feel like I’m on the brink of an asthma attack…and I don’t even have asthma. (Cute, right?)

As suffocating and hardcore as it is, summer weather definitely makes it increasingly more challenging to pick out an outfit in the morning that is both functional and professional. Some days, it’s so hot that I feel like wearing nothing but a bathing suit and coverup with a portable fan. Of course, that’s not entirely realistic…so I have had to make concessions in other areas to maintain somewhat professional attire that’s at least bearable in the heat.  

When it comes to finding summer work styles, I stick to this rule of thumb:

Wear light, breathable clothes…that move.

Summer Work Styles: What to Wear

No doubt, the daily chore of getting dressed for work in the summer can be quite the challenge. 

So how exactly does one dress for high heat and humidity…while looking somewhat professional and cute?

Very lightly. Ditching the heavy cottons in savory of slinky fabrics that are lightweight and loose-fitting is the only way I survive. Probably the most oppressive factor of summer weather is feeling like your clothes become a second skin, so I look to find pieces that breathe. 

A Shorter Length is Your Friend

Be it cropped pants or a skirt, going for a shorter length to create more breathing room in the heat is definitely a good idea when dressing for work in the summer. Personally, I love wearing capris pants with a long, flowing top. Or, wearing a shorter skirt with a longer sleeved blouse to create balance. Obviously no one wants to turning up at the office in a micro mini, think and dress smart.

Rule of thumb: if you’re worried that your derriere is showing when bending over, the length is too short.

Play with Color and Prints

Summer is the one season of the year when you have permission to get a little bit loud with your clothing. The vibrancy of the sun and the heat makes for the perfect occasion for playing with energetic patterns that might having you feeling out of place in the cold, gray months of winter.

Look for Lightweight and Light-Colored Pieces

When it comes to summer work styles, I think light and simple is the way to go. Of course, always keep a sweater or two on-hand in your car, because you never know when you’ll step into a building that’s colder than the Arctic Ocean.

No doubt, the easiest thing of all to throw on in the summertime is a sundress. It’s effortless, always looks good and is comfortable as all get out. A sundress will also easily trick people into thinking you spent more time getting ready than you actually did. Show of hands: who has has been told ‘Oh you’re so dressed up!’ when wearing a dress…that took you all of 10 seconds to get on. Between you and me…it can be our little secret!

Go for Shorts

Surprise: I’m also a big fan of shorts in the workplace!

It may sound strange, but when done right…shorts can make for some pretty polished summer work styles. Pair a classic pair of white shorts with a jacket or blazer over a loose blouse – and you’re set. Just beware, when I say shorts – I don’t mean your Daisy Dukes. No one wants to see you turning up to work in hot pants. Think professionally and responsibly when going this route.


What’s Your Summer Work Style Must-Have?

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