Spring Drugstore Makeup Obsessions

From a new foundation favorites to a coral blush, these are the spring drugstore makeup bits I’ve seriously fallen in love with this season!

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites I DreaminLace.com #SpringMakeup #Makeup

Dreamers before we get into a spring drugstore makeup gush-fest, I want to apologize for my absence! It’s been three weeks since I published a post *gulp*. That is by far the longest “hiatus” I’ve had in a long while here on Dream in Lace and I’ve desperately missed creating content for you lovely lot.

With a super hectic schedule, let me just say April was one seriously busy month and provided next to no time for blogging. Add to that some horrific weather, a few car problems, a bunch of other nonsense and this space has been pretty vacant *crickets*.

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites

Fear not though, because I’m BACK and my creative juices are flowing!

For my first post back from my unwanted and unplanned break, I want to spill the beans on the spring drugstore makeup I’ve been splashing all over my face like a mad woman lately. While I didn’t have a lot of spare time for blogging in April, I DID pick up several new bits from the drugstore and have enjoyed putting them to the test. Some of them were duds, but others were fabulous!

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites I DreaminLace.com #SpringMakeup #Makeup

Milani Rose Blush in Coral Cove (Shop)

For OBVIOUS reasons, I fell completely in love with Milani’s Coral blush. I mean, it’s a frickin’ rose. Who wouldn’t love that for spring? And after month after month of wearing drab ‘dusty rose’ shades atop my cheeks, I was feeling in the mood for some POP! The pigmentation of the blush is quite nice and gives the perfect splash of color to your complexion. On cold, rainy and snowy days – I find myself actually beaming when reaching for this. A makeup product that can put a little spring in your step even when mother nature is still dumping cold on you? Yes, please!

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation (Shop)

After loving the Pro-Matte version for ages, I picked up L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Glow foundation on a whim in hopes it would be the ultimate spring foundation – and well, it kind of is. Similar to the Pro-Matte, the foundation has medium coverage and a long wear time. The difference of course is the finish. Where the Pro-Matte is obviously matte, the Pro-Glow has a radiant and slightly dewy finish that creates a fresh complexion for the spring temperatures.

Like with most drugstore foundations, I do find the foundation wears better when touched up a bit through the day with a translucent setting powder. But generally, it does hold up extremely well. Yes, I feel lame that it’s taken me this long to give the Pro-Glow a try. But, now that I have, it’s definitely a spring drugstore makeup must-have and lives up to the hype.

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites I DreaminLace.com #SpringMakeup #Makeup

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites I DreaminLace.com #SpringMakeup #Makeup

Maybelline Dream BB (Shop)

For a long while now, I’ve been obsessed with Urban Decay’s Naked One and Done and while I knew finding something as fabulous in the drugstore would be a long shot, I picked up Maybelline’s BB cream just to see for myself. In the end, I have to say it definitely is no dupe for my favorite UD product – but it IS a pretty fantastic product on its own. The coverage is very light. Meaning, you’ll get slight color correcting but any blemishes will need more work. But, I’ve come to LOVE wearing this on the weekends. It’s SUPER lightweight and virtually feels like nothing on your skin. Yet, it does provide enough color correcting to help you get out the door feeling ‘put together’…even in the laziest of moods. 

Side note, obviously I’m not in high school but I think this would be a great product for teenagers who are looking for some coverage without breaking into heavy foundation. I wish I had this when I was in high school actually!

ELF High Definition Setting Powder (Shop)

I rambled on quite a bit about my love of ELF’s HD setting powder in this post on one of their newest eyeshadow palettes, so I’ll spare you another essay. Bottom line, this stuff is genius. I use it every day and have pretty much retired my holy grail Laura Mercier setting powder. It’s so good. So, so good. I obviously had to include it on my list of spring drugstore makeup favorites because I feel like I’m pretty much married to this powder. No lie!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish (Shop)

Okay, so I THINK I’m using this product wrong and admittedly didn’t even do the research to find out for sure. #Woops

Basically, I use these gel polishes without a UV light…even though I suspect they might be designed to use with one. After having success with the Essie and Wet n’ Wild UV-free gel nail polishes, I figured I’d give these a go on their own. What can I say? The 75-shade color selection seduced me.

But, given that Sally Hansen does sell a UV light I feel like maybe these are intended for that…

Well. For what it’s worth, I enjoy these. I think they have great pigmentation, apply smoothly and last a pretty impressive amount of time on their own. I DO top them off with Essie’s gel top coat, which probably helps…but I just wanted to give them a mention since the shades are so darn lovely for spring.

(Yes, I realize this is not the most helpful bit of information on the nail polish. LOL! If you know for sure if they should be used with a UV light or not, let me know. I’m still learning! xoxo)

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites I DreaminLace.com #SpringMakeup #Makeup

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites I DreaminLace.com #SpringMakeup #Makeup

Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Highlighter (Shop)

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a spring drugstore makeup love fest without weighing in some fantastic highlighters. I mean, I’m here for highlighters all year round but in the spring and summer? It’s time to up the game! And lemme tell you, the Strobelight highlighter from Milani is heavenly. If you’re on the hunt for some “WOW” glow, look no further. This delivers so much pop, that you could run the risk of blinding someone.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks (Shop)

Finally, L’oreal has released some lipsticks that are fabulous AND don’t stink!! *hallelujah* I know, I know. Some people actually don’t mind the classic L’Oreal lipstick scent but I find it very old-fashioned and distracting. #Sorry

Needless to say, the new Colour Riche Shine lipsticks are in HEAVY rotation on my lips. As of right now, there are 16 shades available but I suspect that’s only going to expand as we enter the summer months. Given their popularity, I think they’re here to stay a while. The lipsticks have great pigment and bring a nice, shiny splash of color to your lips. They’re also mighty moisturizing, which has been a blessing among the lingering winter temperatures. Seriously, get to the drugstore stat to pick some of these up!

ELF Mineral Infused Mascara (Shop)

I have a much more in depth review of this new Elf mascara coming your way soon, but I simply couldn’t share a post on my spring drugstore makeup favorites without mentioning it. I mean, a $3 mascara that I use more than all of my expensive mascaras? That’s pretty remarkable. The length and volume this brings to my lashes is infectious! It’s like I can start living out my Disney princess dreams with long, fluttery eye lashes and I can’t get enough. One seriously great find!

ELF Heart Defenser Highlighter Palette (Shop)

I confess, I don’t watch many ‘Beauty Guru’s on YouTube anymore but one of my all time favs is Heart. Her entire personality is so warm and inviting and when I saw her collaborating with Elf I knew she’d deliver something great. And great she did because the Heart Defenser Highlighter Duo palette is incredible. I picked this up before purchasing the Milani strobelight and till then was using it literally every day. Since, I alternate between the two. (Obviously you can never have too many good highlighters.)

The bronze shade is gorgeous atop bronzer and the white highlight is a very close match to MAC’s Soft and Gentle. Seriously, if you have $8 to spare – I suggest picking this up before it’s gone!

Spring Drugstore Makeup Favorites I DreaminLace.com #SpringMakeup #Makeup

Well, I HOPE you were able to discover a new spring drugstore makeup gem to have you feeling pretty in the warmer temps and sunshine!

After winter dragged on for ages, I think we all deserve to pick up some new makeup bits for the season. Be it a new foundation or a lipstick, I give you permission to treat yourself. And please, let me know if there’s something at the drugstore you’ve been loving lately!

What about the makeup duds?

Let me know if you’d be interested in a post about the drugstore makeup products I’ve been testing that did not work out. Typically, I try to keep things positive around here but there are some products I’ve picked up that really surprised me with how disappointing they were. If you think that it would be helpful to hear about the products that just didn’t work for me – I’m happy to oblige and put that together!

And of course…THANK YOU for reading! Apologies again for being so mia the last few weeks. But my schedule is taming down now, I’m feeling inspired and ready to get back in the swing of things. Thanks so much for sticking with me. I really appreciate it! xo

What Drugstore Gems Have You Found this Spring?


ELF Cosmetics Heart Defenser Highlighter Palette ($8)
Elf Cosmetics High Definition Powder ($6)
ELF Cosmetics Mineral Infused Mascara ($3)
L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation ($12.99)
L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks ($9.99)
Maybelline Dream BB Fresh Cream ($8.99)
Milani Rose Powder Blush in Coral Cove ($9)
Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Highlighter ($9.99)
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes ($9.99)

Stay stylish and chase your dreams!