My New Favorite Page-Turner Read

Are you on the hunt for a page-turner summer read? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve found a new favorite!

Page-Turner Summer Read I The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn
Hi there, dreamers! If you’re thinking to yourself, “Gee, I didn’t realize that Dream in Lace shares book reviews,” it’s because – I admittedly SUCK at finishing books anymore.

Back in the day, I used to be a devout reader but while juggling a full-time job, blogging, living, yadda yadda…it somehow always manages to fall to the bottom of my “To Do” list. Of course, that’s not without trying. I’ve had several failed attempts at kick-starting a ‘Book of the Month’ series here on the ole’ blog and am absolutely no stranger to the New York Time‘s Bestsellers list. I also make use of my library account on the regular and snag must-reads from iBooks pretty frequently. 

The problem? I just can’t seem to FINISH books that I start. (Unless they’re nonfiction. Those I seem to devour. Marketing tips? Memoirs? I’m all over it.)

Well, today I have some happy to news to share because not only did I manage to finish a book – I managed to find a new favorite page-turner that is the perfect book to get you back in the reading spirit! If you’re on the hunt for summer reads for by the beach or pool – or amidst a stormy afternoon – you’re in luck. 

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn.


A recluse in her New York City home, Anna Fox is agoraphobic and lives alone. Her days of working as a child psychologist have to come an end – as has her marriage. Separated and living on her own, she now spends her time drinking (far too much) wine, counseling other shut-ins online, watching old movies and…using her Nikon camera to spy on her neighbors. 

When a father, mother and teenage son move into the house across the street – Amy assumes the Russells to be the perfect family. That is until she spies something outside her window one night that reveals there just may be some shocking secrets hidden behind their closed doors. 

Just what is the truth about the Russell family and what is imagined? With danger and suspense, The Woman in the Window is a page-turner read that you will fly through.

Page-Turner Summer Read I The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

The Perfect Page-Turner Summer Read

Without giving anything away, I can tell you that The Woman in the Window is truly one engrossing read. From start to finish, you’re taken on a bit of a whirlwind ride. Leading you along the way is Anna – who most definitely isn’t the most reliable character out there.

Nope, Anna’s got her fair share of issues. She’s a dry, unstable character and watching her go through the motions of her day-to-day life is a bit like watching a train wreck. No matter how many times she crashes and burns, you somehow cannot turn away. She drinks WAY too much, mixes alcohol with heavy drugs, ignores the advice of everyone around her and basically does the wrong thing 100 percent of the time.

And yet, with all her flaws, I found myself rooting for Anna every step of the way. What can I say? I’m always championing the underdog.

Modern Day Rear Window

In The Woman in the Window, author A.J. Finn definitely puts to use his knowledge of classic film. Throughout the book, Anna spends a great deal of her time watching classic thrillers and mysteries – some I’d heard of…others had me drafting a long list on my phone of black and white flicks to catch on iTunes (i.e. Gaslight, LauraDark Passage and more). 

Of course there’s one classic thriller that came to mind while reading the book: Alfred Hitchcock’s famous Rear Window.

Similar to the film, the entire book takes place through the eyes of our protagonist and all suspense is built around what is witnessed from the window. Characters are only introduced when they come into the main character’s home and a camera is the only lenses to the outside world.

And yet, while Rear Window no doubt greatly influences the premise of The Woman in the Window – the culmination of events is entirely different. So fear not, don’t think you’re going to get a rehashing of the popular classic film. The book definitely reaches far beyond that.

Perfect Summer Read

Because The Woman in the Window is such a gripping story with a main character that instantly draws you in, I think you’ll find it the perfect summer read for by the pool or on the beach. On the day I finished this, I totally lucked out that it was storming and I absolutely loved being tucked inside listening to the thunder and rain while racing through the final pages.

If you’re in a bit of a reading slump, I wager this is a page-turner that will pull you out! A.J. Finn creates such a suspenseful atmosphere that you’ll want to keep reading to figure everything out. Anna, while being unreliable, is also a pretty great narrator. Sure, she’s a mess…but she’s very easy to connect to and explains information in a compelling, relatable way.

Needless to say, I give the The Woman in the Window two big thumbs up and recommend putting it at the top of your reading list. It’s not every day a thriller comes along that’s actually thrilling…but this is one well worth your time.

What’s Your Favorite Page-Turner Read?


The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn (Amazon)

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