Does Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Really Work?

The Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation promises to deliver a youthful-look that lasts up to 24 hours. Does it deliver? Let’s find out!

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Review I #MarcJacobs #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Dreamers, when Marc Jacobs Beauty launches a new foundation – you can guarantee I’m on my way to pick it up!

So much so, that I was in fact the girl at Sephora pleading with staff to let me buy the new Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation before it hit the floor. In the end, the lovely ladies at Sephora caved and I was able to leave the store armed with the latest from Marc. (Smiling ear-to-ear of course. Victory!)

You know what they say, ask and you shall receive — right? Right.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation

Okay, so. Why was I determined to immediately give this a try?

Because I’m head over heals in love with the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation. It’s brilliant. A full coverage foundation that will literally cover anything your skin throws at it with just a few drops. Oh, and did I mention it lasts literally all day long? (Even the particularly long days that seem to blend together. You know the type!)

The MJ Remarcable foundation is slam dunk product I can find no fault in. Thus, I was pretty excited to test out its new sister foundation. 

At first glance, the Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation seemed like the perfect partner to my beloved Remarcable. 

  • Medium, Buildable Coverage
  • 24-Hour Wear Time
  • Self-Setting Finish
  • Flashback-free SPF
  • Youthful Finish
  • 29 Shades Available with a Variety of Undertones
Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Review I #MarcJacobs #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look Foundation
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Popping out of bed on a Monday morning, I was ready to put the Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation to the test and immediately fell in love with the finish. 

The foundation made my dull, Monday morning complexion look alive – which was a huge blessing for anyone I would come in contact throughout the day. While the Remarcable foundation is quite matte, Shameless has a satin finish with a quite radiant glow. 

And let me tell you, while wearing this foundation…wait for the compliments to come in. They will!

Groundbreaking SPF?

On top of making your skin look virtually flawless, Marc Jacobs’s Shameless foundation also features some exciting new technology in SPF. The SPF absorbs pigment, making it virtually invisible – particularly when using flash photography. 

So, if you’re worried about wearing this foundation at a nighttime event and having a white cast across your face in photos – you can rest easily. Marc Jacobs has your back!

Natural Benefits

As an added skincare benefit, the foundation also includes natural ingredients like Snow Mushroom (of all things) that are known for locking in hydration. During the day, I can definitely see (and feel) this in action. Being wintertime, the weather has a way of making my skin look depleted during the day. With the Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation, though, I find that my skin looks as hydrated late in the day as it did fresh after moisturizing and applying in the morning. 

In addition, the foundation also includes Blue Daisy extract which is perfect for fending off any pollution effects on your skin. (Which we can all use, sadly.)

How About That Wear Time?

I’ll be honest with you. I simply will not wear a foundation that doesn’t last all day. That’s an absolute deal breaker for me. And so, I’m happy to report that the Shameless foundation does pass my extremely hard test about being long lasting!

Even without a primer I can stretch this easily over a long day, with no touch ups. Yes, that’s correct. When other foundations start to break up around my nose, the MJ foundation keeps going strong (much like its Remarcable counterpart). Basically, Marc Jacobs Beauty does a stand up job at delivering products that truly last and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Review I #MarcJacobs #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Review I #MarcJacobs #CrueltyFreeBeauty

How Does Shameless Hold Up Against Pores and Fine Lines?

If you’re like me, you have pores. You probably also have some fine lines starting to pop up. Hence, you’re not going to be about a foundation that exaggerates them…even the slightest amount. 

Lucky for us all, the Shameless foundation swiftly smooths everything over and doesn’t sink into pores and lines as it sets or wears. Coupled with the youthful glow, you could argue in fact that the foundation turns back the hands of time. 

Shameless v. Remarcable

As a devout fan of both these Marc Jacobs foundations now, I thought it would help to compare them a little bit.

Both formulas are extremely long lasting, but with very different finishes. The Remarcable foundation delivers a solid, full-coverage matte finish while Shameless offers a medium, satin with glow. I think they’re both fantastic foundations and will compliment each other well in your collection. 

Since the Remarcable foundation is in fact very full coverage, it can be a bit much for every day use. I’m totally head over heels in love with it, but definitely don’t reach to wear it on a daily basis. 

The Shameless foundation, however, is great for every day use. It has medium coverage, lasts all day and is extremely lightweight. A perfect everyday foundation, if you ask me. 

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Review I #MarcJacobs #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Overall Thoughts:

I’m in love with the Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation, if you couldn’t tell. It may be pretty early to say, but I have a feeling it’s truly going to be one of my favorite beauty products of 2018 and can see myself picking this up again and again. 

The Run Down:

  • Medium Coverage
  • Smooth, Satin Finish
  • Delivers a Beautiful, Radiant Glow
  • Extremely Long Lasting (Even without a primer or powder touch ups!)
  • 29 Shades Available
  • Natural Ingredients to Fight Pollution and Keep Skin Hydrated All Day Long
  • Innovative Flashback-Proof SPF
  • Cruelty-Free!!!
  • Available from Marc Jacobs Beauty and Stocked at Sephora


Want to learn more about the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation? Read my review, here!


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