Pump Rules? Testing Out Lala Kent’s Lip Glosses!

Taking my love of Vanderpump Rules to a new level by putting the Lala Beauty lip gloss line to the test!

Any good?

Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss Review I DreaminLace.com #CrueltyFree #LipGloss #CrueltyFreeBeauty

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my guilty-pleasure addiction to Vanderpump Rules

What can I say? Lisa Vanderpump’s RHOBH spin-off featuring a crazy cast of restaurant staff is so juicy I can’t look away. If you’ve not yet seen the show, I recommend looking it up On Demand or watch past seasons on Hulu. Trust me, the tea is good. SO good, that when I finished a recent episode and was following the show’s Lala Kent on Instagram – I was elated to discover she has her own makeup.

Naturally, I had to place an order. Immediately.

Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss

Upon racing to Lala Kent’s website, I found that her beauty line currently only has lip glosses available. But, that’s a good place to start! There are four permanent shades available and two limited editions from the holiday season. All of the shade names match Lala’s flirty personality and some of the drama that surrounds her on the show. If you’re familiar with Pump Rules, shade names like James, Land Rover, The Affair and Mistress won’t be lost on you. (I see you poking fun at yourself, Lala.)

My fellow animal lovers? Be happy because the lip glosses ARE certified cruelty-free! This is obviously a win, win and makes me hope the line expands to other products because you just know I’m HERE for cruelty-free makeup.

Are you ready to get into the lip glosses and see what they’re all about?


Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss Review I DreaminLace.com #CrueltyFree #LipGloss #CrueltyFreeBeauty

For my first-time ordering with Lala Beauty, I selected two shades of lip gloss: Mistress and Randy.

I definitely made sure to pick up a nude shade as that’s a signature look for Lala, but also wanted to choose one that wouldn’t totally wash me out. (I’m basically albino and for some reason ignore all the faux tan I have hanging out in my bathroom?) Mistress seemed to be the best nude to fit the bill for me. I really loved the name James and almost ordered that one just because it’s an iconic name if you watch Vanderpump Rules…but that shade appeared to be more sheer and better suited for laying over lipstick. For you, I wanted to show the lip glosses off on their own to start.

Being a committed lover of color, I of course also had to pick up Randy. It’s a more poppy pink shade that I thought would be really flattering based off the pictures online.

Paying with PayPal

One thing I wanted to point out, since I found it interesting, is that currently the only way to pay for an order is through PayPal. I personally like using PayPal as I think it’s quick and saves you from having to share your personal financial information a million times…but it’s something to be aware of if you don’t currently have an account setup with PayPal.

How long did it take for my order to arrive?

I ordered my lip glosses around 11 pm EST on a Monday (Pump Rules night, obviously) and they arrived within five days. Along the way, I of course got updates on my order status…that it was being processed, shipped…and EVEN when it arrived. I was at work when I got an email that my order had been delivered and I thought that was a nice touch to see Lala Beauty truly track an order from doorstep to doorstep. (Most places seem to stop caring once it’s in the hands of USPS or what not.)

Lip Gloss Swatches

Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss Review I DreaminLace.com #CrueltyFree #LipGloss #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Randy (Above) Mistress (Below)

Let’s Talk Texture and Consistency!

Lala Kent says her lip glosses feel like butter on the lips — and I agree. They’re so richly, comfortable to wear and not sticky in the least! They almost give your lips a nice, cushion-like effect which is very satisfying. I actually look forward to wearing these glosses and feel like I could even sleep in them. I know, that sounds really weird but honestly…they’re extremely comforting to wear. These days I’m all about the cozy vibes and theses lip glosses? Top notch cozy! *wink*

As you can see in the swatches above, the lip glosses also apply very evenly. This definitely comes from how smooth and soft the texture of the gloss itself. Say…if a lip gloss is more tacky, it can drag on the lips and get patchy. But you’ll find nice, smooth application with these boys.

Moisturizing: Yes or No?

It’s currently 7 degrees outside in the Midwest with lots of snow and ice on the ground. Meaning? Super dry winter conditions!!

When the weather turns this cold and dry, I’m much more picky about with the lip products I’ll use. I mean, obviously I can’t afford or deal with wearing something that will suck even more moisture out of my lips during these trying times! Well, I’m happy to report that Lala’s glosses work beautifully in winter conditions! They’re enriching, moisturizing and won’t leave your lips feeling chapped at all. 

Long Lasting?

On the website, you’ll find that the lip glosses are described as ‘long lasting’. I honestly don’t think that’s a fair claim for any lip gloss…but since they brought it up I wanted to share my thoughts. If you’re not eating or drinking…I think these will last you about 5 hours. If you are, I think you’ll need to do some touch ups as the product does transfer onto glasses, etc. I will say, as the gloss wears off…it does look quite beautiful on the lips. Not as high-gloss obviously, but a more subtle sheen.

The Scent!

Totally a superficial and unimportant element of the glosses that still might excite you is the scent. They smell, DELICIOUS! Like a vanilla cake. Scent is something I don’t usually get excited about, but these smell so fabulous I had to mention it.

Let’s Look at the Gloss On the Lips!

Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss Review I DreaminLace.com #CrueltyFree #LipGloss #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss Review I DreaminLace.com #CrueltyFree #LipGloss #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Lala Beauty ‘Mistress’ Lip Gloss

First up is Mistress, a nude peachy gloss that is very subtle!

What I really like about Mistress is that it’s extremely versatile. You can throw this on when you’re rushing out the door in minimal makeup (as I was in these photos). OR, you can finish off a more sultry makeup look (smoky eyes and all) with this “gloss” for a night out.

A good nude lip gloss is a basic staple every girl needs in her makeup collection and I’ve got to give Lala props for offering a nice selection of them. If you’re in the mood for a little color though…

Give Them Lala Beauty Lip Gloss Review I DreaminLace.com #CrueltyFree #LipGloss #CrueltyFreeBeauty

Lala Beauty ‘Randy’ Lip Gloss

Next up is the Lala Beauty shade ‘Randy‘. While described as a dusty rose, I find it has a little bit more punch to it than that. Don’t you? To me a dusty rose is more mauve? (I could be totally wrong here and making that up. Woops.)

Anyway, debate over whether this is a true dusty rose color not aside — Randy is definitely my favorite of the two shades I picked up from Lala Beauty. It has a lovely pop of color to it, while not being overpowering or in your face. Even better? Randy is a universally flattering shade that will suit virtually every skin tone and go with basically…any outfit.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I have to say I am SUPER impressed by Lala’s lip glosses. When I ordered these, I figured they’d be fun to try but I honestly didn’t expect to fall as in love with them as I have. They’re SO comfortable on the lips, smell DELICIOUS and are truly beautiful. It also makes my heart burst that they’re cruelty-free and are reasonably priced at $16.

Guys, I’m Team Lala. These are so worth trying and I am keeping my fingers crossed she expands the line to not only include more shades…but other products as well. Lala blush! Lala foundation! Bring it on. xo

Pros of the Lala Beauty Lip Gloss

  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • Nicely Priced at $16 a Pop
  • Extremely Comfortable on the Lips
  • Not Sticky, At All!
  • Flattering Shades
  • Great Packaging
  • Excellent Communication from Customer Service
  • Delicious Scent (Like Vanilla Cake. MMM!!)

Cons of the Lala Beauty Lip Gloss

  • Website Doesn’t List Ingredients (Odd)
  • Must Have a PayPal Account to Order (For now)
  • Not Transfer Proof (I hate listing this as a con as I think that’s pretty much a given with a lip gloss, but I know that can bother peeps.)


Have You Tried Lala Beauty Yet?

If so, let me know what YOU think of the lip glosses!


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*Exciting News* In addition to the glosses, Lala Beauty has launched new matte and cream liquid lipsticks! To browse and shop all that Lala Beauty has available, visit the website.

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