Why I’m Not Covering the Golden Globes This Year

Award season is upon us! Here’s a quick note on why I won’t be covering the Golden Globes or the other award show red carpets this season.

Why I'm Not Covering the Golden Globes I DreaminLace.com

Hello my lovely, fellow Dreamers! Happy Sunday – and Golden Globes day – to you.

This morning over coffee, I was composing a short tweet to let you know I’ve decided to break tradition and not cover the Golden Globes on Dream in Lace this year. Doing so, I realized it might actually be better just to drop a quick note to everyone here to explain that my usual routine of live-tweeting the award season festivities and rounding up my picks for the 10 Best and Worst dressed ladies of the night is on hold for 2018.

So no, I won’t be covering the Golden Globes, SAG or Academy Awards this year.

Why I'm Not Covering the Golden Globes I DreaminLace.com

I know I know, even announcing something like this is silly. After all, it’s an awards show. Not exactly that important, right?

I did want to explain the absence of these award season posts though – since covering the red carpets has been a tradition of mine since Dream in Lace began.

(Fun fact, award season coverage literally WAS the start of Dream in Lace. I started a Tumblr account reviewing red carpet styles that later evolved into the DreaminLace.com you see today. Who knew! *wink*)

I’m definitely not trying to cause a big fuss or make a long drawn out debate as to why, but in a nutshell:

I’m just generally disappointed and uninspired by Hollywood at the moment. Not to mention, the red carpet fashion game. (Don’t get me started on Marchesa.) While it’s always been a lot of fun covering the awards, for right now…I’m just not in the mood. Basically.

There are a lot of issues in Hollywood that concern me at the moment and—I just don’t want to glaze over them to nit pick over dresses. Creating in-good-fun award season posts in the past has been a lot of fun and I may again in the future, but for now…I pass.

To celebrate great work though, I will be finishing off the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale tonight and I’m elated at the prospect of Elisabeth Moss winning a trophy. (Still can’t believe the Globes never gave her an award for Peggy Olson in Mad Men, but that’s a whole other story…lol.) I’m happy for all of the nominees and winners and wish everyone a fantastic night!!

Times Up Now Campaign I Why I'm Not Covering the Golden GlobesOn Another Note, Time’s Up Now

While yes, a lot disappoints me about Hollywood, the awards circuit and complicity right now – I do want to express my support for the important Times Up Now campaign that will be represented at tonight’s ceremony.

If you’re not aware of this yet, it’s basically a movement to support women across all industries who are facing sexual assault. From teachers, to factory workers and beyond. If you visit the Times Up Now website, like me you can make a donation towards a legal support fund for our fellow women and sign your name in solidarity with the campaign.

In 2018, let’s let the painful lessons of 2017 unite women in defense of sexual assault. Enough is truly enough. Time’s up!

Stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!