Cheers! Toasting the New Year with Tobi

Ringing in 2018 with a festive New Years Eve outfit from Tobi…and some bubbly. (Obviously.)

New Years Eve Outfit by Tobi I DreaminLace #Style

Happy New Year, Dreamers!!!

I feel like bursting with excitement over a new year, which is something different for me. Sometimes, I feel like New Year’s is kind of a depressing holiday but no…not now. Now, I feel hopeful and ready to make 2018 an INCREDIBLE year!! Truly.

Of course, it can’t hurt that I’ve just returned from an incredibly relaxing week in Naples, Florida. There I spent my days soaking up the sun, scenery and company of a great family trip for the holiday. If you head over my to Instagram, you can catch some fun snaps and video from that getaway – where I made some memories I hope will carry me through the long, cold winter days ahead. (It’s currently 3 degrees outside. Brilliant!)

Celebrating in a New Years Eve Outfit from Tobi

After flying in late last night, I spent the bulk of my New Year’s Eve day in PJs before glitzing myself up a bit for bubbly and appetizers with my mom and step-dad. For the occasion, I threw on this red shimmering piece from Tobi and prepared to unwind and kiss 2017 goodbye.

Tobi’s based in California and I’m really excited to learn more and more about the brand. They have loads of styles available, from dresses to cozy sweaters to shimmering skirts. When they reached out to me asking if I’d be interesting in trying a few pieces, I simply HAD to pick out a festive New Years Eve outfit to enter 2018 in style.

So naturally, I went for something red and sparkly – because, why not? Cheers!

New Years Eve Outfit by Tobi I DreaminLace #StyleNew Years Eve Outfit by Tobi I DreaminLace #Style

New Years Eve Outfit by Tobi I DreaminLace #Style

Looking Ahead to 2018

Fun New Years Eve outfit aside, I’ve definitely taken time over the last couple of weeks to reflect back over my year and the 2017 life lessons I’ll be carrying with me into 2018.

In truth, it’s probably a good thing that I did enjoy a holiday getaway to help clear my mind for the new year. The last couple of months have been challenging and come December 22, I felt like my mind was literally going to explode with so many things to do and a millions details racing at a mile a minute.

Yes, indeed. A beach vacay was needed and gave me time to think about what I’ve learned in 2017 and how I can channel those lessons into making 2018 even better.

In 2018 I’m looking forward to…

  • Better Dictating My Schedule: Obviously, things come up. But as a whole I feel like I let everyone and everything else run my schedule in 2017. I found myself skipping events and trips I desperately wanted to attend as a means of ‘making it all work’…but by the end of the year, I was left burnt out. In 2018, I’m going to work on better defining my schedule and making that valuable personal time to achieve my personal goals and spend time with loved ones a priority.
  • Making a Difference: I did a lot of soul searching in 2017, leaving me with the realization that I am my most happy when making a difference. There is MUCH I want to change about the world. While I can’t manage it all on my own, I can align myself with people and organizations that can help. Be it through working for a nonprofit, volunteering, activism, donations, whatever – it’s food for my soul and brings light to an otherwise dark world and time.
  • Getting Away More: Probably my biggest regret of 2017 is that I missed out on trips I entered the year fully intending to take. Well, in 2018 that’s going to be corrected. A change of scenery is truly so important for me, as is spending time with loved ones. Sure, sometimes it seems impossible to get away but next year…I shall and I can’t wait!!

New Years Eve Outfit by Tobi I DreaminLace #Style

Cheers to a New and Even Better Year

Wishing all my fellow dreamers a bright, joyous new year! 2017 my have had its ups and downs, but it definitely taught us all a lot and I think we are primed and ready to make 2018 one of the best years, yet!!

Please, let me know what you’re looking forward to in the new year or if you have any goals you’ve set for yourself. Also, on a fun stylish note — what did YOUR New Years Eve party outfit look like? Did you get dolled up…or were you more low-key. Lemme know!

As always, thank you to everyone for reading and sharing your day with me. Also, big thank you to Tobi for gifting me this beautiful dress (that I layered because it’s so freezing here!!!).

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