My Christmas Bucket List

Seeing that it’s December, it seems just about time to put together my Christmas Bucket List for the season!

My Christmas Bucket List I

I keep a Christmas box underneath my bed. Inside? Holiday treasures that bring me joy just one month out of the year. Naturally, as soon as Thanksgiving weekend came and went I went digging for my red glittery slippers, Christmas sweaters, cheesy holiday headgear and more.

The last few weeks have been MAD busy and when people ask me about holiday plans, I’ve sort of cringed on the inside because with my nose in the grind it’s been difficult to think that far ahead. Far ahead? Silly though, because Christmas is actually just a few short weeks away. Given my love for the season, I thought I’d make myself a cup of hot chocolate (with VEGAN marshmallows #TraderJoes) and make a list. No, not a shopping list. No, not a naughty or nice list. But a bucket list! A Christmas bucket list!

I’ve been looking forward to this time of year literally all year long and by golly, I am going to enjoy it!

My Christmas Bucket List

My Christmas Bucket List I

My Christmas Bucket List I

My Christmas Bucket List I

Decking the Halls

My busy schedule (and a see of dead Christmas lights with no time to get to Target) has delayed this thus far, but I’m beyond ready to festive-up my surroundings! This week, I’m ready to get to work stringing up garland, unpacking my snowmen…the works.

Since I’ve been spending many long days at work, I also want to decorate at the office more. Currently, I have a strand of sad Christmas lights hung up that could definitely use a little more TLC to get more in the holiday swing of things. Christmas decorations simply bring my joy and I say – the more the merrier!

Take in a Christmas Light Show

I haven’t done this in YEARS, but there are some amazing Christmas light shows nearby and I’m determined to make it to at least one this holiday season. Even if it’s just one of the drive-thru ones, I’m feeling in the mood to embrace the light displays with all the cheesy Christmas music and possibly even a cup of hot chocolate on the side. Why not!

My Christmas Bucket List I

Small Town Christmas Shopping

As glorious as the mall may be, I really enjoy shopping in festive small town boutiques for unique holiday gifts. For one, it’s great to support small businesses but it’s also great to feel like you’re literally living in a Hallmark Christmas movie. I’m fortunate to have several nearby options of charming streets lined with quaint gift shops and am determined to visit at least one over the coming weeks!

Read a Holiday Book

One thing I haven’t done much of in 2017? Reading! Well, during the holidays I’m setting a goal to read ONE holiday book. I have the bestseller Seven Days of Us on hold with the library, but if that doesn’t come in in time it could be something as great as rereading Harry Potter. I just have this vision of me in fuzzy Christmas socks, by a fire, reading a festive book with a hot toddy and it’s going to happen!

If you have any holiday book suggestions, please let me know.

Attempt a Vegan Cheesecake

Since going vegan in February 2016, I’ve bee itching to invent a vegan cheesecake recipe. I’ve read several variations through the months and have been pulling together ideas for my own…but I just haven’t bitten the bullet and done it yet. For the holidays, I think there’s no better time to finally give it a whirl. Here’s hoping I can work out a fantastic recipe to share with all of you, here!

My Christmas Bucket List I

Holiday Tea at The BonBonerie

Last year, my mom and I went to this charming local bakery for the most festive holiday tea. It was a holiday memory that I’m hoping to turn into an annual tradition. I mean, what could be more festive than sitting surrounded by heaps of holiday treats with the fragrant smells of molasses and spice in the air?

Watch the Original Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Somehow, my tradition of watching Rudolph with hot chocolate in cozy holiday PJ’s didn’t happen last year. Well, this season I’ll be rectifying that and adding it to my Christmas Bucket List! Seems no matter how old I get, I’ll always have a love for Rudolph and his coming-of-age adventures. This 1964 classic will truly never, ever get old.

My Christmas Bucket List I

Happy Holidays!

Generally, I’m just really excited to take in the sights and sounds of Christmas this month and or course, do lots of holiday baking. Since November was such a mad rush, I really want to slow down in December and enjoy the Christmas season. It does come and go so quickly, so I want to savor each moment as best as I can!

Happy holidays to all. And stay tuned, because I hope to deliver much more festive holiday content this month. Season’s greetings!

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