Here’s to the Dreamers and ACHIEVERS!

Celebrating the acts of dreaming and achieving – with some snazzy sleeves from SheIn. That’s right, it’s pre-fall style time. Breakout the candles and ankle booties!

She In Bell Sleeve Knit Dress I Pre-Fall Style

WOW! Dream in Lace turns FOUR today. When I let that sink in a little bit, I’m a bit stunned. To be honest, I hate celebrating my personal birthday and have not ever thrown any big ‘blog’ birthday celebrations before…but this milestone seems to come at a great time. 

There are SO many things I could say right now because in truth, 2017 has been a year of a lot of soul-searching. There have been many quiet moments spent questioning where I am and where I next want to go in life. So many things seem a bit up in the air and I feel like I’m chasing a million passions at once, feeling like I should probably whittle them down to one or two.

I mean, isn’t that what “adults” are supposed to do?

Pick a path and follow it?

She In Bell Sleeve Knit Dress I Pre-Fall Style

Tapping Into the Great Unknown

On August 6, 2013 – a tired and pain-riddled me went to and opened a blog called Dream in Lace. The next day I published my first post and from there forward…many many more. At the time, I did not realize the path that I was opening for myself. A path that’s brought MANY personal lessons, new friends, unexpected opportunities and a chance to be a part of a world I truly admire. 

At the time, I was coping with chronic pain and back surgery after back surgery. I really needed something to keep my mind occupied whilst lying flat on bone-chilling ice packs and blasting my chronic nerve pain with a not-so-chic TENS unit. Frustrated with my physical circumstances, I mentally needed to fill my life up and so created a corner of the internet that I could immerse myself in…celebrating the makeup that I love, the fashions that make me feel alive and the dreams that keep me getting out of bed in the morning. 

She In Bell Sleeve Knit Dress I Pre-Fall Style

From those early days in 2013, something beautiful emerged and it’s been an interesting journey ever since. 

Truth is: I’m never quite sure where things are going with Dream in Lace – but I’m always happy to be along for the ride.

And what a ride it is!

From putting together red carpet fashion reviews to meeting those stars in person. From reviewing designer runway collections to sitting front row at New York Fashion Week. From saving my pennies and working sales to fill my closet, to partnering with brands I love! From not knowing much about running a ‘blog’, to figuring out all the ‘tech’ and digital marketing stuff all on my very own. From writing, alone in my bedroom…to connecting with other like-minded creatives both locally, around the US and even across the globe. 

In many, many ways – Dream in Lace is a reflection of my dreams turning into a reality. It’s also a place where I continue to discover and chase new dreams – with seemingly no end in sight.

She In Bell Sleeve Knit Dress I Pre-Fall Style

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

While I don’t always know what the next dream I’m chasing will be…Dream in Lace has taught me beyond a shadow of a doubt, that dreams are TRULY within our reach. Anything is possible. With enough passion, work and dedication – we can all truly achieve anything we want.

And what a POWERFUL lesson that is….knowing the power to achieve your dreams exists, right inside YOUR hardworking heart.

So here’s to four years of dreaming — and to many, many more.

Here’s to my dreams…and to YOURS! If there’s one thing I’ve discovered on this journey, it’s that my desire and capacity to encourage and support others to greatness is perhaps my deepest passion of all. I have a big heart (sometimes I think a bit too big) and really want to create a space where anything is possible, for everyone

She In Bell Sleeve Knit Dress I Pre-Fall Style

She In Bell Sleeve Knit Dress I Pre-Fall Style

She In Bell Sleeve Knit Dress I Pre-Fall Style

And so, to You…My Fellow, Dreamer:

WE are truly in this together.

Let’s keep working our tushies off, with a steadfast positive attitude and never EVER let anyone ever make us doubt ourselves. Truth is, if we can dream it…we can achieve it. With enough guts, hard work and determination, we’re an unstoppable team destined to achieve GREAT things. I promise!

Here’s to us, dreamers!! xo

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