How to Rise Above In a World of Negativity

Let’s face it. The world is a NEGATIVE place! I share my thoughts on how to rise above and build a positive culture for yourself. Positive vibes, only!

How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

Hello there, dreamers! 

When I stepped into a field for these pictures, the concept behind this post was for me to weigh in on my first shopping experience with SheIn. In light of everything though – that idea seems so frivolous and stupid at the moment. 

And so, today I want to talk about something a bit more relevant. 

How to Rise Above

Now first, let me admit that I am absolutely no expert. While I continually strive to take the high road, focus on myself as an individual and do my part to ‘lead by example’ and ‘be the change’ I want to see in the world…even I falter. No doubt, there are days when I want to bury my head in the sand. No doubt, there are moments when I lose my patience and snap. 

Truth is, here in America – we’re all living in a pressure cooker. To say tensions are high is an understatement and people are lashing out left and right. Your dreams, your job, your beliefs, your race, your gender, your religion…anything and everything about you is up for criticism. Be it for political reasons, racism, self-doubt, insecurity or fear…there is a lot of negative rhetoric we all have to sift through everyday.

We’re in a time of immense backlash….begging the question:

Amidst so much negativity, how do you rise above? 

How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

How to Rise Above Tip #1? Sever Ties

There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365.25 days in a year. No matter how MUCH we hope and beg for more time in the day, we’re not going to get it. Most days fly by so quickly that I literally feel like I’m racing against the clock, crawling into bed at 2 am wondering how the HECK the day went so fast. 

Bottom Line: Time is a precious, limited resource…not to be wasted.

So what does that mean? It means we’re ALL faced with the important decision on how to best fill that time. For me, that means giving my time and energy to activities, work, projects and people that have a positive influence on my life and the community around me. If a person or an activity doesn’t have a positive influence? No longer on my schedule.

Stop investing your limited time on people and activities that fill your life with negativity. I know that might sound easier said than done, but it really is that easy. Sever ties and be done.

How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

How to Rise Above Tip #2? Focus On What YOU’RE Doing

Sometimes (okay most times), it seems every where you look you stumble upon this nagging culture of others trying to nit pick apart and tear others down. It’s MADNESS! From what people are wearing, to their goals, their hobbies, their jobs, their religion, their body type, their sexual preference, their misuse of the word their. Basically anything you say or do is subject to high critique. 

But remember: bringing others down will do absolutely nothing to lift you up.

To quote the great Taylor Swift, haters gonna hate…hate…hate…hate.

You can engage in that hate and negativity – or you can keep on keeping on, focusing on yourself.

Do you want to be a hater? OR – do you want to apply yourself to being the change you want to see in the world, chasing your dreams, following your heart, building your skill set, donating your time to help others and/or doing anything and everything that fills you with happiness?

Personally, I choose the later and find the smartest people I know do the same. 

How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

How to Rise Above Tip #3? Build Your Tribe

I’ve attended countless seminars and read numerous articles on the importance of building your tribe for your professional self, but I’m here to say it’s important in all aspects of your life. Surround yourself with a network of people that are positive influences in your life and that can help lift you up if you’re ever feeling low.

So how and where do you find this tribe? 

Think about what brings you joy and go where you get it. If you’re a religious person, go to that place of worship. Are you interested in enacting change in your community? Volunteer at organizations whose missions align with your own. Use resources like to find like-minded people near you on basically EVERY subject imaginable.

Want to find people online? Search keyword hashtags on social media. Take advantage of the countless Facebook groups that are out there. Google web forums on what interests you. Look up Twitter chats. The internet is a vast, conversational place and you can easy locate your tribe with a little bit of hunting. And perhaps the best thing about the internet? No special introduction is needed. 
How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

How to Rise Above Tip #4? Go to Your ‘Happy Place’

Be it an actual place, project or idea – find what makes you happy and go there. I like to think of this as somewhat of a ‘reboot’ – hijacking your negative thoughts to put you back in a positive space.

Your ‘happy place’ can be many, many things.

Some days, I love working on Dream in Lace SO much…simply because it shifts my focus back onto something I love. Passion projects are great for that and if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one. Be it gardening, cooking, writing, building…the act of creating something should be certified therapeutic.

Your happy place could be spending time with a certain loved ones or cuddling with your adorable pet. It can also be visiting a favorite park or cafe. Heck, even a movie theater. Or Netflix!

When it’s late at night and it’s not realistic to necessarily ‘go’ anywhere – my happy place is putting in headphones and listening to favorite music to tune out the world. If I’m feeling extra in need, I do that while stretching on the floor…because why not?

In a nutshell, find your personal retreat and go there for a while. It will help you gain perspective, chill out for a while and generally…get back to being happy. 

How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

How to Rise Above Tip #5? Support the Good

My fifth and final tip is a little bit of all the above. While you’re severing ties with the negative – champion and encourage the people and organizations that are spreading good. Find your tribe and support one another. There is truth in the saying ‘strength in numbers’.

If you build your own positive culture, it will make outside negativity seem further and further away. 

One of my FAVORITE of all favorite things to see is others showing support for one another. Telling someone they’re doing a good job. Sharing a great news story. Volunteering to help areas of need. Celebrating achievements – be it your own or others’. 

“Positive vibes, only!”

How to Rise Above I SheIn Green Maxi Dress

No doubt, rising above negativity isn’t always easy – but I sincerely hope I was able to spark an idea or two on how you can ‘rise above’ it all. 

If there are people, places and activities that bring negativity to your life? Sever ties. Keep on keeping on – focusing on yourself, building your positive tribe and getting back to your happy place. There’s always going to be that person who thrives on negativity and takes their own insecurities out on others. Don’t let that energy build a home in your life.

Strengthen your life around the problem and it will no longer be a problem.

That’s a phrase one of my doctors used to say while I was dealing with a lot of back issues. I *thankfully* no longer need to see that doctor, but it’s definitely resonated with me to this day. Sure, we can’t solve every problem. But when we take steps to build our (and others’) lives up, somehow the negativity and the noise doesn’t permeate as easily. 

Remember, stay true to YOU and rise above.

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