The Brow Product I Can’t Get Enough Of

Is the BrowFood powder + pencil duo the ONLY eyebrow product you need?

BrowFood Powder Pencil Duo by LashFood I Cruelty Free Beauty I

When it comes to filling in my eyebrows, I’ve never been all that fancy.

I used to use an eyebrow pencil from Laura Mercier – that is until I lost it. After then, armed with a MAC 266 angled brush, I turned to whatever eyeshadow palette I was using that day. Using a multitude of matte browns to fill in my brows, it was a last ditch effort to finish off my makeup look before trotting off to work (or wherever).

In a nutshell: a brow routine is something I’ve never had.

Till now, anyway.

I received the BrowFood Powder-Pencil duo in my Influenster box, and was skeptic from the start. The wand applicator makes the powder appear basically non-existent when you set out to fill in your brows. I smirked, thinking for sure the product was a gimmick and not going to actually do anything.

But, then it did.

It’s a funny then when you pretty much write off a product, convinced it’s not going to get the job done. Then, surprise surprise, it exceeds your expectations by leaps and bounds. Not ONLY did the BrowFood powder manage to naturally fill in my brows, but the built in pencil added definition for eyebrows that pop. 

BrowFood = A Brow Powder + Brow Pencil in One

The Browfood Aqua Brow Powder and Pencil duo is a nifty little gem. With smart packaging, it effortlessly combines your brow powder and pencil into one cute little package. You twist open the cap to unleash a wand applicator for applying the powder. Then, you can pop off the top of that applicator to reveal a hidden brow pencil inside.

Its ingenious design isn’t the only attribute, though. Turns out, both the powder and pencil work hand-in-hand in crafting sculpted, full brows that will have you looking like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins in no time.

BrowFood Powder Pencil Duo by LashFood I Cruelty Free Beauty I

BrowFood Powder Pencil Duo by LashFood I Cruelty Free Beauty I

Let’s break down the basics, shall we?

You know me, I always seek to answer the questions I would have myself about a makeup product. Allow me to rundown the basics – and if I leave any stone unturned – lemme know in the comments! Happy to help answer any of your Q’s.

How Many Shades Does the BrowFood Powder + Pencil Duo Come In?

The BrowFood Powder/Pencil duo currently comes in 5 shades: Dark Blonde, Taupe, Brunette, Dark Brunette and Charcoal. Personally, I use the shade Dark Brunette. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they release more shades…because 5 just doesn’t seem enough.

How Do You Apply the BrowFood Duo?

Application is surprisingly easy! I start with the powder, brushing in my brows from the center working out. Then, I follow up with the pencil to add some finishing definition. 

How Long Does the Product Last in Your Brows?

I apply this around eight in the morning and feel I can get a solid twelve hours out of it. If going out for the night, I’d definitely touch up with the pencil for more definition – but generally speaking, the powder is gritty and holds its place in your eyebrows. Of course, this may vary depending on how much natural brow hair you have.

Let’s Get a Closer Look at the Packaging

The BrowFood Powder + Pencil duo definitely has a unique design! It’s really a two-for-one, with both a brow powder applicator and pencil tucked inside. 

BrowFood Powder Pencil Duo by LashFood I Cruelty Free Beauty I

Any Complaints About the Packaging?

While I appreciate the all-in-one design, I do wish there was a way to keep tabs on how much powder you have left. It would be nice if the packaging was semi-translucent or had a translucent panel…just to keep an eye out on when you’ll need to repurchase.

Also, the amount of pencil product you get does seem on the low end of the spectrum. 

You Seemingly Get MORE Powder than Pencil

Something to keep in mind, by design it seems you will get more use out of the powder than you will the brow pencil. The pencil end definitely doesn’t include much product, which works fine for me as I use it just for last minute definition. But, if you like to more heavily use the brow pencil — I think you’ll find yourself needing to replace that pretty quickly.

Is BrowFood a Cruelty Free Product?

Yes! YAY! I’m happy to report that the BrowFood powder and pencil duo and ALL LashFood products are certified cruelty free by Peta. 

Where the Heck Can I Buy This?

For now, BrowFood is available exclusively online at Ulta. Sephora and the LashFood sites do carry similar brow products by the brand, but for now…this duo is only available at Ulta. Kind of a downer, but remember…Ulta does have a GREAT rewards point system.

BrowFood Powder Pencil Duo by LashFood I Cruelty Free Beauty I

How Does the Eyebrow Powder Apply?

This is where I was MAJORLY skeptical. As you can see on the applicator, the powder blends right in and I was unsure if it would pack enough pigment to make a real difference. To my surprise, the powder does have nice pigmentation and applies smoothly into the brows. If you make a mistake, it also blends out super easily. 

What is the Texture of the Powder

This sounds really strange, but the powder has a cooling effect to it that’s quite refreshing in the morning. If you’re not a morning person like me, I wager you’ll appreciate the soothing application. The powder itself is also quite gritty, making it attach to your natural brow hairs very easily.

BrowFood Powder Pencil Duo by LashFood I Cruelty Free Beauty I

How Does the Brow Pencil Apply?

I use the pencil AFTER filling my brows in with the powder, but I suppose you can go either way. For me, the pencil works well to add some definition at my arch and at the tail end of my brow. 

How Much Does the Brow Duo Cost?

At $25 a pop…the duo is definitely on the PRICEY side of the brow product spectrum. Even cult favorite products like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ring in the $20-$21 mark. I’m curious if I can hunt down a ‘dupe’ from the drugstore…so stay tuned!

Overall Thoughts?

I have to say, when I weigh all the pros and cons of the BrowFood Powder + Pencil Duo — I realize it might not look so hot on paper. It is on the pricey end, is not that easy to find in retailers and only has 5 colors available at the moment. But I’m so in LOVE with the application!

It gives my brows a really natural, defined look that literally lasts all day long. The product has taken me from a place where I just filled my brows in with whatever eyeshadow I had immediately on hand – to a defined step in my morning makeup routine. I love the product so much, it definitely has encouraged me to up my ‘brow game’ so to speak…and I see myself repurchashing this again and again. 

BrowFood Powder + Pencil Duo Pros

  • Compact packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Nicely pigmented
  • Natural appearance
  • Long lasting
  • Cruelty-free

BrowFood Duo Cons

  • Only 5 shades available
  • Pretty pricey at $25 a pop
  • Only available online from Ulta, making it kind of difficult to find
  • Kind of skimpy on the product for the price point

What is YOUR favorite brow product? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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