My Morning Skincare Routine + How NOT To Look Like a Zombie

Want to know how not to look like a zombie after a late night? Try out this morning skincare routine and I’m sure you’ll notice a difference. Goodbye, tired eyes!

My Morning Skincare Routine + How NOT To Look Like a Zombie I

Be it late nights pounding my way through my To-Do list or watching just one more episode on Netflix, you can safely say I’m a night owl. (Refer to #18 in this post!)

Being a lady of the night wouldn’t be such a problem if the world operated on a vampire’s schedule too – but – alas, it does not. Meaning I’m prone to having some pretty tired eyes in the morning. Yes, it’s true. Fortunately, I’ve found the perfect solution to turning tired zombie eyes into refreshed “well-slept” eyes before I’ve even finished my first cup of morning coffee.

A New Morning Skincare Routine to the Rescue!

This summer, I’ve stumbled upon a winning dream team of products that make my morning skincare routine not just pleasant – but miraculous. When the alarm goes off and my eyes are so puffy they practically feel swollen shut, I turn to a cooling little gem from Dermologica that smooths away puffiness and eases tired eyes in minutes. From there, my skin is revived by adding a couple drops of a rosehip facial oil that replenishes tired skin and works beautifully with my new favorite daily moisturizer.

Basically, it’s my “how not to look like a zombie” routine.

And it works. 

My Morning Skincare Routine + How NOT To Look Like a Zombie I Dermalogica Stress Relief Eye-Lift Cream

My Morning Skincare Routine + How NOT To Look Like a Zombie I Dermalogica Stress Relief Eye-Lift Cream

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift* (Here)

Soothing puffy, tired eyes all starts with this little gem from Dermological. The metal tip and gel consistency provide a cooling effect that eases any pesky swelling you might have from not enough sleep. Upon dragging myself out of bed I smooth this on my undereye area and then let it do its thing for about 5 minutes while I drink coffee. Before moving on, I massage whatever’s left in but generally…my tired eyes seep this stuff up! They’re thirsty I tell ya. Thirsty!!

Those who follow me on Instagram were treated to watching me use this product for the very first time and I DEFINITELY gave them an eyeful. I got on my Insta story to really put this to the test, tired eyes and all. If you suffered through that sore sight of me, my apologies – but also THANK YOU for sticking with me. I hope you can agree the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift cream made a WORLD of difference. 

If I get BRAVE enough, I’ll snap a before and after photo sometime and possibly write an entire post on my love for this miracle-working product. For now…I’m moving on to my facial moisturizing duo!

My Morning Skincare Routine + How NOT To Look Like a Zombie I

Neutrogena Rapid Winkle Repair Moisturizer (Here)

I’ve been using this Neutrogena moisturizer for a while…since I basically live in fear of wrinkles and felt in need of a retinol cream BOTH in the morning and at night. (Seriously, the thought of crows feet sends shivers up my spine.)

It’s great on its on – but when I add in a couple drops of my Julep facial oil, it works wonders on tired skin. I like that the moisturizer is lightweight and has an SPF 30, but NOT greasy like other daytime moisturizers with sunscreen. My foundation and other makeup don’t have any trouble when I use this guy. (Which is especially great given how hot and humid it is these days…but that’s another story.)

Julep Boost Your Radiance Repairative Facial Oil* (Here)

Usually, when I wake up tired – my whole face needs a little extra help. That’s where the Julep Rosehip Seed facial oil comes in to give my complexion some well-needed pep! Using the dropper, I added two drops directly into my moisturizer when applying. At first, I did apply the oil after my moisturizer, but find makeup applies better on top with you combine the two.

Not that it necessarily means anything, but the fragrance is divine! After applying the oil, my complexion generally like it’s just had some sort of a spa treatment. If you’re in need of a little zip, highly recommend! 


Voila! My Skincare Routine in a Snap

I’m so grateful that I’ve finally found a morning skincare routine that also helps prep me for a long day. Of course it would be great to all get a ton of sleep every night, but it’s nice to know my skincare routine is there as a pick-me-up when that isn’t the case. 

Typically I shower in the evening, but during the occasional morning shower – using my Clarisonic also helps wake up my skin. 

Also important? WATER! WATER! WATER!

I always drink a whole bottled water while doing my hair and makeup and continue to drink water through the day. Obviously water is essential to any routine, but particularly if you didn’t get enough sleep. It helps. A LOT!

What’s your morning skincare routine look like?

More and more I’m interested in different skincare products, so if you have suggestions – please throw them my way. (Particularly if they’re suggestions to help super tired skin and help me NOT look like a zombie. That is, after all, my ultimate goal in life. NOT to be a zombie.)



** While this post is not sponsored and I’m not being compensated to talk about them, the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Cream and Julep facial oil were included in my free Influenster box. For the sake of transparency, I wanted you to know they were ‘gifted’ items and not purchased with my own money. But I genuinely love them and am thankful to receive them as I probably wouldn’t know how AMAZING they are otherwise. The Neutrogena moisturizer, that I did purchase on my own 🙂

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