Celebrating Pride 2017!

Did anyone hit their hometown Pride Parade over the weekend? Because I sure did!

Cincinnati Pride Parade 2017 I Dream in Lace

Hi there, dreamers! If you saw me share that today’s post was going to be about mascara – you’re probably a bit confused. Woops! This post is definitely different than mascara (that’s coming Tuesday), but I thought it would be a super nice to kick off a new week in a positive way. 

On Saturday, with the sun shining bright, I hit the pavement to walk for animal and LGBTQ rights at the Cincinnati Pride Parade. Pride Month has featured a series of parades and festivities across the country and I jumped at the opportunity to walk ours in support of two of my favorite causes, in one. Animal rights and human rights, no matter who they love? Winning!

One thing I’ve learned for sure in 2017…

I don’t think it comes as any surprise that I’m all in on equal rights for all variations of human and animal, but the last year has shown me something important. 2017 has brought many valuable lessons…but the one at the very top of my list?

How necessary it is to show up for the things you believe in.

Knowing and believing it in our minds and hearts is simply not enough. Instead, we all need to be present, engaged and actively represent our values and beliefs in our communities. Or, we shouldn’t be shocked when others come along and try to take them away.

Happy Pride 2017

For the Pride Parade here in Cincinnati, we were welcomed with PICTURE PERFECT summer weather. Truly. It felt like an Instagram dream. With ideal temperatures, the shining sunlight and the crowd’s infectious energy of love and unity – it’s truly one of my favorite memories of the year. 

Absolutely everyone in attendance was in great spirits and it was heartwarming to see people of different backgrounds, a large number of businesses and even churches come together in support of equality.

Cincinnati Pride Parade 2017 I Dream in Lace

Cincinnati Pride Parade 2017 I Dream in Lace

Cincinnati Pride Parade 2017 I Dream in Lace

The Ultimate in Positive Vibes

I know. Positive vibes is a cliche term you see thrown about a lot these days, but I truly can’t think of a better way to describe the Pride Parade experience. Merriam Webster should add positive vibes into the dictionary with a picture from the pride parade, because it’s the true definition. 

Among the crowd, there was so much pure JOY!

Everyone was dancing, singing, laughing and coming together. Gay, straight, white, black…christian, muslim…you name it. It was truly the ultimate summer afternoon with a spirit of togetherness you can’t quite understand until you’re a part of it. One thing I’ve always admire about the gay community is how accepting and welcoming everyone is of each other. Seriously. I’ve always wished there was a way to bottle up that energy and spread it around to those that need it most.

But, until that’s invented…the best way is to spread the spirit is to champion celebrations of equality like this one and invite everyone you know to join in next time. Cincinnati Pride Parade 2017 I Dream in Lace

Cincinnati Pride Parade 2017 I Dream in Lace

My New Annual Tradition

The only downside of the day? That I had to skip out earlier than I wanted to to change and get ready for a work event. 

Following the Cincinnati Pride Parade, there was a whole festival on the river that went well after sunset. I literally had to tear myself away and walking back to my car I felt like I was turning back into a pumpkin. Next year, I’m definitely make it a point to clear my evening schedule to enjoy that more. 

In fact, just go ahead and put me down indefinitely to attend the Pride Parade wherever I’m at as a new, annual tradition. It’s embarrassing that it took me this long to get it together and attend, but from now on it’s a MUST every year. For 2018, I’m already thinking of how to step up my “pride” game and yes…that definitely means more theatrical fashions. Skies the limit!

Cincinnati Pride Parade 2017 I Dream in Lace

Keep Spreading Pride

Of course, the Cincinnati Pride Parade is in great company with parades across the US this month.

Today (Sunday) was the Pride Parade in New York and I had a jolly old time looking at pictures of that on social media and stalking Eva Chen’s Instagram story. She made the pride parade into a whole family affair, with her adorable two kids and husband Tom. #FamilyGoals

The biggest take away from Pride? That showing pride doesn’t have to be just one day, week or month of the year. 

No, we can all show and share pride every day. Celebrate your differences and smile at others’. Voice your beliefs that the LGBTQ community deserves equal rights and treatment same as everyone else. Write you congressmen, tell your friends, think of how your work or school could be a more supportive environment. The list truly goes on and on. Stand up for what you believe in and represent yourself in the community the same way you want the community to respect others over varying backgrounds.

If you attended a Pride Parade or event, lemme know!

I’d absolutely love to hear about the festivities in your hometown. Beyond LA and NYC, I feel like Pride events don’t get major coverage – so let me know what sort of things your city plans to celebrate.

Love is love and love has no labels, after all!


Thank you so much for reading and check back for Tuesday’s post when I’ll be sharing an excitement DUPE for one of the best mascaras, ever.

Stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!