Prabal Gurung Serves a Refreshing Resort 2018 Collection

Prepare to swoon…because the Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 collection is amazing. #Obsessed

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Collection I

Hi there, dreamers and happy Thursday! One thing I wanna say straight off the bat:

To all the lovely UK peeps out there, best of luck to you in your general election today. My social media feeds have been flooded with your enthusiasm and action for the past few weeks…and it genuinely warms my heart.

Sat here in America, no doubt I was disappointed by my generation not turning up at the polls strongly enough last fall. Every day, I cringe, watching the consequences of that lack of action play out in Washington and hope that this will be a valuable lesson for us in the future.

I PROMISE, I’m not trying to get too political today – I just want to applaud my friends in the UK. Tragedy has no doubt hit the UK recently – and watching them rally with enthusiasm and spirit for a general election is highly commendable. *standing ovation*

Now, onto fashion.

The Resort 2018 Season is Giving Me Life!

Don’t know about you, but I have been enjoying the Resort 2018 collections this season…IMMENSELY! From Chanel taking us to Greece, to Valentino’s sporty attire hitting the runways of Manhattan and a steady stream of killer lookbook releases, it’s truly been a sartorial delight.

Now that the Cannes Film Festival madness has died down and I feel a bit less stir crazy swooning over those major red carpet moments, I’m ready to finally weigh in on the insanely beautiful Resort 2018 collection from Mr. Prabal Gurung.

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Break-Down

If you’re familiar with these “designer fashion” reviews of mine, you know I usually like to whittle down the collection to about 10 favorite looks.

Well, newsflash: that’s virtually impossible with the Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Collection.

Prabal delivers 38 fresh, chill looks that would be perfect for gallivanting around the resort whilst escaping the frigid temperatures of February. Or, if you can’t sneak away from work during everyone’s favorite vacay season – he also serves up a mean pantsuit and several dresses that are posh and polished for workwear attire.

Basically, the Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 collection is universal, with someone literally for everyone. It also features two of my favorite trends: ruffles and bell-sleeves. Sometimes, in the same garment. (Double win!)

I DO have the full collection for you to review below – but I just want to call out a few of my absolute FAVORITES that had my eyes bulging from my head. Of course, big thanks to the Prabal Gurung team for providing us with these beautiful images so we can all swoon together and mentally start building our dream closets.

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Collection I

Personally, I’d ditch the tights on this one because they compete too much with the dress — and that dress is a STAR!

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Collection I

That blouse is unreal. I want it in every color imaginable.

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Collection I

This is like my mermaid dreams come to life!

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Collection I

Exquisite and timeless. Also something I’d like to have in every single color on the color wheel.

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Collection I

Maybe my favorite dress Prabal Gurung has designed, ever. I know — that’s a bold statement, but I think it’s true…

Aren’t You in Love?

I’m so grateful to be alive in this peak fashion moment for New York designers. What a time to be alive, right? While his designs are always refreshing delights, the Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 collection truly knocks it out of my park. Suddenly, I’m mentally counting down the days till the Spring 2018 collections debut at New York Fashion Week this September. (As if I wasn’t already counting down the days till NYFW…)

Since I’ve decided to share ALL of the collection looks with you, I’m going to pipe down and allow you to drool and click through in peace. But as always – thank you so much for reading and DO let me know if there are any other Resort 2018 collections you’re interested in seeing here on Dream in Lace. I aim to please!

Thank you to the Prabal Gurung team for kindly providing these stunning Resort 2018 images! If you’re hungry for more Prabal Gurung goodness — be sure to visit his website for more beautiful creations! xo

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