Pamella Roland’s Bringing Glamour Back

The striking Pamella Roland Resort 2018 collection is going all in on reviving glamour. Big time!

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 Collection I Dream in Lace

Hello, dreamers! First off, apologies for the delay. I started putting this post together for you on Thursday…and now, here we are late Sunday as I finish it up. #Woops. Hopefully you were all off enjoying a beautiful Father’s Day weekend and didn’t miss me one bit, but nonetheless I am HERE and ready to continue my talks on the Resort 2018 season with the latest from Pamella Roland.

Feeling the Pamella Roland Love

When I think back over my favorite fashion moments across the past year, Pamella Roland has certainly delivered more than a couple. Receiving my first Pamella Roland invitation to her show last September is one of those moments I’ll never forget and both that Spring 2017 and the following Fall 2017 collections were insanely gorgeous. 

While taking in the red carpets of the Cannes Film Festival last month, I had visions of myself walking a premiere in a gown by Pamella Roland. Pamella sure knows how to design a major gown – and it when it comes to Cannes, major is the way to go.

Pamella Roland is a designer that seems to continue to evolve and push the boundaries of her own talent with each emerging season. Where others may occasionally rest or get complacent, Pamella continues to raise her own bar. She designs with a steady standard of excellence and is still very much “one to watch”. Even all these years later, after her Fall 2002 debut. 

While we’re feeling the love – it’s fitting to rally around the Pamella Roland Resort 2018 collection for a little oohing and aah-ing. In an relatively sporty Resort season, Pamella Roland comes diving into the mix with her signature flare of glamour, glitz and sparkle.

There really is A LOT to take in in the collection, but to start off…here are some of my favorite looks.

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 Collection I Dream in Lace

Insane. Perfect. To die for.

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 Collection I Dream in Lace

I’m SMITTEN with the drama of this one.

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 Collection I Dream in Lace

I really love this. It feels very Oscar de la Renta to me…but with sass.

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 Collection I Dream in Lace

I’m catching more Oscar vibes from this one, but with such an exquisite floral print. Gorgeous!

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 Collection I Dream in Lace

If only someone was able to wear this one at the Cannes Film Festival. Next year? *begs* (Pamella, if you’re listening…I’ll totally wear this on the Cannes 2018 red carpet for you…)

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 Collection I Dream in Lace

A cocktail dress so beautiful and vibrant, I could stare at it all day long.

Pamella Roland Resort 2018 : The Inspiration

For the Pamella Roland Resort 2018 collection, inspiration came from none other than Miss Pamella’s own gardens in her backyard. Reading this in the show notes, I can only imagine the BEAUTY of gardens (which she describes as a botanical wonderland)…but judging by the creations of her Resort collection? They’re really something.

Equipped with peonies, hydrangeas and lush greenery as her muse – Pamella got to work crafting romantic gowns for the resort season. Kissed with perfectly embroidered details, sheer paneling, floral prints and shimmering capes – showstopping creations come to life. Both the exquisite designs and great attention to detail, make for a striking collection that has couture-worthy craftsmanship.

Pay close attention to the three dimensional floral gowns in the gallery below. The detailing is so exquisite, I honestly don’t think I could be persuaded to sit down in one of those gowns…in fear of crushing the beautiful handiwork.

Of course, if minimalism is more your style – Pamella Roland Resort 2018 has the answer for you there, as well. Another favorite of mine from the collection is a full-length, long-sleeved black gown with embroidered accents. Its basic design, with strong execution is truly a standout.   

Top 10 Favorites?

As you no doubt notice, there are way too many incredible looks in the Pamella Roland 2018 collection to possibly narrow it down to a list of ten favorites. So, apologies – I had to bring back the “gallery” feature showcase the true depth of the collection.

In all honesty, I find it all so delightful.

Refreshing, even.

Given the surge of sporty attire we see on the runway, it feels good to revel in true statement gowns for a while. The classics. Sure, we’re all busy and working women. It’s 2017. But, sometimes, we want to step away from the office to both look and feel like a lady. That’s where Pamella Roland will always come in. When it’s time to celebrate classic glamour and femininity, she will always be there.


Thank you to Pamella Roland and Purple PR for providing these stunning shots of the Pamella Roland Resort 2018 collection. For much more details on Pamella and her insanely gorgeous designs, visit her

Stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!