20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hitting *pause* on fashion and makeup today to talk about…myself! That’s right. Enjoy this meet and greet style post with 20 factoids you might not know about the girl behind Dream in Lace.

Summer Makeup Look with fresh skin and pink lips I Dream in Lace

Hi there, dreamers! It’s totally bonkers to me how long it’s been since I’ve just had a good old fashioned chat here on Dream in Lace about me as a person. I know, I know…I tend to get overly swept up in gushing over fashion and makeup favorites that you might start to wonder…does this girl care about anything else?

Fact is, I do.

If I’m totally honest though, it’s not so natural for me to have a chat about myself. Remember back in school when the teacher would announce that dreaded practice of going around the room, asking you to introduce yourself and share a few tidbits of information about you? That’s when my mind would immediately go blank, as though I suddenly was a stranger to myself and had absolutely no clue what my hobbies or areas of interest were.

In an effort to better answer that question, I started listing out 20 facts about me…and lemme tell you, even that felt weird. Maybe it’s because I spend so much of my life writing about others and reporting what others are doing, that when tasked at looking inward I go a tad bit mute.

But, I’m determined to do it! Posts like these always interest me from others and I think it’s time I give it a go myself and hopefully help you get to know a little bit more about me as a person…and not just the girl constantly scrolling Vogue.com.

Ready, set…let’s go!

20 Things About Me

1. I’m a Sagittarius.

No, no. I don’t believe in horoscopes, but from everything I’ve read I’m a CLASSIC Sagittarius. If you know anything about signs, I feel that’s a good place to start.

2. I’m an OG of the OC

I’ve watched the Real Housewives of Orange County from it’s very first episode…and New York. While I don’t care much for the other seasons, I’m all in with those crazy ladies and not ashamed to admit it. (Okay, fine. Maybe a little.)

3. Musical History

I used to be pretty darn good at the piano, sing my lil’ heart out in choir and even took vocal lessons. In the third grade, I was a ‘recorder’ prodigy and was hand-selected to perform in front of the school. That seems really dorky to me now, but at the moment I was pretty proud of it.

4. I’m Tall…and Hate Basketball

When you’re tall like me, you seriously can’t make it a day without someone stopping to ask you if you play basketball. Sometimes, I lie and say yes just to laugh and walk away ending the conversation. Other times? I’m honest. “No, I hate basketball. I went to basketball camp once and it was seriously the worst week of my life.”

Mimi from the Drew Carey Show - Blue Eyeshadow

5. My Go-To Makeup Look Used to be Blue Eyeshadow

This lil’ factoid is hilarious to me now, but my staple eye makeup look used to be a blue cream eyeshadow. I seriously looked like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. It was bad. Why did no one stop me?!

6. My Taste in Music is Bonkers

When it comes to music, my taste is as all over the place as it gets. You can catch me jumping from show tunes, to The Beach Boys, to Marilyn Manson, to Tool, to the Backstreet Boys, to Selena Gomez, to Muse, to Kanye West and then back to show tunes. Amazon must think I have multiple personalities – and I guess they’d be right. For a long while, I used to say I like anything but country and I meant it. Now even some country is starting to creep in. Woah, there!

7. In the Kitchen, I like to Go Off Script

One of my favorite things to do? Invent new recipes in the kitchen. Particularly after I went vegetarian and even more so after going vegan, the kitchen has truly become home to my favorite foods. What can I say? Restaurants just don’t get it as good as I do…? One of these days, I wanna get to work on the ultimate vegan cookbook. Let me teach you my ways!

8. I’ve had Way Too Many Back Surgeries

I’ve had five back surgeries – which even to me sounds completely insane. After a long painful road, things finally seem to be in working condition. But, by golly do I have some major scars. On a really great note, Dream in Lace actually got started because of all the spare time I had laying around on ice packs. I wanted a fun way to keep myself busy and next thing you know I started a blog!

9. My Day Job is Dramatically Different than Dream in Lace

While you know me through writing about fashion and beauty, I spend my days marketing and raising money to support programs for children and adults with disabilities. That’s been an extremely rewarding opportunity that opened up a passion I didn’t even know I had. Being able to see the direct impact of your work, influencing another’s life and truly changing it for the better? Powerful stuff. If you’re not already, I highly recommend partnering up with a nonprofit in some capacity. Caring for each other is truly the only way forward!

10. I’m Not Afraid of Spiders and Go Out of My Way to Save Bugs

When I say I love animals, I truly mean it. Not just the cute ones. I’m so dedicated to it that I will literally hunt a bug around a room, even a bumble bee that ultimately stings me, in an effort to safely release them into the outside world. Spiders fascinate me, as do snakes. I’m not too keen on rats, but I’d definitely lead them to safety too. 

Summer Makeup Look with fresh skin and pink lips I Dream in Lace

11. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion Needs a Sequel

I used to say my favorite movie ever was The Wizard of Oz, and while that’s still very high on my list – ultimately, the gals who made up a lie about inventing post-its are my die hard favs. I EVEN wrote a special post, dedicated to Romy and Michelle and the valuable life lessons they teach us, here. Yup. Hollywood needs to get to work on a sequel immediately, because the 10th reunion was just not enough. 

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion Life Lessons

12. If I Was Deported from the US, I’d Live In…

Australia. Don’t worry, I’m not saying I’m about to be deported – but I’ve definitely put thought into where I’d want to live if outside of America and Australia takes the cake. I even have a secret Pinterest dedicated to my secret, potential life down under. Who knew!

13. I’m a Closet NASCAR Fan

Once I went to the Indy 500 – and had a blast. Following that? I went to the NASCAR Brickyard race and from there it became official: I’m a NASCAR fan. I’ve even had really dorky conversations defending the sport (because it is a SPORT) against others and have a Jimmie Johnson key on my key chain. At that first Brickyard race, I knew nothing about drivers at all…picked his name because his car was the “prettiest”…he ended up winning the race, and I’ve gone on to watch him when several championships since. Know any other fashionistas that love NASCAR? Let me know. We’re a select bunch, lol.

14. I Once Won so Much at Bingo, I was Disqualified.

In more than a couple sports pools at work, I’ve won week after week on NFL game picks and I even won so much at a random night of Bingo that I was disqualified because they wanted others to have the chance to win. Yet, when it comes to “luck”…I have none. Anything drawn at random I stand virtually no chance whatsoever of winning. What will I do when I win the lottery? Don’t even bother thinking about it because it will never happen.

15. I’m a Human Lie Detector

Maybe it’s because of the interpersonal communication classes I took back in college, but I’ve always had a strong knack for reading people and can pretty much always tell when someone is lying or fudging with the truth. Human behavior is interesting and reading how different someone’s gestures are or the tone, inflation of their voice is kind of fascinating to me. They should put me on a jury!

16. I Really, Really, REALLY Want a Pig.

I’ve always had an interest in pigs, but after learning so much more about them the past few years it’s high on my bucket list to rescue one from slaughter and spoil it rotten. Watching the way others talk about pigs and, of course, treat pigs, disgusts me and I have this innate to desire to adopt one and treat him or her like true royalty. If it’s a girl, I think I might even name her Posh. Posh Pig!

 17. I’m Mean to Myself

This a sad admission, but while I feel like I’m very supportive of others – I struggle to be supportive of myself. In 2017, I’ve really focused on working to change this – reading different books, focusing more on meditation, writing a gratitude journal, positive affirmations, etc. – but it’s still not totally hard coded in me yet to think the best of myself. I even struggle to be proud of accomplishments. While I love to celebrate others’ success, I somehow feel very uncomfortable acknowledging my own. Being nice to everyone but me is something I want to change. Positive vibes should start with yourself, right? 

18. I’m a Night Owl and an Insomniac.

I feel these two things go hand in hand, so I lumped them together. Without question, nighttime is when I do my best work. Sucks that the rest of the world doesn’t work that way though, because that means usually I’m laying down to go to sleep – but ideas come flying into my head. From there, I’m left lying in the dark using the notepad on my iPhone to jot down ideas that I can follow up with in the morning – and that ultimately leaves me wired. Then, I’m tossing and turning for ages before falling asleep, only to wake up feeling un-rested with major dark circles under my eyes. Coffee usually helps but without fail, my body will perk back up at 8 pm again. Basically, I am my best self after sunset and trying to make it in a world where everyone’s 9 to 5. The struggle is all too real.

19. I Have a Strange Love for Bad SYFY Movies.

Yes, I know I know…everyone’s on board with Sharknado these days but my love of bad Syfy movies goes far deeper than that. I’ve been watching SYFY for years, way before sharks starting flying around in tornados. If the channel ever stops paying for such atrociously bad films, I’ll actually be heartbroken. Possibly even take to the streets in protest. My personal favorite is Super Shark but Arachnoquake is also up there. Sometimes, I sit thinking up bad Syfy movie ideas of my own and I have more than a couple I’d love to see made. Future career opportunity? I’m open.

20. I’m a ‘Novelist’ in Disguise.

I’ve written three full-length novels, none of which I’ve ever shown anyone or even talk about, really. Writing’s always been something of a secret hobby of mine, creating characters and immersing myself in their alternate universe. While so far, I’ve had no interest in sharing my stories…I DO have a fourth idea that I’ve started work on that maybe I’d let see the light of day down the road? Who knows. That’s the thing about art. Sometimes, it’s purely for yourself. 

Summer Makeup Look with fresh skin and pink lips I Dream in Lace

Okay then, there you have it! 20 things about me you probably didn’t know before.

Hopefully I didn’t bore you and was able to help you get to know me a little bit better. While Dream in Lace is my blog, I’ve never thought of it as a personal blog about me. Although, it seems only fitting to talk about myself…if only just a little.

I’d definitely love to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! While I haven’t exactly been the most “open book” of a blogger out there, I’m always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Also, if you’re a makeup fan – definitely check back on Sunday when I’ll be revealing an incredible DUPE for one of the BEST mascaras of all time. If you like mascara, or have eyes (which of course you do)…you won’t want to miss it. See you, then! 

Stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!