What I Would Wear to the Cannes 2017 Film Festival – 25 Looks!

Breaking down my dream Cannes 2017 fashion looks. Meaning, this is what I would wear if I could wear ANYTHING to the biggest film festival in the world. Prepare to swoon!

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I DreaminLace.com

The Cannes Film Festival kicks off today and let’s pretend…we’re going! Well, or I’m going.

Thinking about all the exciting premiers and red carpet fashion coming our way, I started to daydream about a bit about what I would wear myself to the events. Then SNAP, it dawned on me – why not pull together a post with my personal Cannes 2017 fashion wish list? Basically, why not mentally play Barbie with myself and get dolled up in designer clothes and couture for the most famous film festival? Seemed like a great idea – and it was.

My Cannes 2017 Fashion Wish List

Prepare to scroll, because there’s A LOT to see!

From arriving at the airport, to attending all of the premieres, gallivanting around Cannes during the day and strutting my stuff at the opening and closing ceremonies, prepare to feast your eyes on 25 LOOKS. That’s right. Twenty-five. I didn’t skimp out on anything

Digging through all my fashion month archives, I asked myself what I would wear if I could wear virtually anything I wanted to the Cannes Film Festival. The answer? A sartorial wishlist of my fairy tale dreams! For real. Which is fitting really, because what more of a fairy tale can you think of than the Cannes Film Festival?

On that note, let’s get started…because there’s truly a lot to see!


Note: This is quite a wordy and extensive post because what can I say – I got a bit carried away at the prospect of being able to have free reign and dress myself for the Cannes Film Festival in whatever my high fashion loving heart desires. Feel free to ignore my babbling – and just enjoy the pretty clothes. (I mean, I babble…a lot. Trust me.)

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Michael Kors Spring 2017

My Arrival Look – Michael Kors Spring 2017

It’s a long plane ride to Cannes, but make no mistake – this is no time for yoga pants. Stars emerge at the airport, greeted by a flock of paparazzi ready to capture their styled-up travel wear. For me? I’ll be arriving fresh off the plane in this fresh Michael Kors Spring 2017 runway look. With all the layers, I think this will make for the perfect travel attire. Stylish, yet reasonably comfortable. Cannes Film Festival, here I come! For more designer sunglasses like these, head to misterspex.co.uk.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Alexis Mabille Spring 2017 Couture Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony – Alexis Mabille Spring 2017 Couture

Obviously, it would be ABSURD to wear anything but haute couture on the grandest red carpet of the year. To the Cannes Film Festival’s epic opening ceremony, I’ve selected an extravagant red gown from the Alexis Mabille Spring 2017 couture collection. As I’m quite tall, I will look statuesque and carry this off brilliantly while climbing the famous grande staircase on opening night. All eyes on Kelly? Yes! *wink*

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Delpozo Pre-Fall 2017

Thursday, May 17 Day Look: Delpozo Pre-Fall 2017

To kick off the “daywear” portion of my dream Cannes 2017 fashion looks, I selected cheerful Delpozo. If I’m being honest, I could probably select a day look from Delpozo for every single day of the festival – but I’m going to try and be a bit more discerning than that. Love the vibrancy of this blouse and trouser combo. The shoes might not be the most practical, but who cares. It’s Cannes!

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Ralph and Russo Fall 2016 Couture

 Thursday, May 17 Premiere Look – Ralph and Russo Fall 2016 Couture

One thing is for sure, Ralph and Russo couture is made for the major red carpets making it a MUST on my dream Cannes 2017 fashion picks. With purple being my favorite color and the Cannes Film Festival always calling for a little drama, I think this Fall 2016 gown will be perfect for the Thursday night premiere of Wanderlust.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Giambattista Valli Fall 2017 Cherry Print

Friday, May 18 Day Look – Giambattista Valli Fall 2017

Oh sure, Giambattista Valli offers loads of GOWN options for major evening red carpet moments but I’m always smitten with his daywear. Also, I’m a sucker for a cherry print. With this, I’ll be wearing my hair up and ditching the gladiator boots for red pumps.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I J.Mendel Fall 2016 Couture

Friday, May 18 Premiere Look – J.Mendel Fall 2016 Couture

As it’s a Friday night and the premiere of Jupiter’s Moon, my dream Cannes 2017 fashion look for the evening is this flashy J.Mendel Fall 2016 couture gown. I feel the select couture collection didn’t catch the buzz it warranted and so I’m breaking the mold. Stepping out in a Grecian gold, metallic wonder gown like this one ought to make for a magical night. (Truly, I love absolutely everything this dress! Why has no one worn it?) 

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Thom Browne Spring 2017
Saturday, May 19 Day Look – Thom Browne Spring 2017

I’m a big fan of Thom Browne. Seriously. I’ve been begging and practically offering to donate a kidney to attend one of his exclusive shows at New York Fashion Week for seasons. Frankly, he’s a name we should all hear more often and I think it would be really exciting to sashay around Cannes in this darling Spring 2017 getup. It’s got that perfect blend of kitsch and elegance that I so adore from Thom Browne and is perfect for a seaside, Saturday afternoon.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Chanel Spring 2017 Couture

Saturday, May 20 Premiere – Chanel Spring 2017 Couture

In honor of Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved Kristen Stewart making her directorial debut this night with a short film, I opted to wear Chanel in her honor. I actually REALLY want Cate Blanchett to wear this, but if she’s taking a pass on the festival this year I’ll just go ahead and wear it for her. Who doesn’t want to wear a gown…with pockets? This is so modern day Grace Kelly I can barely stand it!

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Dolce Gabbana Spring 2013

Sunday, May 21 Day Look – Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2013

When it comes to a perfect coastal afternoon look, I really think Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2013 collection knocks it out of the park. There are countless looks to choose from, but my ultimate dream favorite for Cannes 2017 would be this classic sundress with a lemon print headscarf. It’s just so European. Yes, okay…fine, Italian. Not French. Whatever. It works and I love it.
My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Prabal Gurung Spring 2017

Sunday, May 21 Premiere – Prabal Gurung Spring 2017
Let’s be honest, this Prabal Gurung gown just seems like a whole heck of a lot of fun to wear. And…comfortable, too. In fact, I might never want to take it off. Can I get this in every color, please?

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Schiaparelli Spring 2017 Couture
Monday, May 22 Day Look – Schiaparelli Spring 2017 Couture
When I set out to compile my DREAM Cannes 2017 fashion looks, I instantly knew Schiaparelli Spring 2017 would make the cut. This fuchsia and red sundress has the perfect balance of ease and flare to it. And those shoes. Ohmygod, those shoes! Too. Stinkin. Cute! (I also like the idea of changing from this cheerful daytime into something more more dramatic for the evening premiere…)

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Masion Margiela Spring 2017 Couture
Monday, May 22 Premiere – Maison Margiela Spring 2017 Couture
Monday is the premiere of The Killing of the Sacred Deer with Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. If you’ve seen any of his previous work (The LobsterDogtooth) you know you can expect an unexpected, avant garde ride. In honor of his unique directing style, I thought Maison Margiela was the perfect fit. Galliano’s Spring 2017 couture collection had a couple of major looks, but I really love the moodiness of this two-piece ensemble. Actually, if Nicole Kidman is looking for something to wear for the premiere – I think she’d be smashing in this. I might be willing to lend it to her, if she asks nicely.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Lela Rose Fall 2017

Tuesday, May 21 Day Look – Lela Rose Fall 2017

What a perfectly happy dress, right? Actually just about everything Lela Rose designs is right up Cannes; alley but in particular I love this floral, swing dress. Not so sure about the shoes..though? Perhaps I’ll ditch those in favor of a nice sandal. This outfit is styled for a fall runway, which makes sense – but they seem too closed off to me.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture
Tuesday, May 21 Premiere Evening Look – Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture
You would think by this point I’d be running out of gown ideas, but – nope! It truly wouldn’t be the Cannes Film Festival without a little Elie Saab and this remains one of the most intriguing gowns I’ve ever seen. As such, it’s a shoe in for the Cannes red carpet. It’s striking. It’s memorable. It’s romantic and also mysterious. All things I aspire to be, so naturally this is the perfect dress for me. Right? Right!

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Carolina Herrera Spring 2017
Wednesday, May 24 Day Look – Carolina Herrera Spring 2017
At this point, we’re at the one week mark of the festival — meaning, I’m feeling in the mood for something go-to awesome. Enter, Carolina Herrera and her miraculous white pantsuit. The wide-leg trousers and blouse with bow detailing are crisp and breezy for another beautiful day in Cannes. Honestly, I don’t think you could ever go wrong with Carolina Herrera.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012

Wednesday, May 24 Premiere – Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012
On this evening, The Beguiled premieres with a large star-studded female cast that includes Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst. To pay tribute to the southern belle style of the film, I thought back to the Spring 2012 collection from Oscar de la Renta. I mean, how fun is THIS? It’s somewhat costume-y, but not overly so to the point where you think I got lost on my way to a Halloween party. It was also designed by the legend himself, making it a true winner in my book. Besides, Cannes needs more ODLR on the carpet.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Nicholas K Fall 2017

Thursday, May 25 Day Look – Nicholas K Fall 2017

With the major amfAR gala ahead in the evening, I like to think on this pretend dream schedule in Cannes that I would have more of a leisurely day on Thursday the 25th. You know, relaxing in the sunshine with a glass of wine? Perfect. And, so what better to wear than a super relaxed, oversized tunic by the masters of relaxed silhouettes: Nicholas K. This outfit is also just so stinking cool.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Armani Prive Fall 2013 Couture

Thursday, May 25 amFAR Gala – Armani Prive Fall 2013 Couture

The annual amfAR Gala is definitely one of the most buzzed about fashion events of the year. If I was ever so lucky to attend? My dream attire would absolutely old Hollywood glam from Armani Prive. Season after season, Armani delivers truly luxurious glamour and the Fall 2013 collection was the creme de la creme! From the pompom at the neck to the charming midi length and smooth lace detailing that’s ever so delicate, this look is absolute perfection.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Jason Wu Spring 2017

Friday, May 26 Day Look – Jason Wu Spring 2017

Jason Wu is just the coolest. This Spring 2017 dress makes me feel like I’m athletic just by looking at it. There’s truly something about navy with orange accents that tricks my brain into thinking “I’m an athlete”..ha. Nonetheless, this is a really cute dress. The model doesn’t look all that happy, but you can bet I’ll be beaming!

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Ulyanna Sergeenko Spring 2015 Couture

Friday, May 26 Evening Premiere – Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2015 Couture
Next up on my dream Cannes 2017 fashion list? Ulyanna Sergeenko. She’s one of my current favorites on the couture week cycle and her Spring 2015 collection is legendary. Well, in my book anyway. This gown in particular is perfectly timeless and elegant. I feel so proper just looking at it!

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Chloe Spring 2017

Saturday, May 27 Day Look – Chloe Spring 2017

This flowing sundress looks like just the thing you’d want to wear after more than a week straight of nonstop festivities at the film festival. Leave it to Chloe to design a gorgeous dress, that feels like pajamas. Yes, please! I like the idea of wearing my hair up with this and definitely adding a colorful lipstick. Perhaps a poppy pink? That’ll do!

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Yanina Couture Spring 2017

Saturday, May 27 Final Premiere – Yanina Couture Spring 2017

Can you believe we’ve made it to the final premiere night of the festival? Woo! (Yes, I know…this is all just theoretical. Ha!) To celebrate the last day of films, I’ve picked out one of my favorite gowns from the spring couture collections. If Yanina Couture is new to you, I recommend you remember that name because season after season she is kicking-butt at couture week! I actually wrote a full blog post about this collection, that you can read, here.

My Dream Cannes 2017 Fashion Looks I Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2017 Couture

Sunday, May 28 Closing Ceremony – Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2017 Couture

To wrap up my dream Cannes 2017 fashion looks, I wanted to go out with a serious BANG for the grande finale. Enter Jean Paul Gaultier and his knack for insane designs that literally POP right off the Parisian runways. This color is so striking, I think it needs a little building up to – making it perfect for my final showstopping moment on the Cannes red carpet. Hey, if my dreams came true and I ever did end up on the Cannes closing ceremony red carpet – you better believe I would want to be noticed.


Conclusion: My Cannes 2017 Fashion Wishlist is LONG

And, that’s a wrap on this very long rundown of everything I would wear to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival – should I be so lucky to attend. Quite honestly, putting this post together made me realize just how much work it is for the ladies on the jury to have so many outfits ready to go for a 12 day span. Well, obviously they have staff to help but…you know, fashion is real work. 

I hope you enjoyed playing pretend with me for a little bit and mused over what you too would wear should you ever find yourself on the Cannes red carpet. 

This year, we have SO many major stars expecting to make appearances at the premieres and on the jury. The festival kicks off with an opening ceremony on Wednesday, May 17th and will run through May 28th – with nonstop fashion in between. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram – where I’ll more than likely be geeking out over what everyone is wearing. What can I say? At least I’m predictable.

Thanks so much for reading and happy Cannes season!

Stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!