Exciting Beauty Find? Qivange Makeup Brushes

Get ready to “ooh” and “ahh” over these STUNNING Qivange makeup brushes – and you won’t BELIEVE the price! (I mean, seriously.)

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

There’s not much you can buy for less than $20 these days.

Unless you’re shopping for Qivange makeup brushes that is – because this STUNNING 15-piece brush set is available on Amazon for a mere $18.99. And yes, you read that correctly. $18.99.

When one of my favorite Laura Mercier blending brushes came undone during its millionth washing, I immediately had to hunt down a replacement. I got to browsing Sigma brushes on Amazon when I stumbled upon these beauties and immediately had to snatch them up. Two days later, they landed on my doorstep and it was LOVE at first sigh when I inched open their faux-leather traveling case. I even documented the experience on my Instagram story because I was just so darn eager to get the word out about these insanely beautiful brushes – at an insanely affordable price. 

Where have Qivange Makeup Brushes been Hiding?

Seriously, I would like to know how I’ve not yet heard of these stunning cruelty-free makeup brushes before now! When it comes to makeup brushes, we so often hear brands like Sigma, MAC, Morphe and Real Techniques thrown about – but the name Qivange is now at the front of my mind. 

The 15-piece brush set is available in stunning white and purple – but I opted for the black because I like to pretend my makeup brushes are cleaner than they are. Naturally. *wink*

The collection includes brushes for foundation and contour – as well as a variety of eyeshadow brushes that are exquisite. The bristles are synthetic and 100% cruelty-free…but also extremely soft and have great shape to them for loading on product. 

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Trust me, I’m not exaggerating when I say these Qivange makeup brushes make it easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Yes, the brushes are so beautiful – that the excitement of sitting at my vanity applying makeup with these beauties and a piping hot mug of coffee beats a hit of the “snooze” button. Don’t know about you, but I’m all for an excuse to get out of bed – even if it’s as superficial as applying makeup with pretty brushes.

The Price is Great. What about Quality?

At $18.99 for 15 brushes, I of course was skeptical that the Qivange makeup brushes would live up to the pricier brushes in my collection…but boy was I wrong. The quality is simply amazing!

No need to stress or worry about any unwanted shedding from the brushes. Even when giving these a wash, the brushes nicely held their shape and wash away any bristles. Truly, I find the quality on par with the much pricier brushes MAC and Sigma deliver.  

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

Qivange Makeup Brushes I DreaminLace.com

I’m honestly a bit giddy to tell you about these Qivanche makeup brushes because I think they’re one of my best Amazon finds, ever. Since I joined Amazon Prime last year, I confess I haven’t taken full advantage of everything Amazon has to offer — but now I’m PUMPED to discover even more insane beauty finds. 

If there’s a makeup or beauty item that you always get on Amazon, definitely let me know because I’m excited to discover new things.

As for these brushes, I highly suggest you give them a try. Both the price and quality is amazing, making me question why I ever spent more money on a makeup brush before. Woopsies! Oh well, lesson learned. Qivanche is the way to go!

Qivanche Makeup Brushes – the 411:

  • Excellent pricing! $18.99 for a 15-piece brush set is virtually unbeatable!
  • Excellent quality
  • Synthetic brush heads that are 100% cruelty free
  • Brush set includes foundation, contour and eyeshadow brushes – as well as a “spoolie” for your brows
  • Available on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

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