Makeup Spotlight: A Creamy Matte Lipstick from the Drugstore? Say It Ain’t So!

At $3.99 a pop, the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks have a perfect price – but are they any good?

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

When it comes to makeup, there’s no doubt that lipstick is my very favorite thing. It’s both fun to shop for, fun to apply and fun to wear. From Urban Decay to YSL, my collection features a host of favorites for every season – but I’ve never really had a favorite lipstick from the drugstore.
Until recently, that is.

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks

Essence is a brand I continue to hear great things about, but have never put to the test myself. That came to an end on a recent shopping trip to Ulta where I snagged their entire Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick collection for a whopping $26.
Eight colorful full-coverage lipsticks for less than $25.88? Yes, you read that figure correctly. It’s a makeup dream that sounds simply too good to be true – and yet it is. 
Ringing in at $3.99 a pop, these beauties are sure to fit every budget – and when you score them at buy one get one 50% off as I did, it’s an offer too tempting to refuse. (Which is why I literally bought them ALL, obviously.)

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

Okay, are you ready to take a closer look at these beauties?

The Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks come in eight beautiful shades, ranging from the perfect nude and dusty rose/mauve tones – to vibrant fuchsia, red and plums. 

What is the coverage of the Essence Matt lipsticks like, You Ask?

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable matte lipstick that piles on the coverage, you’re in luck. The Matt lipsticks all have strong, full-coverage color pay off. 

Yes, but how drying are these matte lipsticks?

Probably the biggest deterrent in selecting a matte lipstick is how drying they can be on the lips – especially from the drugstore. I’ve tried matte lipsticks that felt like I was virtually having to scrape on color – but not with these. No, instead the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks have a very creamy application – that does set 100% matte. They have the comfort of a satin lipstick, with the appearance of your favorite mattes. Win, win!

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

Where can I find these great lipsticks?

Essence is a drugstore brand that is pretty readily available – but not as common as say Maybelline or L’Oreal. I’ve had great luck locating Essence Cosmetics at Ulta and Target.  

To help you find stores that carry Essence near year, you can use their convenient store locator online, here. (Of course, be aware, the store locator doesn’t seem to be completely comprehensive because my nearest Meijer carries Essence and they’re not listed. Just keep your eyes pealed!)

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

How Evenly Do the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks Apply?

Because drugstore matte lipsticks have a tendency to be a tad drying, they often gather on the lips and settle in to dry patches. With the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks though, I didn’t have any trouble with the lipstick exaggerating the natural lines in my lips. In fact, because of the creamy texture – these apply beautifully on the lips and smooth right over any dry patches.

How Long do the Lipsticks Wear?

Fortunately for us all, these matte lipsticks stay put on your lips for about six hours. They also wear very evenly, so you won’t end up with strong outlines on your lips and baldness in the center. Ick, I truly HATE that.  

Are the Lipsticks Consistent from Shade to Shade?

As we know, just because a lipstick is of the same collection – that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all created equal. Particularly with drugstore products, lipsticks can have an odd shade or two that somehow doesn’t apply as nicely as the others. Fortunately, I’ve had absolutely no issues with that. 

Are you ready for some swatches? 

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick Swatches

1: Natural Kiss: A perfect nude lipstick. 
2: Perfect Match: A beautiful your-lips-but-better shade that is very natural. 
3: Wow Effect: A dusty rose/mauve shade with a bit of pop.
4: Pink Up Your Life: A bold, vibrant fuchsia pink. (My absolute favorite right now for spring/summer!)
5: Red – Y or Not: A classic red.
6: Kiss Me If You Can: A deep red. 
7: Purple Power: A rich everyday purple lipstick that will be beautiful in the fall/winter months. 
8: It’s a Statement: Not for the faint at heart, this is a very deep plum lipstick that’s sure to catch attention.

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

True Beauties!

I’m sure you can agree, the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks are quite impressive. When my traditional favorite lipstick from YSL comes in at $35 a pop, it’s hard to argue with the incredible quality Essence delivers at an extremely affordable price. I mean, can you believe it? $3.99 for a lipstick whose quality measures up the likes of YSL and Urban Decay? 

Lately, I’ve been wearing shades 2, 3 and 6 on the regular – but I’m REALLY looking forward to venturing into the deep plum and red this fall. Let me know, which color most catches your eye?

Meet the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks I

Of course, if you loved this post I would absolutely LOVE if you shared it so everyone else can learn about these hidden gems from the drugstore. I think we’re ALL in need of a great $3.99 lipstick, don’t you? 


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