How to SPRING Clean Your Dream Closet!

Tired of looking at your overflowing winter closet? I’m breaking down how to SPRING clean your closet and make your walk in wardrobe more manageable. Promise! Now that spring is in full-force, I know I’m not the only one with a winter closet that’s overflowing with sweaters and velvet pants you just can’t stand to look at anymore. 

How to Spring Clean Your Closet - Dream in Lace

The good news? Help is on the way!

“Spring cleaning” is a phrase that both invigorates and makes me want to bury my head under a thousand blankets. It’s partly exciting – and also partly a complete drag. But, I like to think of spring as a time of hope and new beginnings…meaning your nightmare closet could quickly become the closet of your DREAMS! (Theoretically, right?)


Now, How to Spring Clean Your Closet?

Without fail, every spring I give my closet a massive overhaul. And for 2017? It’s all going down this weekend. 

As I prepare to embark on spring cleaning my closet, I wanted to share you my BEST tips to make the process as painless as possible. In fact, you might even have a bit of fun along the way. (No really, you might. It can be very therapeutic and fun if done right.)

Tip #1: Schedule a Date and Mentally Prepare

One thing I’ve learned through the years: tackling your closet on a whim always seems like a great idea at first – but quickly becomes overwhelming.

Cut yourself some slack and don’t dump a huge workload in your lap at once. Look at your schedule and plan a day that will allow you to take your time. Then, as that day approaches, mentally prepare and walk yourself through your closet. Visualize items you think could go. Think of winter items that can be stowed away to clear up some more space. 

Basically, set yourself up to arrive at your closet with a game plan.

Tip #2: Music and Netflix Help!

I like to spring clean my closet while having a bit of fun and can you blame me? The thought of digging through piles of sweaters and reorganizing blouses isn’t exactly appealing. To make the experience a whole lot LESS painful, I turn to music and/or Netflix.

When it’s music, I bop around to feel-good classics like the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears or Beyonce. If I’m not in a music mood, I’ll set my TV or iPad to a show I’ve already seen before and allow myself time to relax. I’ll go back and forth between my closet and whatever’s going down on Sex and the CityPretty Little Liars or Grey’s Anatomy

The more feel-good the music, television show or movie is – the more fun you’re likely to have organizing your closet. Bonus? A glass of wine never hurts, either.

Tip #3: Take it in Stages

When it comes to spring cleaning my closet, sometimes I just don’t have the time or patience to devote a huge stretch of time to the task. In that case, I take things in stages.

Winter sweaters are always a great place to start because they’re so bulky and take up TON of space. I’ll bring out storage bins and go through sweaters one by one, deciding what to keep and what to ditch. Each keeper I’ll load one by one into a bin until they’re all ready to be stowed away until next winter.

If you have spring and summer items stored away that you need to bring out, don’t feel you have to tackle that right then. Give yourself a break and come back to those later. Remember, progress is progress and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t beat yourself up just because you didn’t get through everything at once. 

Tip #4: Consignment’s a Drag

I’ll never be the girl selling her clothes at a consignment store. No…I just don’t have the patience for it. To get the most bang for your buck, you need to sell spring items in the springtime and winter items in the winter. That means, to best consign your clothes, you’ll need to schedule seasonal clear outs around the retail schedule and not your personal agenda. Talk about a DRAG!

To make it as easy on myself as possible, I simply donate all of my unwanted clothes to Goodwill or another charity. Let THEM worry about putting them out at the optimal time for shoppers. You’ve got enough things to worry about…like finding new shoes!

Besides, the pay-off from consignment is not enough to outweigh the headache.

Tip #5: Organize but Don’t Be OCD

When it comes to organization, I find it’s best to pair similar clothing items together. For blouses, I’ll group them together by color. Whites, darks, florals, etc. Same thing goes with bottoms! Jeans will go in one section, followed by capris and cropped pants in another. Then comes dresses, skirts, jackets, etc.

Organizing in broad categories helps me easily locate items when I’m getting dressed in the morning. But remember, this practice is meant to be a guide and not a rule. 

The more specific and overboard you go in developing some overly strict organizational method, the more likely you will be to completely scrap that moving forward because it’s a hassle and you don’t have the time. 

Be realistic. Group things together in a way that makes sense but won’t send yourself in a tailspin. 

Tip #6: If You Don’t Wear It – Do You Need it?

I *cringe* when hearing people talk about ALL the clothes they’ve gotten ridden of in a strict closet clear out. Why?

Because there are COUNTLESS times I’ve regretted getting rid of something simply because I was on a one-woman mission to completely de-clutter my life and closet. From those regrets, I’ve developed a more relaxed, realistic approach to evaluating what clothing items could have value to me in the future – and which ones can safely go bye, bye.

How to Determine to KEEP or DITCH an Item:

  • Is it classic? Because if it is, there’s a good chance I’ll be glad I have it later on.
  • Is it special? Unique clothing items or pieces with sentimental value are always worth keeping.
  • Do you have something else like it? The more similar clothing items you have…the less likely you will need that one.
  • Does it fit? If it’s slightly too small or too big, I’d hang onto it because all of our weights fluctuate. If it’s a size 4 and you’re living in a size 10…BYE!
  • Is it flattering? Be honest. If it is, keep it. If it’s not, send that thing off to Goodwill immediately!
  • Is it in GOOD or BAD Shape? If there are any stains that you won’t be able to get out – send it away. If it looks relatively like new and is either classic, special, a great fit and flattering – it’s worth keeping. 

Tip #7: Celebrate!

Okay, so you’ve survived organizing all of your spring and summer clothes AND safely stored heavier autumn/winter items away. Now it’s time to celebrate! I like to take a picture of my closet and post it to Twitter just to brag about my extremely proactive, badass self. 

When you’ve made your big drop off of old stuff at Goodwill – take yourself out for a Diet Coke after. Girl, you’ve deserved it! 

By spring cleaning your closet, you’ve definitely set yourself up for a cheerful and productive spring. Reap the rewards and revel in it a little bit…and remember this satisfying feeling. It’s going to fuel you to tackle your closet again in the fall. *wink*


Good Luck & Happy Spring Cleaning!

On that note, I bid you farewell as I mentally prepare myself for this weekend’s CLOSET clear out! If you have any additional tips that I didn’t touch on, be sure to let me know. I’m always open to new and better ways to maintaining my closet. A girl needs all the help she can get.

Of course, thank you SO much for reading and happy spring cleaning! If you’re feeling super pumped about your newly organized closet, send me a picture on Twitter. I’d love to see your newly transformed wardrobe!


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