Books to Cozy Up with this Winter!

It’s time to get cozy! Grab some tea and bundle up with these winter reading suggestions, perfect for a wintry day or night. 

Winter Reading Suggestions - Get Cozy with these books perfect for a wintry afternoon

If you think it’s been a minute since we’ve talked about books here on Dream in Lace, you’re right. In short, 2016 wasn’t exactly the year of reading…not in my world anyway. This January, I’ve snapped out of it though and have been enjoying cuddling up with a good book again. It all started when I FINALLY read Big Little Lies in anticipation of the HBO miniseries that’s coming out in February. That book was SUCH a delight — that I just kept on going. 

And, if you’re like me, you could probably use a nice mental escape from the infuriating and highly depressing news we face every day. Right? Rest assured, today I’m here to share with you some winter reading suggestions – featuring books that will keep you company in the long gray days of winter. Some are funny. Some are juicy. Some are classy. All in all, I tried to put together a list of books that features something for everyone

So bundle up, grab a cup of hot tea (or a hot toddy…I’m kind of obsessed with those at the moment) and enjoy these delightful winter reading suggestions!

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Of course I had to include Big Little Lies on this list as it’s the book that reignited my thirst for reading. The story follows three women, who all have a child in the same kindergarten class. Following the women through the start of the school year, we see that each of them is struggling with issues much deeper than what lies on the surface. We’re also teased by flash-forward scenes of police investigating witnesses to a crime – possibly even murder. Each woman really has a compelling story, but I was significantly drawn to the relationship of Celeste (who will be played by Nicole Kidman on HBO) and her seemingly perfect husband Perry. Their relationship tests everything you think you as a reader would want out of marriage. What defines the perfect marriage and how far would you go to keep it?

The Illuminae Files by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The Illuminae Files is a trilogy of books, with the third expected to come out this year. I was on the hunt for an enthralling and fun read, by golly…this series delivers! There’s mystery, action and suspense. Kaufman and Kristoff tell the story through a collection of documents, transcripts, journal entries and IM chats. The first book in the trilogy, Illuminae, starts with a young couple who just broke up. Kady and Ezra are in the midst of an awkward encounter in the parking lot when suddenly they come under attack. They escape to safety but are separated. From there, the story takes off and it has so much intrigue that will having you guessing and putting the puzzle pieces together with the turn of every page. If you like twists, turns and surprises – you’ll love The Illuminae Files!

Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

I know, I know. Talk about being late to the party! I actually listened to the audio book of Yes, Please rather than reading – and I highly highly recommend that experience. Amy Poehler read her memoir, with special guests like Seth Meyers. Like most people, I’ve obviously enjoyed Amy Poehler for years but I hadn’t really thought of her as a voice of inspiration and confidence! Wrong I was though, because Yes, Please features so many self-empowering tidbits that will have your inner girl boss screaming. She also shares hilarious and relatable anecdotes on her career on SNL and Parks & Rec…as well as motherhood.

Class by Lucinda Rosenfeld

I just love a good satire. Class tells the story of Karen Kipple, a mother who lives in Brooklyn and works in development for a nonprofit. Karen is very attached to her liberal ideas, which make her determined to send her daughter to an integrated public school. Except, when a boy from a nearby housing projects starts to bully her daughter’s class…suddenly, Karen’s well-intentioned liberal ideals are put to the test. Class is a very witty satire that opens up an interesting discussion about the class system in urban America and how what we say doesn’t always match what we mean. 

Emma by Jane Austen

There’s something about Jane Austen that makes winter reading all that much more fun. Whenever winter strikes, I’m always reaching for the classics and this month I finally got around to reading Emma. Of course I’ve seen the movie but this was my first time diving into the book itself and I loved it seriously as much as I love Pride and Prejudice – which is to say…A LOT! If you’ve not yet read a book by Jane Austen, I think Emma is a great place to start. Emma is beautiful, smart and perhaps a bit spoiled. Navigating her social circle, Emma tries to be the puppet master of society. What happens when things don’t turn out exactly her way?


Right now, I have a LONG list of other books I’m hoping to read in February – so stay tuned because a follow up post might be coming your way. I’m always eager for a good book recommendation and I’m happy to share some with you here on Dream in Lace. I’ve also completely stopped using GoodReads, making this space a new way to document my reading habits? Perhaps? I dunno. I’ve tried doing Book of the Month post before and then had trouble committing to my own goals. Woops! All I know for sure is I’m really hoping this reading kick continues and I have even more good titles to share with everyone.  

OH – also, please let me know if there are any great books you’ve ready lately. I like virtually everything, from mystery to romance to nonfiction. Right now I’m reading a biography on Queen Elizabeth (definitely inspired by my love of The Crown, of course.) 

Happy reading, everyone!

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As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!